Project Trouble X Three

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Chapter 45 - Woman Up

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“Me first,” the leader of the bunch said as he walked over to me. The other two guys sat back down and waited. I was about to hurl from their looks. They licked their lips as if I was an all you could eat buffet. I think I threw up in my mouth a little. “I’m going to enjoy this, little girl. You embarrassed me in front of the twins and I don’t take too kindly to it, so you will be bare and embarrassed yourself.” He smiled smugly at me and I smiled back, all semblance of the scared little girl gone.

I smirked at him and threw two blades, hitting them two men in their hands and away from their radios. “Your turn.” I jumped up as high as I could go and came down on his head. He clawed at my legs but my suit kept me safe. I stabbed him in the head, shorting out his nervous system. He dropped dead and I landed on my feet.

“Didn’t you two want a turn?” I asked as I walked over to them. “See what happens to rapists or want to be rapists? I saw one of the guys reach for his radio and threw my blade. He was now sporting two new pieces of jewelry. I knew we didn’t have a lot of time to get to the bunker and I knew I had to make this quick. I hated that I couldn’t torture them a little, but it had to be.

I pulled a long blade out and slit his throat. The other guy was trying to run, but Martim stopped him with a blade to the back of his head. I nodded and we quickly hid the bodies in the hole Digger had dug quickly. I wiped myself down with wipes and put them in a zip lock baggie, tossing it in my rucksack.

We climbed back into the tree and grabbed our stuff. I wanted to make sure Sophia was okay and maybe explain to her why I did what I did. I took a huge breath in and looked at her...

Sophias POV

I knew I had surprised Cat when I knew the symbols, but I had studied them the night before. I wanted to help all of us in any way I could and I was proud of myself.

Me too, Sophia, I’m proud of you, too. You have shown you can do anything you set your mind to. You have shown you want to protect our family and yourself,” My jaguar told me as she gave me a kind of jaguar smile. I smiled back and paid attention to what I was doing, not wanting to miss anything.

We hiked a little ways. It was a longer tunnel than any of the other ones we had trekked before. The tunnel started going uphill and I followed a little ways at Cat’s left shoulder. I kept up without huffing and puffing. It was as if I had taken over the body of a runner. I was shocked but pleasantly surprised. I guess this is what I got when my jaguar and I were in tune with each other.

We got to the end of the tunnel, Cat putting her fingers up to her lips and checked her wrist screen. I guess she had a camera hidden in the trees outside. It was a smart idea on her part, but then again, Cat was very smart. I was hoping she could teach me how to make gadgets. I had a few ideas in my head but I couldn’t figure out how to get started.

I was pulled out of musing by a joke. We snickered as quietly as possible and followed Cat into the trees - after she asked him if he wanted to be dead. I was sure I had an amused look on my face. They were fun to be around and I realized I could have the same thing if I tried. I was on the right step to having the guys treat me like one of the guys. Hell, I could have found my mate already if I had went with Cat to training, not that it was the only reason I wanted to go to training.

I saw Cat put her hand in the air, letting us know to stop and hide. We all blended back into the trees. I remembered to squint my eyes. I didn’t want to give us away by being stupid. I could tell Cat was proud of me and it made me want to do better. I couldn’t thank her enough for helping me to become a better version of myself. I couldn’t believe I acted like a whore, a princess, a bitch, and a selfish brat. I was disappointed in myself.

You are doing great, but I need to warn you. The men coming up now are the same ones who kidnapped your sister and were going to rape her, so this time she will enjoy their torture. You need to understand she doesn’t like to do this all the time, okay?” My jaguar explained. I understood. I would probably do the same thing if someone was to kidnap me and almost rape me. I let my jaguar know I was okay and I was going to watch. I wasn’t going to chicken out. I needed to know what these men did and said.

I could barely see a man walking over to Cat after she showed herself to them. All of the men were walking towards her at first until the leader told them he was going first. I didn’t know what he meant about going first until I saw him with a wicked smile on his face.

I watched Sophia throw two blades hitting the guys in the hands - ultimately pinning them to the ground. Of course they screamed as if they were dying. I watched as she stabbed the first one in the head. He fell down and twitched for a minute, but Cat was already on her way to the other two. I almost threw up when she cut one man from his balls to his sternum, but I understood why she did. She had cut the other guy’s throat and the guys dragged them back into the trees, covering their scent and burying them deep - all thanks to Digger.

Cat climbed the trees, her back to me. She was tense as she turned to me. I gave her a nod and a small smile, causing the tenseness to leave her shoulders. She blew out a breath and smiled at me. I didn’t know why she thought I would be upset, but I thought about it from her point of view. I acted badly before, screaming about how Cat liked killing. I huffed at myself for being an idiot. I was mad at myself for my actions. I was ashamed of myself for thinking Cat loved to kill people. I knew she had to turn off her emotions to keep herself from being sick and sad, but I acted as if she loved it. I even said it out loud.

I was so ashamed

I needed to apologize to her, but I couldn’t do it now. I’m pretty sure she saw the look on my face and she thought I didn’t need to say anything, but I would. I had taken my anger out on her and it was time to aplogize.

To Woman Up

We took off again, making sure our steps were light and quiet. My jaguar was helping me to keep quiet. She was helping with a lot of things and I was proud of her. I should have listened to her from the start. I could have lost her and I would have been lost. She’s been my rock from the start and I treated her like shit. I wouldn’t do it ever again. She deserved to have a human half who was as sharp as she was. I was going to make her proud of me. I was going to make me proud of myself. She would reap the benefits of my actions. I wish I had listened to her about not fucking around. I lost my virginity to a bastard. I could only hope and pray my mate would want me after I told him.

We stopped and one of the Shadow Cat’s put his code in the scanner - not that it worked. Cat walked over and put her code in and a walkway in the ground opened. I almost laughed at the Shadow Cat’s faces at the fact Cat knew the code. We walked in and Cat reset everything, making sure the security was up and running.

I set my rucksack down and was about to sit at the big table, but I saw Cat head into the kitchen. She walked into the pantry and came out with a bunch of cans and vegetables. I asked her if I could help and we started chopping up the onions and the bell peppers, putting them in a big tub afterwards. I knew Cat was watching my every move but I didn’t care. I was learning to cook with my sister.

Cat had me stirring the peppers, onions, canned chicken and butter. I did as she told me but I watched her out of the corner of my eye. I wanted to learn every part of cooking and she was a better teacher than our mother. I watched as she added oil to the big pot that was boiling. She opened several bags of spaghetti noodles and broke them in half, adding them into the boiling pot. She kept doing this until she went through three boxes of noodles. I made sure to keep stirring my mix as Cat did her part. Cat came over and opened several jars of some kind of white cheese, adding everything into the mix I was stirring. She added a couple jars of milk to the mix as I stirred everything together. It smelled good and my stomach let out a growl in approval.

I watched as Cat fixed garlic bread, putting everything in the oven. She came over to me and we added the spaghetti noodles to the mix I was stirring. We had one of the guys set the pot on the table as we brought baskets of the garlic bread out.

We started eating when I felt as if something was about to happen....

A/N: Yeah, I had to stop here. It wasn't really planned, so please don't kill me. Lol.

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