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Chapter 46 - Under The Influence

A/N: To amazing friends and readers, you are the greatest and I thank you for being here for me. I thank you for reading all my works. Thanks, Jo Jo Sprout, N.Y.O.B., PenumbraMINE, and last but never least, oddball.


“Where is Martim?” I asked as I looked around.

“Right here.” He walked through the crowd and came to my side instantly as he glared at Madrid and my dad. “They wouldn’t let me train or be around you when you trained. And, now I know why.” He growled and walked into the kitchen, pulling out ingredients to make omelets. I started to stand up but he growled. “I’ve got this. You need to sit and relax. In case you didn’t realize it yet, you’ve lost at least twenty pounds.”

I looked down at myself, Sophia doing the same thing. I looked back up and scowled at my family, not looking away from them. I could tell Sophia was doing the same thing as I was doing. Our mom, dad, and uncle Madrid were trying to sneak out of the room, but Marim spoke one word.


Cats POV

I was surprised when they came to the table and sat down. I guess they knew Martim wasn’t playing around. He was still upset he was ordered to stay away from our training - not that I blamed him at all. It was quiet until he sat plates of omelets in front of Sophiaa and me. There were four fully loaded omelets on one plate and we didn’t waste any time eating.

“Now, would someone like to tell me why mate is starving and she looks as if she has lost over twenty pounds? Would you like to tell me why my sister-in-law looks as if she has lost the same amount of weight and is exhausted? Would you like to tell me why it took almost four hours to ‘train’ them’?” He asked, a scowl on his face.

“Four hours?” Sophia and I asked, a shocked look on our faces.

“We didn’t train them for four hours,” my mom decided to be the one to speak up first. I pulled my watch screen up and rewound our training from the time Sophia and I were back to back. I put the screen on the wall and made sure the clock was shown too.

“Four hours and twenty-mnutes,” I whispered. “You ’trained’ us for four hours and twenty-minutes, three seconds, to be exact,:” I stated louder and glared at my parents and Madrid. “You could have killed us. We could be in a coma instead of being taken care of by my mate! Are you mad at me because of Cruz or what?” I shouted.

“You two needed to be able to take care of yourselves for however long you needed to. We had Doc on stand-by-” My mom said in a stern tone of voice.

“-And, I was telling all three of you that we needed to stop after the third hour. You could have killed them. You might have broken down their muscles as it is,” Doc spit out and walked over to us. I knew he needed to check us out. Sophia and I went to stand up, but our muscles locked up on us. I fell into Martim’s arms and Sophia fell into Docs arms. “We are going to the Med room. The girls need I.V.’s and I want to keep an eye on them. Come on, Martim.”

The guys took us to the Med room, Sophia and I hanging over their arms as if we were limp noodles. I had never been this weak and I didn’t like it one bit. I only hoped we could get back to fighting form really fast. I knew Sophia was as tired as I was. I didn’t feel the pain in my body until my legs locked up. I was trying hard not to moan in pain but I could tell Martim could tell I wanted to.

We were laid on beds side by side, both of us moaning in pain when we sat on the beds. “How much pain are you two in?” Doc asked us.

“It’s not too bad,” I automatically answered, forgetting Martim would know better.

“Cat.” Martim pinched the bridge of his nose. “You need to be honest. I can feel your pain and I know it’s bad.”

“Okay, it’s really bad. I feel as if I went through my first training times ten,” I finally confessed as Doc was starting our I.V.’s.

After our I.V.’s were started, Doc gathered up some bottles. “I’m only going to give you something to take the edge off. I need to access your condition before I give you more.”

I nodded my head and Doc started checking our blood pressure, taking our temperature, and then the fun started. Doc tapped on our muscles in our legs, back, arms, and stomachs. I was ready to growl and spit with the pain of his exam, but I knew he needed to do this. I held most of my hisses but not all of them. When he was done I passed out.

I came to a few seconds later. Doc was waving ammonia in my face and Sophia’s face. Sophia tried to take a swipe at Doc’s hand but her reflexes were slow. I was sure mine were the same.

“That shit stinks, Doc,” Sophia said, turning her head away from him and letting out a moan of pain.

“I know it stinks, but it works great. I’m going to give you more meds for your pain and then you will need heat messages to get your muscles back to right. Martim’s going to give you yours, Cat. He’s going to follow along as I message Sophia’s body.

“Aren’t you going to buy me dinner first,” Sophia groggily said, a giggle escaping soon after. I started laughing with her. Come on, it was funny and the shocked look on Doc’s face was worth it.

“Dude, you should have seen your face,” I slurred as if I were drunk. Come to think about it; I felt drunk and dizzy. I didn’t understand how people liked this shit, it made me uncomfortable not being in control. I felt as if a stiff wind could pick me up and carry me away. I felt as if the room had turned grey, but found out it was just my eyes.

Doc shook his head, a smile trying to make an appearance. I looked at the hunk of a man beside me. “Damn, it should be illegal to look upon you. You could stop traffic without trying.Will you be my boyfriend? I’ve never had a boyfriend before, but I would make an exception for you.” I smiled goofily at the god-like man.

“How much morphine did you give my mate?” The god-like man asked the other guy. “You know what it doesn’t matter, she’s too cute to get angry about anything.”

“I didn’t give her too much. We are low on all of our pain meds and I don’t know why. I’ve logged in everything we’ve used or taken but we are still short by a lot,” the man told the beautiful creature beside me.

“I know what happened to it,” I sang out, babbling as if I were a brook running down a moutain.

“What?” The doctor asked, a look of confusion on his face.

“Well, that man we left in the cell confessed to stealing it. I have it all on tape,” I told him as I tried to enter my password on my wrist and fucking up royally. I leaned towards my boyfriend. “Can you enter my password?” I gave him my pass code and he pulled up the saved tape, flashing the screen to the wall. We watched the confession and a few other confessions - which I didn’t understand.

“I’ll be back,” the man said. He left out of the door in a hurry and we soon heard screaming from...My dad.

Oh, I felt stupid and embarrassed. I asked my mate to be my boyfriend. I wanted to hit myself in my head repeatedly. What the fuck was I thinking? I looked at Martim and I could see the worry radiating off of him. “Are you okay, Martim?” I asked him as I laid my head on his shoulder.

“I’m not your boyfriend anymore, mate?” Martim asked, playing as if he were sad and crying.

“Honey-boo-boo, you know you can call me your girlfriend, but this girlfriend doesn’t play if another bitch wants you, okay?” I chuckled and hugged him.

"Cat, you will be so embarrassed when you look back over this feed. You being under the influence is quite entertaining," my jaguar teased me and laid back down in the back of my mind.

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