Project Trouble X Three

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Chapter 49 - Just Got Real


I stretched out my limbs, making sure my arms were loose, too. I cracked my neck and back, making sure to crack my knuckles to annoy Madrid. I was as ready as I could be. It was time to teach Madrid who the new kid was. He said I was in the military, but I didn’t prove myself, well, unless you count the weapons I made.

My dad walked to the center of the training circle and nodded to each of us to take our place. “This is a fight, but there will be no maiming. This needs to be clean. The first one to make the other submit or unconscious wins, got it?” My dad asked. I nodded my head, Madrid following my example. My dad walked out of the circle as Madrid and I backed up. We needed room to maneuver. “Fight!”

“You ready for this, Rowdy?” I asked my jaguar.

“I was born ready, bitch. Let’s show him how it’s done. I take it you want to go all out?” Rowdy asked me. I nodded my head. “Let’s show them his then. I heard we couldn’t maim him, oh well, but we can knock him out, so good.” I shook my head at her, keeping my eyes on Madrid.

Cats POV (yeah, still)

“Aren’t you going to hit me? I’ll give a free punch, Cat,” Madrid taunted me. I rolled my eyes and looked at Martim. Martim was laughing in my face, but his eyes widened. I knew Madrid was going to take a cheap shot. I slid down in a side split and raised my arms up. Madrid screamed and fell down on his side as he held his crotch. Cheap shot, I know, but he should have known better.

I stepped back and waited for the little bitch to get off the ground. I could have knocked him out while he was crying but I wasn’t the kind of person who took cheap shots unless I was in a real battle. Madrid should have known better than to take a cheap shot at me. The idiot had seen me take out a lot of his men because the only way they could beat me, or so they think.

Madrid finally got up and wiped his face. “A cheap shot, Cat?”

I smirked. “Kind of like you did me? Only I was ready for you.” Madrid ran towards me and leaned to his left, reading himself to hit me with his right fist. I grabbed his fist before it could get close to my face and twisted his arm around, kicking him to the floor. He jumped back up and growled.

“My turn,” I taunted as I ran towards him. I slid between his legs and popped up quickly. I punched him in the face, knocking him out. I waited to see if he would get back up but he didn’t move. At the count of ten Martim ran to me and picked me up. He pulled me down and kissed me on the lips. I heard a growl from my dad and snapped my head to him. He ducked his head and walked back to my mom.

“You did it, Cat!” Martim yelled as he spun me around. I laughed at him and jumped out of his arms, pulling his hand to come with me. I needed to check on Madrid and see if he was okay. I was worried I had hit too hard.

“How is he, Doc?” I asked as Madrid finally came to.

“What the hell, Cat? Where in the hell did that power come from.

I laughed at him. “I’ve always had it. I just don’t use it a lot.” I shrugged my shoulders. “Are we good?”

“Yeah. Sorry I ordered Trigger to tell me where you were at and what you were doing. I was worried about you and he was avoiding answering the question, so I knew something was going on. I’m not used to you being mated.” I nodded my head and walked to the main cavern. I was hungry and my stomach was aching.

We walked back to the main cavern. “Go ahead and sit, Cat, I’ll get you something, okay?” Martim asked. I nodded my head and sat at the table. The rest of the guys came in. I listened to them talk about who owes who money. A lot of the guys placed their bets on Madrid, but Martim, Trigger and my mom bet on me.

A few minutes later Martim came back with a plate piled high with food. I didn’t know how he expected me to eat all of it. Good goddess, his plate was piled higher than mine was, at least I hoped the other plate was his.

He sat the biggest plate in front of me and sat the other one in his spot before he sat down. I smirked and traded plates with him. I made sure to eat off his plate quickly. He looked at me and shook his head, a smile on his face. Martim had to know I wouldn’t eat as much as him.

I heard an alarm go off on my watch. I pulled it up and noticed Cruz wasn’t in the cell anymore. I searched through all the cameras until I saw him on the ground and the twins above him. I turned up the sound and put the video on the wall.

“If you want your brother alive, Cat, you will come to me. You have one week to get here or he’s dead,” the enforcer twin said, a smirk on his face. I hissed in anger. If he touched one hair on Cruz’s head, I will skin him alive. Yeah I was mad at my brother, but I would never wish this one anyone.

I calmed myself and ate my food. I was going through the videos, following the twins. I wanted to make sure he wasn’t being taken somewhere other than their compound. “I need a laptop, Dad.” My dad nodded his head and pulled up the one in the table.

“Thanks,” I said absentmindedly. I grabbed a disk out of my bag and put it in the slot. II hacked into the security feeds at the cartel compound, making sure I married the two together. Everything I did was approved by the cartels computers, making it seem as if there was no one there.

“How in the hell did you get into their security without them knowing?” Madrid asked, my dad nodding his head.

“Easy. I wrote a program to marry any computer to theirs. It makes their computer think I was an authorized user. I was going to give it to you after I made sure it worked, but I got kidnapped before I could. How the hell did you think I got into your computer without you knowing?” I asked as I explained everything.

“Damn, girl, you got a game,” Dragon complimented me, causing everyone else to laugh.

I nodded my head and pulled a split screen up. I was watching the back entrance no one knew about and the front one. I saw the enforcer drag Cruz through the back door and down a long hallway. He exited through a side door and opened, what looked like, a cell. He threw Cruz in the cell and walked off.

I looked over at Martim. “That’s his torture chamber. No one can hear anyone inside of it,” he explained, shuddering.

“Well, shit. This shit just got real. They aren’t going to let him live even if I do turn myself in. We need to get him out of there and fast,” I told them.

“Time to make some plans-” Madrid tried to say.

“-this is perfect, just perfect,” my mom said, a dark chuckle following her words.

Martim chuckled and high-fived my mom. “Do you want to do the honors, Selina?”

“What in hell are you two going on about?” Madrid asked, anger in his tone.

“Martim and I added to my husband’s plans. We now have a tunnel leading straight to the torture chamber,” my mom said as the rest of us gaped at her. “Martim told me where it was and we made sure to make an entrance. Now, with Cat having access to their cameras we can get him out of there.”

I stood there, my mouth still agape. They had a brilliant plan and I was shocked I didn’t know about it. All I could think was, thank the gods. I quickly closed my mouth and smiled brightly. My mom planned something I hadn’t thought of doing. I was so proud of her.

“Is something wrong with Cat?” I heard someone whisper.

I heard Dragon say, “Nah, she’s happy and doesn't how to express it, so her face looks as if she is grimacing instead of smiling.

“Ha! Ha!” I glared at Dragon. “I’m happy, so fucking deal with it.” All the guys started laughing at my words, well, I hoped it was because of my words. I didn't care either way. Dragon was right, my smile was kind of creepy, considering I almost never smiled. I was getting better at smiling, I guess. I was serious all the time because I had to be.

It was quiet, too quiet. I looked at my mom and dad. They were staring at each, their faces lit up from the computer screen. “Kiss her already, Dad!” I yelled, making them jump apart. My dad got the last laugh. He pulled my mom to him and dipped her backwards, kissing her as if life depended on it.

“Okay, kids, break it up. We need to still make a plan. We don’t know how much information Cruz has to give up.” Madrid paused. “And, you know he will give up anything else.”

I knew what he was saying was true. Cruz didn't even make past the first excercise we had to go through with my mom. He would spit information out as quick as he could if someone raised their hand to him.

I had to think for a moment.“Can we use the tunnel to set up charges?” I asked, seeing my mom already shaking her no.

“No one’s been able to pick the lock on the cell door,” my mom told me as my heart sank.

Someone cleared their throat, making me snap my head to look at ...

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