Project Trouble X Three

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Chapter 52 - Dumb Moves

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Sophia’s face went blank as she stared at our dad. I knew she was trying to calm down, but she was having a hard time. She took a deep breath and said, “You don’t get to judge whether he is or not. You don’t get to decide my fate one way or another.” Sophia turned around and walked out of the main cavern quickly.

I stood up and glared at my dad. I followed Sophia, Martim giving me space to talk to her. I found her at the blade range. She was sinking blades into targets as fast as she could. “Are you okay?” I asked, stopping her from throwing another blade.

“Yes, I’m okay. But, every Shadow Cat knows what happened. I’m embarrassed and pissed.” Sophia shook her head, a few tears escaping her eyes. “I should have listened to my jaguar way back then. I should have listened to her about a lot of stuff.”

“Who cares who knows. Your mate is not upset about it and he’s the only one who counts. The Shadow Cats didn’t know you were raped and will understand now. And, you are listening to your jaguar now,” I told her as I hugged her. “Let’s practice at…”

Cats POV

We heard yelling coming from the main cavern, cutting me off from finishing my sentence. Sophia and I got up and started running to the main cavern and noticed our mom was up in our dad’s face. I rolled my eyes and sat down next to Martim.

“You were wrong!” Our mom yelled, jabbing a finger in our dad’s chest.

“Stop! Stop it right now. You don’t need to be fighting about this. Dad knows he did wrong or he should. Mom, I can’t stand to see you two fight. I already said my peace and if dad can’t accept my mate then I will move out.” She looked at our dad. “Do you understand, Dad? I will move away. I will not have you fighting about my mate. I love him and you have no say in my life now, so please quit fighting.”

“You love me?”

We all turned at Firash’s voice and looked behind us. “Yes, I love you, Firash. I have since the moment I saw you.” Firash was by Sophia in a second. He kissed her with so much passion that I was uncomfortable.

“Get a room!” I heard Flirt say, causing all of us, well, all of us except our dad, to laugh and Sophia to blush. Firash picked up Sophia, hiding her face in his chest, and took off as if his ass was on fire.

I shook my head and pulled the screen on my watch, making sure to put it up on a blank wall. I knew they were going to see what was happening, too. I turned up the sound, not hearing anything at first.

“Where were you going, Cruz? Where is the rest of your family?” The enforcer twin asked, slapping Cruz when he didn’t say anything.

"Sophia, you might want to get in here quickly,” I told her, using our mics. She ran in with Firash behind her. I could see she was about to ask a question but her hands went up to her mouth instead.

Cruz fell down on his butt and got up slowly. “I don’t know. They left me in a cell for two weeks. I wanted to get the money you promised me. I need to run as far as I can,” Cruz admitted. I heard growls and hisses after Cruz’s words. I was pissed. What was this fucking twit doing? He couldn’t be as stupid to think he could get money from them, could he?

“Why do you need the money so bad?” The cartel leader asked him.

“I stole drugs out of the med kit and told you where to find them. It’s kinda frowned on to sell out my family and my friends,” Cruz answered. The idiot didn’t cover his stupidity enough. He said med kit. The cartel knew he was talking about the military.

Stupid, Stupid, Stupid

I looked up and caught my sister’s wide eyes. She knew as well as I did that he would die a slow painful death. I couldn’t understand what he had against us. Why? Why did he hate all of us so much? Was it me? Did I push him to be as he is? Did we all push him too far?

I was startled out of my musing with the next question the enforcer asked. “Why do you hate them?” My question exactly.

“They think they are better than me. They don’t want me, so why should I want them?” Cruz said as he shrugged his shoulders, not caring about us at all.

I could see the glint in the enforcers eyes and I knew this was going to be bad. Very bad. “Who’s working with your family? You said med kit, as in the military.”

“My parents work with the military at times, not my whole family. They make high-tech gear somehow. I never asked and never cared,” Cruz told the enforcer. A half-truth if I had ever heard one. He was starting to realize that he was in a bad position.

“And, what about the guy that was hanging out with Martim? Are they both in the military?”

Shit, shit, shit!

“I don’t know them well enough to know whether they are in the military. Josh is a guy I know from his job as a bodyguard for some girl. The girl he’s guarding is a hottie.”

The enforcer hissed. “Are you sure you don’t know anything about them?” The enforcer asked, a look of hatred on his face. I could tell Cruz was scared but he nodded anyway.

“You just sit here and think about the answer you want to give me when I come back,” he told Cruz.

I looked over at the guys and Sophia. “So, are we going to go and save him or let him sit for a while?”

“I think we should let him sit for a few. But, we need to keep an eyes on the twins,” Madrid commented.

“What?” My dad yelled as he walked over to Madrid. “That’s my son in there! He’s going to be tortured and you know it!”

“Yes, I know. You know he did this to himself. We need to come up with a plan on how to get him out and our people in, so sit down and shut it,” Madrid ordered.

I knew Madrid was pissed at my dad. He was taking up for Cruz. I knew when I found Cruz he would begging mercy for him. But, I had plans to beat his ass before he came back. I wondered if he was going to work with another cartel leader. I hoped he wasn’t as stupid as he seemed but I couldn’t be too sure now.

“I’ll keep my eyes on the twins and listen to the plans. Sophia, can you help me?” I told them, making sure I caught Sophia’s eyes. No, I wasn’t going to break Cruz out of jail. He needed to learn the consequences of his actions. We needed to be ready to go before we did anything.

“What do you need my help with?” She asked as she walked up.

“I need you to watch the screen for me. I need to be in on the plans. I promise I will tell you everything. You can sit with me but please watch the screen carefully. Can you do this?”

“Yes. I’ll help in any way I can. Thanks for trusting me, Cat,” she told me. I hugged her and we walked back over to the table. I had plans of my own and I wanted to see how stupid the plans would be if the guys came up with something.

We sat at the table and waited on Madrid to get back. He came back into the room and laid a map of the compound and the surrounding area. “I think we should use the same plan as we did last time.”

Of course he did.

Dumb move

“It worked,” my dad commented, the guys agreeing with him.

I looked at Martim and caught him rolling his eyes. I couldn’t agree more. “You don’t think the twins have studied every move that was made when all of you went in before? I can assure you they have questioned any one who ran. I can guarantee you they have checked out the whole plan forwards and backwards,” I told them, a smirk on mine and Martim’s face.

“She’s right. They have studied the cameras they had sat up to keep an eye on that certain cartel. They had wanted to take it over a long time before you showed up. You know I know this. Hell, they even showed me their backup plans.” Madrid smiled. “But, you can bet they have changed all those plans.”

“Damn!” Madrid yelled. “Now what are we going to do?”

I stood up. “May I?” I asked, Madrid nodding his head. “I pulled up the screen and hit a button, winking at Sophia before changing the cameras back quickly.

“What the fuck? Where did she go?” Madrid yelled, looking everywhere around him.

I stayed quiet. I made sure my feet were quiet, too. I walked around the whole table waiting on anyone to catch me. I ended up beside Madrid and yelled, “Boo!” I thought he was going to hit the roof. I started laughing and walked back over to Sophia. I changed my suit back to the right mode and made sure the camera was back up.

“Any questions?” I asked, my eyebrow raised. “As long as you don’t bump into someone or they bump into you you’re safe. It depends on how quiet you can make your steps.”

“You are a genius, Cat!” Madrid yelled.

I shook my head and turned towards Sophia. “It was Sophia’s idea. I knew she wanted to help with planning tech. She’s very good, aren’t you Sophia?”

Sophia blushed. “How did you know I wanted to help?”

I was looking for you one day and you had left your notebook out on your desk. I didn’t mean to look but I did. Girl, you are a genius in planning. I knew you wanted to make it, but didn’t know how. I knew you didn’t want to ask me at the time, but I wanted to show how great your ideas were.”

She smiled. “I was going to ask for your help after the mission was over with.”

I smiled back. “No problem, right, Madrid?” I looked at him, a smirk on my face.

“No problem. Sophia, you are now in the military, too. I was going to ask you after the mission was over with, but you should know I wanted you all along.” Madrid rubbed his hands together. “You two will be unstoppable.”

We both laughed and Sophia brought the screen on the wall, startling us. She turned up the sound. “Do you believe him?” The cartel leader asked.

“He’s scared shitless, so yeah. You can ask him yourself if you want to,” the enforcer answered as he sat down.

“I’m trusting you. You know I will always trust you.” He rubbed his hands down his face. “So, what are we going to do with him? Do we give him the money and send him on his way?”

“He can still be used as a hostage...

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