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Chapter 54 - I See Stupid People

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Sophia turned towards everyone, noticing the room had gone quiet. “What?” Sophia asked, a confused look on her face.

Our mom stood up, our dad and Madrid following. “You’re a natural, girl. You just gave us a great plan and you don’t even know it,” our mom told Sophia, jumping up and down as soon as she said something.

Sophia rolled her eyes and pushed our mom a little ways from her. “It wasn’t that hard, Mom.”

“Don’t you realize you came up with a plan for a mission in minutes insted of months? It would take us months to come up with a plan for this operation. We don’t have months. Girl, you were amazing,” Madrid told her, giving her a side hug and bumping knuckles with her. I saw her eyes widen as she turned to look at me. Her smile was bright and happy. I had told her that if anyone bumped knuckles with her that she was accepted. I guess she realized this.

Fist bump 101

Cats POV

I smiled at her and nodded my head. She was more than ready. “Alright, we have a plan, but you will need to set up everything else with the Shadow Cats back home. You might want to wait until Miss bitch has left for her mission or she will find out what our plans are when she sleeps with someone for information, Madrid.”

“Cat and I will be busy on your rucksacks, so if you need us we will be in my room,” Sophia let everyone know. We walked to my room to get the extra material I had, coming up with three bolts of fabric. I went to a secret room I had found and pulled out two sewing machines that were hid in it. I don’t know why they were in there but I was very happy they were. Of course there were more weapons in the room too. I stored a lot of my stuff in it, too.

I followed Sophia to her bedroom and set up our stuff on the big desk in her room. I noticed Sophia had disappeared. I closed my eyes and opened up all my senses. I could smell her, but I could hear fabric rubbing against each other and knew she was trying to sneak up on me. I reached over and grabbed wherever I could, pulling her to me, “Great job, Sophia, but I’m going to teach you how to be even quieter and how to open all your senses.”

“I definitely want to know how to do what you can. Thank you, Cat,” Sophia commenting, raising her hands and showing me the thread.

“We can use your thread, but I rather use the one I made the suits with. I’m not sure how regular thread would hold up,” I explained, showing her the thread I was talking about. She nodded and we drew out several templates. I wanted to get everything right the first time.

“Let’s go see what the guys think. I personally like the backpack one,” Sophia said. We both got up and took the templates to the arguing idiots.

I whistled as loud as I could. I could tell it startled them but I didn’t care. “What the hell is going on? You have a plan, Sophia’s plan. She already told you how to do it. Her plan is solid, so explain to me why you are acting as if you are a toddler,” I calmly said as Sophia and I walked over to the table.

“We are trying to see who will go in first,” Madrid stated.

I looked over at Sophia, rolling my eyes as their idiocy. “Sophia and I made templates and wanted to know which ones you like better, so if we could please get this done I would appreciate it. Plus, you can all go back to your idiot ideas.”

Sophia and I laid our papers out on the table, making sure everyone could see it. I was only hoping there wouldn’t be an argument about what they needed. I was already tired and we still needed to sew them. I knew it wouldn’t take me long to sew and cut everything, but it depended on how many they wanted.

“Why don’t we use the backpacks and this bag,” Martim said as he pointed at Sophia’s bag and my backpack templates. Thank you Martim. At least my mate was using his brain.

I swear

I see stupid people

“Sounds good to me,” Madrid commented, nodding his head to emphasize his words.

“Good.” Sophia gathered the templates, but I put my hand on her shoulder, keeping her from moving..

“The next question is: how many?” I asked as I grabbed the templates from Sophia’s arms. I grabbed the pen I had in my hair and waited on the guys to argue about the amount they needed.

“Make as many as you can, okay?” Madrid asked. I nodded my head and got up. I followed Sophia back to her room after getting a kiss from my mate. Of course my dad growled lowly, but he stopped as soon as my head snapped over to him. He knew I wouldn’t take any of his shit.

We walked into Sophia’s room and I got the bolts of fabric, laying them on the floor so we could cut out our bags. “I think you should make the bags you made the template for. We can each take a bolt of fabric and then work on the last bolt together. You game?” I asked as I laid out the material.

“Sounds like a great plan.”

We laid out our templates and started drawing our patterns out on the fabric. I saved any of the scrap material for the straps of my backpacks, asking Sophia to save hers too.

“Hey, Cat.” I looked up at her. “What’s this material made of?”

“Uh, did you ever see the batman material before he made it into a suit?” She nodded. “It’s basically the same, except this material has a hard shell when it conforms to your skin. It has a little bit of the bullet-proof vest material woven in between them. I would have to look at the formular to tell you what the rest is, but you should know about some of them.”

“Cool. I wonder if we could fly like batman,” she mused, but stopped when she saw my deadpanned face.

I shook my head at my poor dumb sister. “Bullet-proof material, Sophia,” was all I said.

“Oh, yeah,” was all she said back, knowing bullet-proof material was heavier.

We both got back to business and finished cutting our patterns. When we were done with our bolts we shifted to the last one. Sophia would cut out her bag and then me. We were almost done cutting when someone knocked on the door.

“Come in,” Sophia called out. My mate, followed by Sophia’s mate walked in and picked us up.

“What the hel-” I tried to stay before Martim laid his finger over my lips.

“You need to eat. When you two are done we are going to help you get this done. We want to make sure you get some sleep before four in the morning,” Martim explained as he carried me into the main cavern, Firash following behind us with Sophia in his arms.

“Can you put me down, Martim?” I asked, embarrassed. He shook his head no. I laid my head down on his chest and just went with it. He was very comfortable even with the hard plains of his body. I almost fell asleep before we got to the table.

Martim set me down and Firash sat Sophia next to me. I wasn’t paying attention to the table, but when I looked up I noticed all the guys were waiting on us to fix our plates. Why weren’t they eating?” I turned my head towards Sophia, noticing she had the same look of confusion on her face.

“We waited on you two. Both of you have worked hard to help the mission, so we decided you two should get your food first,” Madrid explained.

“Well, okay then. Thank you for waiting,” I muttered, wanting to roll my eyes, but I was a little surprised and touched.

Sophia and I hurried up and got something to eat. We didn’t want the guys to have to wait. As soon as our plates were made they dug in and got theirs. Our mom decided to make comfort food. She made the world’s largest meatloaf casserole. I loved the Italian meatloaf. She made mashed potatoes and put it on top of the meatloaf, adding cheese to the top of it. I knew she still had two more in the oven. I could smell them.

I ate and shot the shit with the guys, snuggling into Martim’s chest after I finished my food. I could have gone to sleep but we needed to make the bags and I needed to check the cameras. For some reason I had a feeling the cartel knew we were coming in soon. I knew we needed to finish this but we needed to wait a while to catch them unaware. The more I thought about the cartel the more I knew we shouldn’t rush to answer their demand.

“Sophia,” I whispered. She turned her head towards me. “The cartel knows we are going to be there before their deadline. They will be waiting on us. Do you think we should wait for another few days?” I knew the guys heard me. I couldn’t read their expressions and it aggravated me to no end.

“I agree, but will uncle Madrid agree?” She whisper yelled, causing me to roll my eyes at what she thought was a whisper.

“Why do you two want to wait for a few days?” Madrid asked, obviously hearing Sophia.

I looked him in the eyes. “They will be ready for us, but if we wait for a little bit they will get complacent. They won’t be looking as closely for us and it will throw off their game plan.”

Madrid looked at my dad and then turned his attention to Martim. “What do you think, Martim? Will they be waiting on us?”


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