Project Trouble X Three

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Chapter 56 - Voo-Doo?

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“I’ve been managing my family for a long time. Madrid’s family and so are the men. It’s why you will hear me call them uncle every once in a while. I only do it when I want something, but they don’t know.”

He started laughing, stopping quickly to turn up the sound, but they weren’t talking out loud. I noticed they were using sign language and smiled. “Shit! I don’t know sign language well enough to follow their hands.” I tapped his hands and pointed at myself. “You know sign language enough to know what they are saying?” He asked me slowly, as if I couldn’t do two things at once.

“Yes. I. Can,” I said montosuly, enounciating each word and letting him know I could do both of them at the same time.

“Sorry.” I nodded my head and kept an eye on them. I found out some really good stuff, but I was worried a lot of it was made up. I believed them when they signed about their hacker, I could see the anger in their eyes at having lost us.

“Okay, they are mad at their ‘idiotic’ hacker for losing our trail. But, I’m not sure if the rest of the information is true or not. They signed a lot of their plans. I don’t think they trust anyone that much, at least not enough to sign in front of the cameras.”

Cats POV

“Unless, they don’t know there are cameras set up in their office, considering yours truly did it. I never set them up on their own security system. I saved them for a rainy day,” he told me. I jumped in his arms and kissed the day-lights out of him, getting thunderous applause from the Shadow Cat’s.

"Where." Kiss. "Did." Kiss." 'You." Kiss. "Get the cameras?"

"Uh," Martim stalled.

"I may have or may not have borrowed a few cameras you had been working on. We needed cameras that weren't picked up by a metal detector," Madrid hedged, giving away his guilt at the end.

I rolled my eyes and turned back to Martim. I kissed him a few more times and snuggled into his chest.

“Don’t let us stop you two,” Digger drawled.

“Oh, I won’t,” I drawled back, turning back and kissing Martim again. I hopped down out of his arms and smiled at the Shadow Cats, noticing my dad not with them.

“Where’s my dad?” I asked.

The Shadow Cat’s snickered. “He’s getting his ass reamed by your mother,” Flirt commented.

“He’s telling the truth, Cat,” Sophia said as she walked into the room.

“Do I need to go and make sure she’s not going to kill him?” I asked as I started walking towards the hallways.

“No need, Cat,” my mom answered as they walked back into the room and turned to stare at our dad.

What kind of voo-doo shit was she up to now?

"Explain to us again, why are you considered smart?" My jaguar, Rowdy, asked me, huffing at me to prove her question was, in fact, asked properly.

I’m sorry, Cat, I should have had you check the story out quicker instead of throwing a fit as if I were a two-year-old,” our dad apologized, sounding as if he was repeating our mom’s words.

“Apology accepted.” I sighed. “But, you need to use your brain over your heart. I know it’s hard for you to not freak out, but we can take care of ourselves and not all you see is true.”

“I know.” He brushed a tear off his cheek and turned to Sophia, who had walked back into the main cavern. “I’m sorry, Sophia, I should have used my brain.”

“Yes, you should have, but I forgive you,” Sophia said.

“Martim can you watch the cameras for a few minutes?” He nodded. “Good, I need to show Sophia something. I’ll be back in a few minutes.” I kissed his cheek and gestured for Sophia to follow me. I had a surprise for her. I had made something that would fit under her suit and I needed to make sure she wore it on our mission.

I walked into my room and opened the secret panel I had found when we first got here. I had put Sophia’s surprise in the storage compartment. I pulled the suit out and held it up, grabbing the other one for me.

“What is in your hand?” Sophia asked me, a confused look on her face.

“You know how the material on the face of our suits hide?” She nodded. “This is a whole suit. This suit cannot be cut off. Only you can take it off and I wouldn't plan on it anytime soon. If you have your throat cut or you’re shot in the head, you will survive in this suit. It’s made out of an organic substance, but if you heat it just right it will make the suit invisible.”

“Cool. I would love to learn how to make it, but I thought the suit we have on can’t be cut off,” Sophia commented, her head tilted in confusion.

“Considering they have a copy of our suits, I was worried they would find a way to cut them off, so-” I tried to say.

“-so, being as smart as you are, you made one you know they won’t be able to figure out,” Sophia finished. I nodded and handed the suit to her, pointinging to my bathroom. She nodded and went to the bathroom.

“Sophia, the suit goes under your other one, okay?” I asked, raising my voice so she could hear me.

“Got it.”

I took off my suit and very carefully put my suit on. It didn’t feel tight, it felt as if it was a layer of my skin. I was happy I had made the slits for us to go to the bathroom. It wouldn’t have been fun to undress in the forest.

Sophia stepped out, immediately bending and stretching. I knew she was seeing how much range of motion she had. She had a big smile on her face. “You are a genius, Cat. I can’t wait until we can make them for the other Shadow Cat’s,” Sophia commented, a big smile still on her face.

“Yep. I’ll teach you how to make them and other things. I can’t wait to work together on new things. Wait until you sell your first item to the U.S. government, it is as if you won the lottery. I have enough money to live for the rest of my life, so you should be able to make quite a bit of money. Anything we work on together and sell to the government we can split the money in half, sounds good?” I explained to her.

Her eyes widened and her mouth was agape. She shut her mouth as soon as she nodded my amused face. “We sell our products?” I nodded. “Do they pay well?”

“Most definitely. I don’t ask too much from them, but they are willing to pay big bucks for my inventions.” Sophia nodded. “Oh, how does the suit feel?”

“Perfect. I can move easily and it’s not hot either,” Sophia answered as she went through her range of motion again.

“Let’s get back. We need sleep, but we both need to sleep in shifts for now, okay? I asked as we headed to my bedroom door.

“Sounds good. Do you want to sleep first or do you want me to?” She asked.

I checked to see how tired I was. I wanted to make sure I wouldn’t fall asleep as I watched the computer. “You go first. I’m fine for now.” She nodded and split off to go to her bedroom. I hoped she slept and didn’t make anything else. We needed to be ready for anything at any time.

I walked back into the main cavern, noticing Madrid and my parents were sitting at the table. I walked over to Martim and sat beside him at the table. “Are you okay?

“Yeah, I’m fine.” He looked around the room. “Where’s Sophia?”

“She went to bed first. I knew I would be okay with a little coffee in me. Would you like some coffee?” I explained as I stood up. He nodded yes and went back to looking at the computer. I walked over to the coffee pot and noticed someone had already made two big urns full of coffee. Thank God. I needed coffee badly. I poured both of the coffee and walked back over to Martim, setting the coffee cup down on his left side. He nodded his thanks and took a sip.

“What did you need Sophia for?” My mom asked, an eyebrow cocked in question.

I rolled my eyes and walked over to my mom. I pulled the first suit down to my shoulders, taking my mom’s hand and knocking it on my collar bone. “What the hell is that? My mom asked loudly.

I laughed at her tone. “It’s an organic material suit. You can’t see it when it’s on. It’ will protect us if we are taken to be raped. This suit does not come off without the right combination - which I’m the only one who has it.”

“Wow. Madrid, you need to check this out,” my mom exclaimed as she skimmed her fingers over the suit. I was getting a little worried about my mom. She never touched someone without their permission. I wasn’t sure what happened to her when she was younger, but the only person who got by with touching her was us.

Madrid ran his fingers over my collar bone and titled his head. He ran his hand over my face and stepped back. “You made a full body invisible suit?” He asked. I nodded. “Yes! I can’t wait to show the brass this one. Can it be cut off?” I shook my head no. “Hot damn! You are a special woman, Cat. I can’t wait to see what else you come out with.”

“What we come up with, Madrid. Sophia and I will be working on projects together,” I told him, crossing my arms over my chest, my back straight.

Madrid jumped up and down, clapping his hands. "Yes! I can’t wait. Do you have anything else ready or close to being ready?” I nodded and he whooped and hollered. I hadn’t seen Madrid act as if he were a child in a long time, well, not since my last creation - the suits we were all wearing.

“Cat, you need to come here,” Martim calmly told me. I turned on my heel and ran over to Martim. He pointed at the twins and turned up the volume.

“Who the hell is attacking us, shit-head!” The cartel leader asked, a furious look on his face, his fists clenched hard enough to cause them to whiten.

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