Project Trouble X Three

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Chapter 6 - Channeling

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I laid back and closed my eyes. I was tired, beat up, and full, the perfect combination for sleeping. I knew I fell asleep but I must have been in a slight sleep. I could hear everyone talking, especially my parents. I could hear them talking about me, wondering if I was ready to go to the Amazon. They knew the cartel was going to take one of us and they rather it would be better to use me as bait. I kind of liked the ideal. I didn’t want them to get their hands on my sister or brother. My sister would panic and get herself killed. My brother would piss them off and then be shot. It was better all around if they got me.

“I’ll do it,” I stated, starling all the Shadow Cats and my family. I sat up and smirked at all of them. “You should know me better, I never sleep deeply. And, your ideas have merit. I know Sophia doesn’t want to be taken, so I will do it.”

Cats POV

Okay, but we need to talk first,” my mom told me as I was sliding out of the hammock, landing on my feet quietly.

I walked over to the table and seemed as if everyone let out a sigh. I knew they didn’t want me to do this but it was better for me to sacrifice myself. I knew I could take care of myself better than my siblings. It was a no brainer. I could see the worry I was getting from the Shadow Cats and my family.

I sat down next to my family. “Okay, so what do I need to know?” I asked as I looked around the table at everyone, confidant in my abilities to protect myself and my family. I had a lot of extra training even my parents didn’t know about.

“First; you need to make sure you are afraid, that you’ve never been trained.” He heard me sigh, knowing this will be hard for me to do. “Only protect yourself if someone decides to rape you. And, there will be some men who will try. You need to act contrite, scared and don’t question anyone. I want you to watch what goes on.” I nodded my head to my mother, knowing if my dad said a word he would cry.

“I have someone on the inside that will help you. But, please don’t give him away. It’s taken years for him to be trusted and get the position he has. I know you will know who it is immediately. He will try to help you as much as he can. They will search you for weapons and take them from you. If you need a weapon our spy will make sure to get one or five-hundred.” I laughed with the others. “You will need them on your person but make sure no one sees them. We will be coming sooner than later and you need you to be ready. As soon as they know we are there they will want to make sure they kill you in front of us. Don’t let that happen or I will wonder what kind of training you have had,” Madrid basically ordered.

“No problem. I need to know where you will be setting off the fourth of July fireworks. Please make sure you bring me my guns and anything else you think I will need. I promise to act contrite, meek, and as if I were an airhead.”

We got to work, my dad showing where everything was going to happen. I could only hope we take out every one of them. I was tired of dealing with these idiots. I wanted to find my mate and have my happy ending but everything would need to be put on hold until this mission was over with. I just hoped my mate wasn't one of the cartel because I would leave him in the dust in a second.

A few hours after we got everything down I was in the kitchen finding something to snack on. I was hungry and nervous, not that I would let anyone know. I made sure my hands didn’t shake and give myself away.

“What are you looking for?” My mom asked me as she walked up and leaned against the counter.

I want something sweet. I’m craving chocolate for some reason,” I confessed as I turned and looked at my mom, well, the huge chocolate cake she was holding. “Okay, that will do just fine.”

I grabbed some paper plates, napkins and forks, following my mom to the table. My mom cut a big slice for me first and set it down in front of me. It didn’t take me a second to scarf down a huge bite. The taste exploded in my mouth. I could taste raspberry filling and the milk chocolate mix together, giving me a feeling of euphoria. Whoever made the cake was my new best friend and I wanted more.

I looked up when my mom slid another piece in front of me, putting a big smile on my face. I knew why my mom was making sure to give me extra servings. I knew she felt bad sending me into enemy territory, but she needed to have some faith in me. I wasn’t saying I was better than anyone and this mess will not leave me with scars - some literal, some in my mind. I knew better than to be overconfident, I just didn’t want to worry my brother or sister. I knew Sophia was worried about me and she felt bad that I was the one going to be taken. I also knew my parents and the Shadow Cats would come to my rescue if they needed to. But, I had a plan up my sleeve to protect myself just in case everything goes to hell in a handbasket.

Don’t forget you have me too. I will help you in any way I can. And, if any man, other than our mate, decides he wants to rape you, well, it won’t be pretty,” my jaguar told me, showing her razor sharp teeth. I had no doubt she would make herself known if danger came at us in the form of a rapist.

I finished my cake and took my trash to the trash bag and got something to drink. I had forgotten to get anyone some kind of liquid, but the guys were drinking from their canteens so I didn’t feel too bad. I greedily drank down my energy drink and threw it away.

“They are going to check you for weapons and then bugs. They won’t be able to find the one you just ate.” I glared at him, turning towards my mom. “Hey, at least you got a great cake out of it. When I had to do it I had to swallow the damn thing dry. Anyway, I have some weapons I don’t think they will check.” He handed out something that looked as if it were chopsticks. “Pull your hair in a top-knot and⁰ then use these to secure your hair.If you pull down on each side of the sticks you get a very nice stiletto blade.” He titled his head. “Happy?” Marid asked me after explaining my new hair thingys.

I rolled my eyes and flipped my head over, grabbing all my hair in a bun on top of my head. I secured the hair sticks, but not before checking out one of the blades and nodding my head, a cheesy grin on my face. “Done. How does it look?”

“Looks great, Calletti,” Sophia commented as she looked at my hair.

“Let’s see if you can act,” Warrior stated as he walked over. “Pretend I’m the leader of the Cartel and you’re afraid of me.”

“W-what d-do you w-want with m-me?” I started shaking my head, my body following. “Are you going to hurt me?’

“Damn, girl, you could have been an actress in Hollywood. You played your part perfectly. Now, can you act as if your training hasn’t been up to par?” Flirt asked, a wicked smile on his face.

“Yep,” I answered, popping the p, getting ready to suck at fighting. I wanted to roll my eyes at the stupidity of the situation but I knew I had to prove to my parents that I could do this.

Channeling my brother.


Flirt reached out to punch me in the jaw and I had to remember to move slower, almost as if my brother was fighting. Flirts hand grazed my cheek, causing me to grimace and fall on my butt,, throwing my hands up in front of my face.

“I think she’s got this. She’s a triple threat. She can act, she can slow her movements down and she can cook,” Madrid said as he laughed. “Maybe she’s a quantrible threat, because the girl can hand a lot of my warriors their ass to them. It’s always funny to see new recruits get their asses beat by a sixteen-year-old girl. I have a video of it if anyone wants to see it.”

I got off the ground and dusted myself off, channeling my sister’s actions. I hated to use Sophia as my model for acting weak but what I did would be everything she would do and it helped concentrate better than anything.

“So, how are they supposed to kidnap me? I mean, they will know it’s a setup if I just walk down the street by myself,” I asked, wondering what was going to happen. I needed to act surprised, scared, contrite, submissive, and weak, but I wasn’t sure how I was supposed to get into the cartels hands. I couldn’t walk up to them and say, ‘hey, I’m ready to be taken to your leader?'

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