Project Trouble X Three

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Chapter 59 - Funeral Dirge?

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“Well, I guess we are even now. Make sure you take care of the other hacker,” the Peru boss stated. The Peru men turned their backs to the twins, a sign of disrespect and a sign of ‘we are scared of you’.

“The nerve of that man,” the enforcer commented as he stared at the men.

“Yeah, he’s a pompous ass, but we aren’t ready to take them down yet. We need to find another hacker and find out why the weapons didn’t work first,” the twin boss stated, his gaze watching the men leave. “Have someone follow them to their plane.”

The enforcer nodded and grabbed the first cat he came to. “Follow them, but don’t get caught. We want to make sure they leave and don’t double back. We should have been aware of their arrival before they even left Peru. Do you understand my words?” The man nodded. “Don’t fuck this up. Go.” The man ran off and we watched the enforcer walk through the doors.

“Well, damn, I thought they would have killed more people.” Martim sighed. “Now, we are going to have to be careful if they get their guns, or our guns, fixed.”

Cats POV

I laughed and kissed the end of his nose. “Nope, they can scan us for our heat signature, but we can change it up on them. Everyone has a setting on their watches that can adjust your body temperature. It looks exactly like the air conditioning console button for cold.”

“When did you add the button for the suits?” Sophia asked as she leaned over the table to look at me.

“The buttons have always been there, so has the temperature change in the suit. I made it when I put your suits together. Surprise,” I answered, a look of surprise on my face at the end of my words.

The Shadow Cat’’s started laughing and snorting at my words. It was funny to hear all of their laughs. None of them were the same and it amused me every time.

“Good going, Cat. You and Sophia make a great team and I can’t wait to see what you both come up with,” Martim stated.

I looked at Sophia and we both snorted. “We know,” we both commented at the same time. Madrid rolled his eyes, but I was too busy to scold him for it. I wanted to watch if the Peru boss was actually going to leave.

I pulled my laptop to me and got down to business - the business of being noisy. I knew Martim was watching the complex of the cartel. I could see him take quick looks at my computer but I didn’t acknowledge him. I wanted to find their trail and see where they came into our country. If the twins didn’t know how he got in it was a safe bet he didn’t know if they were leaving.

Hell, I was curious

“And, curiosity killed the cat, Cat,” my jaguar told me, a weird kind of smile on her face.

I almost snorted out loud at her comment. She was always coming up with something about cats, stuff that didn’t really apply to our situation. I liked that she had a sense of humor. We fit perfectly together. My cat was crazy. She matched my personality, and she was crazy enough to put me in my place.

I moved to the next set of cameras and gasped under my breath, but being we were cats the rest of them heard me. My eyes were glued to the spot of a murder. My eyes were glued to the cats who killed him. My eyes were glued to the blood stains on the Peru boss clothes and hands.

“He killed their shadow?” I whispered, a question in my voice, but not really a question considering the evidence was right in front of me. It was done so quickly if I would have blinked I would have missed it. This boss was not to be trifled with. I had never seen someone be so quick in my life. I know the guys told me I was quick and light on my feet, but I didn’t think I was as quick as the boss.

“You’re quicker than him, Cat,” Dragon told me. I looked him in the eyes and I could tell he was sincere, but was I really that fast? I looked at the other guys and noticed they were nodding their heads - every last one of them, my mom included.

I nodded at the guys, letting them know I believed them. I was having a hard time believing them, but one thing I knew about my uncles was they did not lie. I followed the Peru boss through the woods, catching sight of a helo waiting in an open field. All the men with the Peru boss loaded up on the helo, or so I thought. I saw a bag being thrown out of the helo from inside, then two more bags. I noticed the boss and his enforcer were the only ones out of their group who stayed, but why? I turned up the sound, amplifying the sound even more. I needed to know what they spoke about.

“Do you think he knows we plan on hitting him soon? I wouldn’t mind if Selina’s family took most of them out for us. I don’t want anything to do with her family - not even her daughters and son. I say let them be,” the cartel leader of Peru asked as he stared up at his enforcer, a seductive look on his face.

“Their mates,” I gasped out, looking into my mates eyes. He nodded his head, a proud look on his face.

“I think it would be better if we waited for their group to take them out. They might be looking for someone to take over the territory. Do you think we could ask them? You know I won’t stand for women to be treated as if they were meat. If they knew we weren’t looking to kidnap them they might be okay with our proposal,” the enforcer asked. I wasn’t sure if I believed them. I have never met a cartel boss who didn’t want one of us girls, including our mom. Did they know where the camera’s were? They couldn’t have or they wouldn’t have been talking about their plans to take over after we were done with the twins.

“It couldn’t hurt to ask, but we need to make sure the twins are taken out completely, even if we have to get our hands dirty helping the girls,” the cartel boss explained as they climbed a tree and hid in the leaves.

“Do you believe them, Sophia?” I asked, wanting to know her opinion. She had always been smart and strategic, so I needed her honest opinion.

“I do. I believe they are wanting to expand, but they want to live here. It has to be hard to have a male mate with them being in the cartel. I don’t care who your mate is, but most would. I don’t think they knew the cameras were around them, or that you could fix it so you could hear over a helo.”

I cut my eyes over to Martim, but I could tell he was agreeing with Sophia. I made sure to touch eyes with every team member. I nodded my head and picked up my phone. I connected it to the wifi and called the Peru boss, surprising all those around me.

“Hello?” A voice questioned quietly.

“This is one of Selina’s daughters. We will honor your wishes as long as none of you come after us. If you do after us we will end you as we have done to others.” I paused. “Deal?”

“Deal. We would never come after you or yours. I don’t run my cartel as a cut throat unless I have to,” the Peru cartel boss told me.

“Alright, see you soon,” I quickly said, disconnecting my set up quickly. I didn’t want to be tracked and I could bet my sweet ass the twins were looking for any calls going out on the Peru boss’s phone. I pulled my phone apart, making sure everything was completely destroyed. I didn’t want to us to be caught because I was stupid enough to forget my phone could be traced.

“So?” I questioned as I looked up at the amused look on Madrid’s face. He handed me a new Iphone and snickered.

“How long have you had the cartel leaders phone numbers?” My mom questioned me.

Time to face the music

And, mine will be the funeral dirge

“I’ve had them for a long time. I needed to call some of them to set up surveillance on them,” I answered and shrugged my shoulders, as if I didn’t think it was a big deal.

“Only you would call a cartel boss and set up a deal with him. I guess it was better than anyone else. It doesn’t save you from some of the others, but it does give you a chance to come here and vacation - if you have time,” Madrid teased.

“She will be getting a vacation soon anyway, Madrid. I think we’ve earned a little time to ourselves as well as Sophia and Trigger,” Martim drawled, giving Madrid a look I had never seen him give any other person.

“Roger,” was all Madrid said.

“I think it’s time for some of us to get sleep and the rest of us to watch the cameras and train,” our dad commented. I was all for sleep but I was afraid Sophia hadn’t gotten enough sleep.

“Go ahead and get some sleep, Martim and Cat. I’ll watch for eight hours and wake you up with coffee, sounds like a plan?” Sophia asked, a knowing look in her eyes.

“Fantastic!” I yelled out, pulling Martim to his feet before anyone could change their minds and running out of the main cavern. I could hear all the guys laughing and my dad letting loose a small hiss. I don’t know if we flew or what but I had Martim in my room in about ten seconds, his clothes off in less than five and both of us in the shower in two. It didn’t take long before we both crashed on our bed, sleep hitting us hard.

A/N: Oh look, no cliffhanger. Lol. Do you believe the Peru cartel leader is being sincere? Or do you think they will try to go after them too?

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