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Chapter 60 - Wrecking Crew?

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“I think it’s time for some of us to get sleep and the rest of us to watch the cameras and train,” our dad commented. I was all for sleep but I was afraid Sophia hadn’t gotten enough sleep.

“Go ahead and get some sleep, Martim and Cat. I’ll watch for eight hours and wake you up with coffee, sounds like a plan?” Sophia asked, a knowing look in her eyes.

“Fantastic!” I yelled out, pulling Martim to his feet before anyone could change their minds and running out of the main cavern. I could hear all the guys laughing and my dad letting loose a small hiss. I don’t know if we flew or what but I had Martim in my room in about ten seconds, his clothes off in less than five and both of us in the shower in two. It didn’t take long before we both crashed on our bed, sleep hitting us hard.

Cats POV

I felt someone staring at me and I couldn’t quite remember where I was at the moment. I took a deep breath in and realized I was in my bed with my mate. I must have been a lot more tired than I first thought. I felt as if I had been asleep for twenty-four-hours and it felt good. I knew I had been skipping out on meals and sleep since we got here, but I assumed I was okay.

“Good morning, Martim,” I said, my voice scratchy and low.

“Try good afternoon, Cat. We’ve been asleep for a day and a half,” Martim informed me.

I shot up out of bed and screeched, ’What?” Martim nodded his head. I sat back down on the bed and huffed. “Is everything okay out there?”

“Yeah, but we do need to get up and check in with everyone. I’m not sure I liked it that they let us sleep for so long,” he commented, a worried look on his face.

I stroked the worry lines on his face and kissed his nose, pulling him up with me. “Let’s get a shower and go check on everything. I’m with you on the part about letting us sleep. I like to know what’s going on when we are on a mission.”

We stripped and steeped into the shower, both of us moaning at the feel of the warm water cascading over our muscles. I was ready to take a jacuzzi bath again to rid myself of the tenseness in my whole body. Hopefully, I could before we left on this mission but if not I had other ways of relieving the tension, and no, I didn’t mean sex, I meant killing bad guys by every way imaginable

We finished our shower and I pulled Martim with me before he got dressed. I bent down and pulled out the box I had for Martim, handing it to him. He had a cute look of confusion on his face, but I couldn’t wait for the surprised look more.

“What’s this?” He asked as he looked at the wrapped package and then to me.

“It’s called a gift,” I sarcastically answered. “You know, one where you open it and jump for joy because your mate gave you something.”

I was worried he would get mad at my sarcastic self, but he only laughed. He sat down on our bed and unwrapped the gift. “Uh, Cat, it would be called a gift if there was one in the box.”

“Oh, hold on a second.” I walked over and pulled up the screen on his watch. I hit a couple of buttons and the object showed up.

“Holy, shit! Thank you, Cat. I can’t believe you made me a suit like yours and Sophia’s,” Martim commented as he took the suit out of the box and held it up to him. His pupils were large, his excitement written on his face. He was so cute when he got to wear or use one of our toys. He pulled me to him and kissed the bejesus out of me, pulling me into a hug soon after.

“Go try your suit on before we are a lot more late to the main cavern. I don’t know about you but I want to see what my father has fucked up now.” Martim’s eyes widened. “And, we both know he could fuck up a great operation.” Martim nodded and ran to the bathroom. I grabbed my suit and started putting it on when a knock was heard from my door.

“Uh, Cat, you might want to come see what’s happening now,” Dragon stated. I wrapped a huge blanket around me and opened the door, Dragon’s eyes were immediately across the room from me. I appreciated him all the more because of that alone.

“Give me a second to dress. Martim will be out quicker than I will be but if anything gets more out of hand contact me through our mics,” I told him.

“Who is it, Cat?” Martim asked as he walked out of the bathroom.

“It’s Dragon. You need to go with him and let me know what’s going on. I need to get dressed,” I informed him, making sure to give him a kiss as I went towards the bathroom. I didn’t know what was going on but I knew if it was bad Martim would let me know. I dressed as quickly as I could, braiding my hair into two plaits, trucking the long ends into small buns close to my neck. I didn’t want anyone to use my hair as a weapon, hence the reason it was up as much as possible.

As soon as I was dressed I raced to the main cavern and dove into the middle where my mate was. “What’s going on?” I asked. Martim pointed at the screen of his computer. I gasped and gaped at the fools. I wanted to laugh, but then I wanted to cry. Why in the hell does this always happen while I’m asleep?

“Because fate likes to fuck with us,” Madrid answered my unanswered question. My head snapped up to his. I knew my face was showing confusion, but I mean he answered a question I had not asked out loud, or did I.

“I asked myself that question out loud, didn’t I?” I asked, Madrid and Martim nodding their heads. “Well, shit! So, the twins have themselves an assault helo and they plan on letting us know about it - in the worst way imaginable, right?” I took a look at the screen and zoomed in closer to the helo. “Holy, shit! How much shit did that bitch steal from us and the U.S government?”

“What?” Madrid asked, a baffled look on his face.

I sighed and shook my head. “It’s a mini attack helo I’ve been working on. I almost had all the bugs worked out before we came to the Amazon. It’s lightweight and very effective, but they don’t know everything about it.”

Martim turned me around even more and looked into my eyes. “Cat, they have worked out the bugs and have made it even stronger in a fire fight.”

One man wrecking crew


“Yes, yes they have, but.” I looked at Sophia and she nodded her head. “Sophia and I have been working on a way to short circuit their electronic devices on the helo. It short circuits everything. The engine, their radios, their weapons. If it has something to do with the helo it will fail, right, Sophia?”

Sophia had a smug smile on her face as she batted her lashes at the men. “I don’t remember if it’s works or not, Im just a stupid female who’s an air-head.” Sophia and I started laughing. The guys had no idea why we were laughing, but we had talked about some of our guy friends thinking of us lowly and I guess everything stuck.

A air-head?


Firash picked Sophia up, causing her squeal. “You are far from dumb or from being an air-head. I’m so proud of you, of both of you. Great job.”

Madrid was still blinking his eyes at me stupidly. I got up and snapped my fingers in front of his face, finally snapping him out of his daydream. “Hmm, what?”

“You went off to la-la land, Madrid. Did you hear what I said and Sophia backed up or do I need to repeat myself slowly for you?” I asked a little sarcastically.

Madrid rolled his eyes, his arms crossing and a huff leaving his mouth. “I heard you, Cat, I was just basking in the greatness of my nieces.”

I looked over at Sophia to see her rolling her eyes. I looked back over at Madrid and crossed my arms over my chest. “Something is telling me that you are being nice because you want a good deal on these helios, right?”

“No, no, well, yes, but no-”

I started laughing, our group joining me. “-I’m kidding, uncle Madrid. You know I will negotiate with everyone, but it’s the military, so I always give them a great deal.”

“I know,” he stated as he walked over and hugged Sophia and I. I wasn’t into all the mushy stuff and I was figuring out a way to get out of his hold. I heard twin growls and hisses before Sophia and I were ripped away from Madrid by our mates.

I looked up at Martim as if to have said, ‘what the hell are you doing?’ But, Martim winked at me and I figured out on my own what he was doing. He could tell I was uncomfortable in Madrid’s embrace and was helping me out. I stood on my toes and kissed Martim’s nose.

Madrid’s hands were raised and he was backing up. “I wasn’t going to hurt them, guys. I’m proud of them and gave them a hug from their uncle.”

“They only growled so you would let me go. You know how I am about hugs for doing what I’ve always done,” I informed him as I walked over and side hugged him, releasing him quickly.

“So, can you show this program you have to take down their helo? I don’t want us to be sitting ducks out there,” Madrid asked, a big smile crossing my face.

Yes, the scary one

“We can do better than showing you. Let’s mess with the twins’ heads a little, Cat.” I shook my head no. “We can just make a couple of things malfunction.”

I shook my head no. “We don’t want them looking at the helo too much. They will find our other surprises if they look, okay?”

Sophia sighed. “Okay, but it would have been a little funny.”

I heard the helo fire up, the blades speeding up. “Shit! We need to find out where the Peru cartel is. If they go up they might catch them and kill them.”

I plugged my phone into my old computer and called them. “The twins are airborne and looking for us. You need to hide and hide well, okay?”

“Roger, and thanks for the heads-up,” the enforcer said, quickly hanging up his phone afterwards.

“I’ve done all I can to protect him from the twins.” I rubbed my forehead and looked up at the men, a hard look in my eyes. “But, if they do us wrong they are dead men,” I said coldly, a hard look in my eyes.

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