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Chapter 61 - Fate Screwed

A/N I'm dedicating this chapter to everyone who is reading my book. Thank you for your support, the laughs you share with me through comments, and your ideas.


“So, can you show us this program you have to take down their helo? I don’t want us to be sitting ducks out there,” Madrid asked, a big smile crossing my face. Yes, the scary one.

“We can do better than showing you. Let’s mess with the twins’ heads a little, Cat.” I shook my head no. “We can just make a couple of things malfunction.”

I shook my head no. “We don’t want them looking at the helo too much. They will find our other surprises if they look, okay?”

Sophia sighed. “Okay, but it would have been a little funny.”

I heard the helo fire up, the blades speeding up. “Shit! We need to find out where the Peru cartel is. If they go up they might catch them and kill them.”

I plugged my phone into my old computer and called them. “The twins are airborne and looking for us. You need to hide and hide well, okay?”

“Roger, and thanks for the heads-up,” the enforcer said, quickly hanging up his phone afterwards.

“I’ve done all I can to protect him from the twins.” I rubbed my forehead and looked up at the men, a hard look in my eyes. “But, if they do us wrong they are dead men,” I said coldly, a hard look in my eyes.

Cats POV

“True that,” Sophia said as she bumped her knuckles with mine. I was looking at the guys, a bemused expression on my face. I swear they were more like little boys than grown assed men. Hell, some of them were as old as my dad, and he was old.

I heard a phone ring and looked at Madrid. I saw him run to his rucksack and pull out his satellite phone. “Go,” was all we heard him say. “They are all dead? Did she tell you what happened?” I heard a voice on the other line, but I was trying to not listen so hard. “Put her in the interrogation room. I need to know more than they were ambushed. They’ve all had training to keep them alive and you are telling a woman came back from the cartel and said she got away? Quit being stupid and arrest her ass. I know a lot more about this than you do.”

I knew exactly who they were talking about and I was ready to end her miserable fucked up life. She couldn’t get away with what she was doing. She needed to pay for the killing she had done.

Liar, liar

“We can’t find her, sir. She was told to go straight to her room and not leave, but she’s gone,” we heard a grunt say.

Of course

Madrid grunted and pinched the bridge of his nose. “What’s your name?” I couldn’t hear the name but I knew Madrid didn’t need it. “When I get back from my mission I need you to show me everything you have on all the security cameras you can find, do you feel what I’m saying, because if you don’t I will make sure to clean your ears out when we train again.”

I almost laughed out loud, but held back barely. I chuckled under my breath as I pulled out my old laptop. I checked all the cameras I sat up in the woods around the compound. Madrid might not be happy after he finds out I set them up, but this was for my own safety. I had already been almost raped and I wasn’t going to let it happen again, - hence the cameras.

“Madrid, what time did she get back from her mission today?” I asked, not looking at him as I sifted through the cameras. I heard that she returned at ifour pm today. I grunted, effectively letting him know I heard. I moved the screen to work as a four shot form of each angle.

“Got her!” I exclaimed, causing everyone to look at my screen. I heard Madrid give the order to put the woman down hard if they saw her, He walked over and caught her figure slowly moving from shadow to shadow until she got to the tree right next to my make-shift lab. As soon as she entered the sirens went off loudly.

“You can’t even tell if it’s her or not, Cat, the person is just a shadow,” Madrid commented, making me chuckle darkly and Madrid’s spine to straighten.

“Well, I didn’t like her when I met her the first time, so I secretly scanned her body, her body temp. I had a feeling I would need sooner than later, so you see, sir, this is her. The body temperature is the same, the height, the width, the weight, and her gait. I don’t have a doubt it’s her,” I explained as I showed Madrid all the factors leading to my truth. He should have known better, but he didn’t know I had written the program I was using.

Madrid stood with his mouth hanging open, looking at me as if I had two heads. “Uh, how? I mean, when?”

I started laughing at his questions and the glee in his eyes. “I wrote it last year and have been tweaking it. I wanted to be one-hundred-percent sure it worked properly. So, as you can see it works. We will talk about the sale later, okay?” Madrid nodded his head enthusiastically, looking as if he were a little boy getting a present on Christmas.

I kept my eyes on my computer, making sure she didn’t get away. “Madrid, tell your men she’s hiding under my work table,, the one that has a sheet on it. Hurry, please.”

It wasn’t a moment later that I saw a tank, or a man. He was huge. He had to be at least six-feet-six. He moved quickly and pulled her out from under the table. The fool should have known I had cameras watching my lab. Was she plain stupid? She struggled in the tanks arms. She tried every trick in the book to hurt him, but he must have been wearing one of our suits. I couldn’t remember making a large one, but I had made so many I couldn’t remember.

I could tell he was trying to subdue her. “I’m an idiot!” I exclaimed. I pulled up the screen for the suits and disabled hers completely. The man grabbed her around the neck and took her to the floor, covering her flailing arms and legs with his legs. He held her neck until she quit moving. I watched as he checked her pulse and slapped handcuffs on her.

I sighed in relief and sat back in my chair. I felt as if I took her down with the man. But, my relief was short lived. The traitor shot up off the ground and kicked the man in the head. She jumped on my work table, taking her handcuffs off, and stomped on everything there before she jumped up and grabbed the rafters. She swung herself up into the next rafters and exited out of the sunroof she broke.

“Madrid!” I yelled. He stood there and watched her escape without calling for backup. Now I had to watch my back even more.


“I’m sorry, Cat.” Madrid rubbed his neck. “I was surprised and it took me off my guard. I’m never taken off my guard, but I was today I was. How in the hell did she fake him out? Tank is one of my better men.”

“Tank? No wonder I called him Tank in my mind,” I muttered

“So, Cat, you are going to have to be on guard for her,” Dragon stated.

I turned my head towards him slowly and smirked, crossing my arms over my chest. “When I have ever not been on my guard? That’s right, never.” I huffed and went back to my computer.

I heard Madrid shuffle closer to me. “Uh, why were there cameras outside in the trees and around the lab? You know you can tell me anything, but I need to know why they were there. If the big brass had seen them you would have been in big trouble. I can sign off on these though."

Well, shit!

“Uh, I was protecting myself and the lab. I had to have them for my own piece of mind, Madrid,” I hedged my answer hoping he wouldn’t question why.

Of course luck wasn’t on my side today. “Why? What happened to spook you, Cat,” Madrid softly questioned as tears welled up in my eyes. “Hey, none of that.” Madrid wiped my tears. I was trying to stop them but I couldn’t. The memories were too close. The fear was close. The self loathing was close. I was mad at myself for not taking him down and turning him in, but as I said, I was ashamed.

“I-I was a-almost -r-” I tried to say in a stutter.

“-you were almost raped?” Madrid questioned quietly as Martim wrapped his arms around me. I nodded my head. “And, if this fucker still alive?”

“He’s alive, but he’s missing a nut. I almost killed him but I didn’t want to be like him. I have a feeling he’s been raping girls and killing them.” Martim growled. “I’ve had cameras on him ever since. He’s being watched constantly. I want to take him down before he kills again or for the first time. I’m sorry I didn’t say anything, but I was ashamed,” I explained, tears running down my face faster than I could wipe them away.

“Is that why you wanted to train harder?” I nodded my head at Madrid’s question. I wanted to forget about him. I wanted to forget about him dragging me into the woods. I wanted to forget about him running his hands all over my body. He was a sick man and if I could have cut off his whole package and superglued it to his forehead I would have.

Sophia moved over by me and hugged me. “I’m here if you ever want to talk.” I nodded my head and willed away my tears and the memories. I hated crying. I hated looking weak in front of others. I especially hated emotions other than love for my mate.

I heard a dinging noise coming from my old laptop. I pulled it back over to me and brought up the screen, almost passing out. I was seeing one-ball and the woman, who stole from us I turned up the mic attached to some leaves high up in the trees.

A/N So, you have seen Cat break down for the first time. Do you think she is weak because of it or stronger because of it?

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