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Chapter 62 - Party Crasher 101

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“He’s alive, but he’s missing a nut. I almost killed him but I didn’t want to be like him. I have a feeling he’s been raping girls and killing them.” Martim growled. “I’ve had cameras on him ever since. He’s being watched constantly. I want to take him down before he kills again or for the first time. I’m sorry I didn’t say anything, but I was ashamed,” I explained, tears running down my face faster than I could wipe them away.

“Is that why you wanted to train harder?” I nodded my head at Madrid’s question. I wanted to forget about him. I wanted to forget about him dragging me into the woods. I wanted to forget about him running his hands all over my body. He was a sick man and if I could have cut off his whole package and superglued it to his forehead I would have.

Sophia moved over by me and hugged me. “I’m here if you ever want to talk.” I nodded my head and willed away my tears and the memories. I hated crying. I hated looking weak in front of others. I especially hated emotions other than love for my mate.

I heard a dinging noise coming from my old laptop. I pulled it back over to me and brought up the screen and almost passed out. I was seeing one-ball and the woman, who stole from us I turned up the mic attached to some leaves high up in the trees.

Cats POV

“Why don’t you want me to kill her?” The woman whined.

“Because I have unfinished business with her. After I get what I want we can kill her together or I can kill her myself,” one ball answered, glee showing in his eyes.

“That’s him, right?” Sophia asked as she pointed at the screen. I nodded my head and heard Digger growl. Digger disappeared into another room. It wasn’t but a second later I heard him punishing the punching bag. I didn’t know what was going on with him.

I quickly took a shot of his temperature, his weight, his height, and his width. I wanted to make sure this fucker didn’t get away. I would finish the job of taking the rest of his cock and ball. I had to get some superglue and carry it with me when I got back.

“What’s with the sly grin, Cat?” Eagle asked as I tried to go for an innocent face. Yeah, it wasn’t working on him.

I sighed and smiled. “I was just thinking about getting some superglue.”

“For what?” He asked as he rolled his hand, meaning he wanted me to finish what I was saying.

I rolled my eyes. “So, when I take his other ball and his dick I can paste it to his forehead, “ I said in a ‘duh’ tone of voice. My mom started chuckling and ended up in full body laughs. She had tears falling down her face and she was laughing. I noticed Flame had joined her.

“I love this girl, Selina!” Flame exclaimed. “I think we should let her at him for about ten minutes before we show up. I’m sure it will be self defense.” I cracked a smile at her words and nodded my head at her comment.

“No, we will take him in to be tried, but if he comes at you, Cat, rip him a new one, but no killing unless you have to, okay?” Madrid objected, causing me to pout and cross my arms over my chest. I knew Madrid hated my puppy dog eyes and would avoid them at all cost.

“Guys, hurry, cover your eyes, she’s got her puppy dog look on her face!!” Eagle exclaimed as all the guys covered their eyes. I couldn’t help the chuckle that slipped out of my mouth.

I made sure to keep recording what was said between the one balled ‘man’ and the woman, who’s name I didn’t care to remember. I didn’t want to go to court and not have any proof. I knew it would be a military court and I would have to answer the questions of the JAG lawyers,, so I made sure to have evidence, evidence no one would question.

“Let’s hear what else we missed, guys and girls.” I sighed and rewound the tape. I wasn’t sure I wanted to listen or not, but I would need to at some point or another, so here we go.

I hit play and we all listened to what we missed. I wanted to puke. I wanted to kill. I wanted to hunt them down and torture them. I could make them sing like a canary. They would give up all their secrets within seconds. I was good at torture. I didn’t like to torture another human being, but we were cats and it was a hard life. It was even harder if you were in the military and had all the rules we had. But, these two take first prize for their sick minds. It had been all laid out in a neat row. Who they killed, when and why. It was sickening at what lengths they would go to get their way.

I got up quickly and ran for the garbage can. I made it time to puke up my toenails. Everything I had eaten was gone in a minute and I felt weak. I was wrung out and sad. Sad for the families not knowing where their loved ones were. Sorry the girls had to die hard or die at all for a sick game. They were serial killers, killers who got off on their competition to be the best killer. They liked killing innocents - in the most brutal ways. They bet on who could kill the most in a week, the loser paying one-thousand-dollars.

I opened the refrigerator and grabbed a coke, downing almost half of it in one gulp. It burned going down my throat, but I didn’t care. I wanted the taste out of my mouth. I quickly grabbed a muffin and a package of mints and walked back to the table.

“You okay?” Martim whispered as he pulled me in his lap.

“Yeah, I didn’t expect for them to be in a competition with each other. I should have gutted him instead of cu4tting his ball off.” I shook my head at my thoughts. As I had said before, I didn’t want to become a killer who didn’t live up to our code. I wasn’t merciless. I had compassion for others. I may look as if I could kill the next thing to come at me, but it was all a facade. I was strong, I was tough, and I was a weapon, but I never used it for evil. I wasn’t becoming what we hunted.


“It’s okay, Cat, we will get him before he hurts anyone else.” Martim rubbed my back. “Now, do you have a way to keep track of him in your little toy chest?”

I smiled. I always had my toy chest with me. My rucksack was full of surprises and I was ready to use them. If this ass thought he would get away with killing anyone else he had another thing coming - me. “I have a few more toys in my toy box, do want to see?”

“Yes!” Our team yelled as they walked closer to me. I swear I needed a larger screen for my one computer. Hmm, another project for another day.

I pulled up the cameras again and saw one-ball walk away, but he was looking at houses as he walked by. I knew he was scoping them out for any lady he could find to rape and kill. He wasn’t going to be able to have any fun tonight or any other night.

I tagged him in my computer and linked up his information with the cameras. I wanted to know where he was at at all times. I was about to mess up his plans with me or anyone else.

Party crasher101

I clapped my hands. “Now, let’s see if that fucker likes what I set up. He can’t do anything to anyone without my computer pinging. Time for me to set up the bitch’s information, too.”

“Hell yeah! I love this girl!” Flame yelled, a big smile on her face. “Madrid, is she the one who made all our neat new toys?” Madrid nodded his head and pointed to Sophia and me. “Wow, you girls rock.”

I laughed at her, Sophia doing the same. “Thanks, Flame.” I set the parameters on the bitch, making sure I added a different sounding chime. I tested the chime and everyone started laughing.

“Is that a chicken?” My dad asked as he walked over to me.

“Yep. She’s a chicken shit, so the chime fits,” I answered as I set my old computer back on the table and got up. “I’m starving.”

“There are leftovers in the fridge, Cat, do you want me to heat it up for you?” My mom asked as she got up.

I shook my head no and got up. “I’ve got it. Anyone else hungry?” Martim raised his hand as if we were in grade school, a sly smile on his face. He knew what I was thinking. “Alright, I’ll get yours, Martim. Any other takers?” The rest of the team shook their heads no.

I walked into the kitchen and searched the refrigerator. I found the leftovers and sat it down on the counter. I made sure to grab a coke for when I was heating everything up. I grabbed two plates and put some of the leftovers on them, putting one of them in the microwave with a cover on it. I drank my coke until the microwave dinged. I grabbed a coke and Martim’s plate and took it to him. I heated my food up and grabbed another coke, walking back over to my seat in front of the computers.

I had an idea. Yeah, I had an idea. “Dad, does this table have a computer with a projector?”

“Yeah,” he said as he walked over and moved my computers to the side, making sure he didn’t mess up anything on them. I watched as he pressed a button under the table and a monitor popped up. I realized it was his security system. He scanned his eyes and the computer popped up right beside it.

“Cool,” I typed in his password, my dad’s eyebrows almost to his hairline. I smirked and hooked up his computer and projector to both of my laptops. I was afraid I didn’t have all the cables, but Martim handed me some he had gotten out of his rucksack.

“What are you doing, Cat?” Madrid asked as he eyed all the cables I was tying together.

“I am fixing everything so everyone can see what’s going on better. It’s a little creepy when everyone’s at my back. It makes me a little jumpy,” I answered as I tied off the last of the cords

I started eating my food with one hand and setting up my computers to marry with my dad’s information. About ten minutes later everything was set up and I was finished with my plate. Martim grabbed my plate and took it to the kitchen, washing it and putting the plate back in the cabinet.

I looked at the computer to see if I could see the Peru cartel. I wanted to make sure they were behaving, but before I could my other computer chimed. I pulled up the screen and saw the bastard.

“Holy shit!

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