Project Trouble X Three

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Chapter 63 - Stupid Boys


“Cool,” I typed in his password, my dad’s eyebrows almost to his hairline. I smirked and hooked up his computer and projector to both of my laptops. I was afraid I didn’t have all the cables, but Martim handed me some he had gotten out of his rucksack.

“What are you doing, Cat?” Madrid asked as he eyed all the cables I was tying together.

“I am fixing everything so everyone can see what’s going on better. It’s a little creepy when everyone’s at my back. It makes me a little jumpy,” I answered as I tied off the last of the cords

I started eating my food with one hand and setting up my computers to marry with my dad’s information. About ten minutes later everything was set up and I was finished with my plate. Martim grabbed my plate and took it to the kitchen, washing it and putting the plate back in the cabinet.

I looked at the computer to see if I could see the Peru cartel. I wanted to make sure they were behaving, but before I could my other computer chimed. I pulled up the screen and saw the bastard.

“Holy shit!

Cats POV

“Holy shit! Madrid, call the cops and tell them to get to this address!” I yelled as I pointed to the screen. I threw my untraceable phone to him and he called the cops and the base. I didn’t understand why he called the base when he could only call the cops, but when I heard him tell them the man’s name I almost lost it. The military had two serial killers? This was so fucked up.

Everyone watched as the cops and the military police showed up, sirens and light off. I was happy to see them going in the house in stealth mode. This is a military guy and he knows how to hide in the shadows. The cops went around the back and the military fanned out, leaving ten to go into the house. I knew the military police usually worked by themselves so I was curious as to why they didn’t call dibs on the house themselves.

I looked at Madrid but he shook his head at me, as if he was confused, too. My other chime went off, signaling the bitch was there. I grabbed the computer and typed in codes to help the police and military a little better.

“What did you just do, Cat?” Dragon questioned me as he moved closer.

I smirked and answered, “Their suits are null and void right now, so are their weapons. Madrid, please warn them that the bitch is there, too.” Madrid nodded and let the military police know they had two serial killers in the same location, one in the house and one in the tree line east. I knew this wasn’t going to be a fair fight. Both of them knew how to take down several people at a time. They were in a special forces unit for a reason. I hoped the military police knew what they were doing because I knew for damned sure the police didn’t.

I heard a gunshot and a police officer staggered and hit the ground. Madrid was screaming shots fired as if they didn’t hear it. I was very happy when he called more military police to the house and surrounding area. He had made sure to send a five-unit special forces unit.

They were going to need it

I watched the police officer who had fallen. I wanted to make sure he was alright. I saw him move but stopped when one of his men told him to lay still. I heard the other officer ask where he was hit. I almost spit out my coke on my keyboard when I heard he was hit in his bullet-proof vest. I knew it hurt like a bitch to get hit even in a vest, but this guy was a pussy.

Bitch pul-leeze

He didn't know what pain was until he was either cut by a sharp blade or shot in the shoulder with a 9mm. I wanted to roll my eyes at the baby but my attention was pulled to where the bitch was in the trees. I noticed she hatd a sniper rifle and she was taking aim on the officers.

Double shit!

I ran to my rucksack and grabbed my police scanner, checking to see what channel the cops were on. I knew the bitch would be listening to the same channel as me, but I had to do something or a lot of good people would die.

I found the military channel and warned the Shadow Cat unit that the woman was up in the trees, a sniper rifle at the ready. I found the police channel and told the cops to zig-zag through the trees to lose the bitch. I warned them, telling them she was a great shot and they needed to move as soon as possible or they would all die.

I watched as the police officers started doing as I said, but there were still some of them who were hit. I didn't know how bad they were, I just knew they stayed down on the ground.

I was shocked out of my musings about what I wanted to do to the bitch when I saw one of the Shadow Cats jump into the tree where she was at. They fought as if their life depended on it - which it did.

One of them fell out of the tree, all of us watching to see who it was. But, when the Shadow Cat stood up we knew the man was the one who had fallen. I looked around for the bitch, scanning all my cameras. I noticed a couple of them down, well, more like someone had painted the lenses black. I was definitely going to beat this bitch down when I found her. I could only hope and pray she would be at the cartel compound. I would love to use one stone to kill all three of them.

"Where did the bitch go?" Dragon questioned as he looked over my shoulder.

I rolled my shoulder, not liking anyone at my back. "She painted over two of my statistic cameras to get away. I'm pissed as hell. I wanted to get her now so I don't have to worry about her coming at our back later. I have a feeling she will be coming for me more than any of us." I sighed and pinched the bridge of my nose. "If she thinks she can catch me off guard." I grabbed Eagle's arm before it could reach me. "She is crazy as you and your games."

"Well, damn," Eagle commented. "Cat's right, she will never be caught off guard." He paused as I grabbed Sophia's shoulder and put pressure on her rotator cup. "See, I told you she knows as soon as we think of coming at her."

I rolled my eyes and turned back to the cameras. I made sure the program to track the bitch was still active. I didn't need anything else to go wrong.

"Shit!" Martim yelled as I heard a gunshot sound off.

I watched the screen and saw the rapist fall to the ground. I looked around the trees and spotted the bitch right next to my camera. I watched as she turned her head and smiled, knowing I could see and hear her. "You're next, Cat," she spat, a cruel smile on her face before she faded back into the trees.

I quickly turned the microphone on my side on. "Bring it, biotch!" I huffed when I heard her laughing as she went from tree to tree and out of my camera range. I wanted her dead yesterday, but now I would have to do it the hard way.

I calmed myself down, not wanting to lose my cool in front of anyone. I wanted to know if the one-balled man was dead or not. I needed to know he was dead and wouldn't hurt anyone else. I heard the radio crackle and heard them tell the other side the subject was dead. I almost cried tears of joy, but I didn't want the Shadow Cat's to think I was some weird freak.

"One down, more to go," I mumbled, every one of the Shadow Cat's hearing me and agreeing.

"Let's check on our neighborhood bad guys, Cat," Martim commented, a smile on his face. I knew he was trying to cheer me up and it worked. I graced him with a real smile, one I hadn't used since I was ten years old.

"Oh my god, guys, she actually smiled for real this time and it was awesome to see!" my uncle Flirt said, a smirk on his face.

I rolled my eyes. "Oh yes, make fun of the bitch who can kill you where you stand." My mom busted out laughing, her coffee going everywhere.

My mom commented, "She's not wrong." She smirked at Flirt and smiled at me. I heard Flirt swallow hard. I wanted to laugh and tell him just kidding, but I couldn't bring myself to do it. Flirt should have known I would never hurt him, but I had to keep up my facade to keep him on his toes.

Sophia started laughing at Flirt's scared face, the guys joining her. "She's not going to kill you, Flirt, but she might hurt you if she wants to spar with you. I doubt she will hurt you too bad since we need all able-bodied men and women with us, right, Cat?"

I smirked at both of them and shrugged my shoulders, not saying a word to either of them. I wanted to make both of them a little uncomfortable to see how Sophia would handle everything. She was more tender-hearted than I was.

"Hey, Cat, do you know why the Peru cartel is so close to the compound of the twins?" Martim asked me. I whipped around and noticed they were in the trees above the wall. I could tell they were looking down to see what information they could get, but they were going to get themselves killed being as close as they were. I was sure the twins already had a bead on them.

"Stupid, stupid, boys," I muttered as I walked over to my rucksack and pulled out another phone. I walked back and took my seat, pulling my old computer to me and setting up a block on the call I was about to make. "I sure hope the idiots have their phones on vibrate and the twins don't hear their phones."

I made the call to the enforcer and waited for him to pick up. I didn't hear their phone ring, so I kept calling until the men moved back into the trees. "Yes?" the enforcer asked.

"Are you two trying to get killed. They are watching for us to show up and you two baboons decided to take a stroll into the trees right above their compound. Wait one." I heard the twins talking about a jaguar being in the trees. "I don't want you two dead and believe me the twins know you are there. They are sending someone to investigate it right now. You two need to get away for now. I'll call you when we are on our way, okay?"

"Noted and thanks." The phone was hung up without a thank you or anything. I was trying not to feel slighted or worried about them back-stabbing us, but I couldn't help where my mind was going.

"We need to keep an eye on the Peru cartel leader and his mate. I'm worried they will turn on us as soon as we tell them we are on our way," I commented, waiting on someone to agree with me.

"Uh, Cat," Dragon said as he rubbed the back of his neck, then pointed at my computer screen. "Can you trace the call he's making or hear what he's saying?"

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