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Chapter 65 - Hiss of Death

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A/N: Who's ready for Martims point of view? Good, cause he's up. Who else would you like to give their point of view?


I pulled my head out of my crazy thoughts. I wondered how my mind went to babies and why. I want kids but after all this mess was over with. I wanted the cartel to be taken out and the bitch. I couldn’t forget about her.

I heard a snapping sound in front of me, pulling me out of my dreams of death and destruction. “Are you still in there, Cat? You’ve been daydreaming for the last hour and none of us could get you to snap out of it. And, what was with the cruel smile of yours?” Martim quickly asked.

“Huh?” I rubbed my hands down my face. “I was dreaming about the death and destruction of the cartel, the twins, and the bitch.”

“Cat, you might want to see this,” Sophia warned.

I looked at her screen, Sophia bringing it up on the projector. “What the hell is he doing?”

Martims POV

I quickly turned back towards the projector. I was cutting up with Trigger and Cats words caught my attention. I watched as the fool dug in the ground, pulling out dirt and foliage from around the hole. He looked as if he was digging to China. I watched as he pulled out a blue bag and pulled out several items.

"He's building his helo. How did we not know he had one?" I asked, my eyes watching his every move.

"I wasn't tracking the other cartel's phones at the time. He had to have had the helo there for a while. Look at the color of the bag. It's washed out. I wonder when he decided to have a backup plan," Cat explained, her eyes on the screen.

"I don't think he trusted his mate completely. If Juan had a wandering eye to start with the enforcer would have known. He might not have said anything, but you damn sure know he was taking it all in," Sophia commented.

I nodded my head at her words. "I agree, Sophia. Juan must have said something about having an heir at one point in time. His mate wouldn't want Juan to be with another female or male."

I watched as the man assembled the helo as if he had done so on several occasions. He was quick and efficient, not wasting any moves. It didn't take him long, maybe an hour or two, to assemble his helo. We watched as he buckled up and took her up in the air.

"Cat, can you follow his path by using his cell phone?" I asked, knowing damn well she could.

Cat snickered at my words. "I'm way ahead of you, Martim." Cat typed in some passcode and synched up the enforcer's phone with a GPS locator site. Unless the man threw his phone out of the helo we could track him.

"And, there goes his phone," Cat announced sarcastically. "He must think I'm an idiot." I watched as she typed another long string of code into her laptop. A blip showed up on the GPS, letting us know where he was in real-time.

"What?" Madrid asked, his jaw slack.

"Madrid, it's quite easy. Most of the cartels have two phones. One for work and one for family. It's how they keep their family name clean," Cat explained, rolling her eyes at Madrid.

"How in the hell do you know so much about the cartel?" Madrid asked, Cat's mom nodding her head.

"Easy, I used to volunteer at the center. It's where a lot of the boys and women go, the ones that had been in the cartel. They talk a lot about what happened and what goes on in the cartel, plus I knew a lot from research."

I hugged her to me. "My mate is a genius. Don't underestimate her about anything. Don't underestimate Sophia either or you might find your ass handed to you," I bragged.

I hugged up on my mate as the others went to bed. We would need a lot of rest for our fight. I didn't want to lose this war again or Cat and I would be dead again. I wanted to live our life out to the fullest. I was tired of trying to find my mate every time. I wanted a family with my mate. I wanted to grow old and gray as I watched my grandchildren play.

"Martim!" Cat shook me out of dreams. "Look." Sophia pointed at the screen in front of us.

"Why did he stop?" I pulled up the latitude and longitude and took the time to match them up with the map I had out. I had to squint my eyes to see, but I figured out why he stopped.

I double-checked to make sure I hadn't made a mistake. "He's at the Lewis airfield. I'm sure he needs fuel," I explained. We watched for a long time but the helo never moved. The cell phone was in the same place as the helo.

"He ditched us, Martim." Cat sighed as she rolled her shoulders back.

"Is there another way to track him?" I asked as I searched the other cameras.

Cat laughed. "You doubt me?" Cat typed another long string of code into her laptop, getting up and getting another disc from her rucksack. I watched her work, a confused look on my face.

"Uh, Cat, how are you going to tra-" I watched a blip show up on the GPS screen. "What are you tracking him by now?"

"His watch. I copied the watch he likes to wear and put a tracker in it when I set up their phones. I almost got caught doing it but it had to be done. Juan has one, too." I looked at her, trying to understand why we didn't track them by their watch to start with. "I forgot about their watches," she finished sheepishly.

"What watches?" Madrid asked as he walked into the main cavern with Dragon and Eagle.

"Cat put a tracker in all the cartel leader's and the enforcer's watches. The Peru enforcer tried to ditch us but Cat remembered the trackers," I told him, a smile on my face.

Madrid looked wide-eyed at Cat, his mouth opening and closing. "How?"

Cat and I started laughing. "I did it when I did the phones. I needed another way to keep an eye on them. Cartel leaders don't think about security in their own rooms. They will have their compound secure but think they are safe in their rooms. I was tired of being targeted by the cartels." She sighed. "How many times do we need to tell them we aren't interested in being cartel leaders?"

"A few thousand?" Eagle offered as he sat down beside us.

I was glad I didn't know Cat was tagging their phones and watches or I would have been a nervous wreck. How she could sneak in and out of the cartel's stronghold was enough to give me nightmares. All that came to my mind is one of them finding her and taking her away from me again. I couldn't lose her again. I knew she felt the same way about me.

I watched the GPS for a while before I got up and made coffee. I knew we would need it. This was a long operation with many players and many traitors. I couldn't believe we had two serial killers in our Shadow Cat unit. I knew we were trained to kill, but only to protect ourselves or our unit, never to have a competition to kill. I was surprised the narcissistic bitch killed her competitor. I figured she killed him so he wouldn't give information to our interrogators. They were damn good at their jobs.

I filled our cups and took them over to the table, handing Cat and Sophia theirs. I took a seat and looked at the GPS then looked at my mate. She was sound asleep, her chin resting on her arm, giving her the illusion she was watching the screen. I shook my head and carefully picked her up and took her to her room, well, our room. I laid her down on the bed and grabbed my pillow. She automatically took the pillow, took a big breath, and relaxed into a deeper sleep. I wrote a note and taped it on the back of our door, exiting quietly.

I walked back into the main cavern and grabbed my coffee. I took a big drink and decided I needed to refill it.

"Where's, Cat?" Madrid asked. I wanted to laugh at him. Did he seriously not notice me taking her out of here?

"She fell asleep watching the monitor so I took her to her room to sleep. She's been pushing herself hard." I looked up at him. "And, it doesn't help her sleep keeps being interrupted. Madrid looked away and nodded his head. I knew he relied on her a lot but he needs to remind himself that she's not a machine.

I pulled the other computer closer to me and looked for Juan. We hadn't heard from him in a long time. I knew he was up to no good and would be looking for us everywhere - only he wouldn't find us. I needed to see what he was up to and hear what he was saying. I found him, his phone stuck to his ear. I turned up the sound and listened to half of his conversation.

"I got the phone if you want to hear them both speak," Sophia offered. I nodded my head and she turned up the volume.

"Yeah, they think I left you. I hope you know what you are doing. I want strong pups and I don't care which girl we mate, but as soon as they have our pups we will kill them, right?" The enforcer asked, his voice questioning. I guess he didn't want to keep the girls. He didn't want them to be competition for his mate. Little did he know the girls would kill him first before letting them mate them.

"Yes, yes, we will kill them. This plan is foolproof. They kill the twins and as many of the cats here and we take the girls. We will kill off their family, we don't want them coming after us, Pedro."

Sophia hissed. "He will be dead before he touches me," Sophia growled, her claws making an appearance.

"Yes, they will be, Sophia," I consoled her. I didn't want her to go off half-cocked. We work as a team for the same reason.

"Okay. I can live with your decision. I want an heir too bad to worry. We are strong and they are just little girls," Juan stated, a stern tone in his voice as if he was trying to convince himself.

I heard a hiss behind me and spun around in my seat. Oh God, Cat heard every word they said. I thought she was asleep and would be for a while. "Cat, you know you could kill them long before they touch you. They will never touch either of you nor kill your family or us." She hissed again.

The hiss of death

"I know, but I don't like being talked about as if I'm meat, a commodity to use whenever they want. They will feel me, but in my way, not theirs. I can't wait to shred both of those assholes." She sighed and rubbed her head. "I'm going to show them what a little girl can do, right Sophia?"

"Yeah, but I was hoping we didn't have to worry about them. I should have gone with my gut feeling," Sophia explained.

"You did. You weren't sure about them. I could read it in your eyes. You were reserved when it came to the two of them," Cat told Sophia.

"Where are you now?" Juan asked Pedro as we watched him through the cameras.

"I'm at the border and can be there within twenty minutes. Let me know when they call and tell you they are coming to take down the twins and make my way to you as fast as possible, " Pedro commented, making both Sophia and Cat hiss. I wouldn't want to be in the idiot's shoes. They were definitely going to die and die before we take out the twins.

"Wait!" Cat yelled out. "He lied. Look."

I gasped and stood up.

A/N: Thanks for reading. Every time I read what you write it makes me want to write more, but we are, sadly, coming closer to the end and it's going to be explosive. Thank you for reading and supporting me through my journey.

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