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Chapter 67 - Buzz - Kills

Dedicated to oddball, N.Y.O.B., PenumbraMINE, and Osprey0112. Thank you for all of your comments. I appreciate you reading and being with me for every step of my book.


Madrid looked lost in thought for a few minutes. “Bring it in, Ayo, bring it in. You’ve got a green light.” I was confused by what he was saying at first. What the hell did bring it in mean?”

“You got it, bro,” Ayo answered back. I heard Madrid take a huge breath of in and release it.

“Get yourself situated and we will call as soon as we are on our way, or you will know as soon as we hit them. You won’t be able to miss the sounds,” Madrid critically told him.

“On it.” He coughed. “And thanks for your help.” He ended the call and we all looked at Madrid.

“What?” He asked, realizing what we were asking about with our eyes. “It’s a saying we always said to each other. It was to let us know the other one was for real and not under any form of distress. If he would have answered ‘got it’ I would have known he was in trouble.” I nodded my head and watched the cameras for Juan. I couldn’t find him.

I walked over to Sophia and asked to use the laptop. I pulled up the cameras in the compound. I wanted to know if Juan was there or not. I knew he couldn’t hide from me forever.

I gasped, my eyes widened, my heart in my throat. “What the hell is this?” I asked loudly. I was shocked and I didn’t think I could be shocked.

“Holy shit!” Martim exclaimed.

Cats POV

I was shocked to my toes. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing and Martim was trying to cover my eyes, but I wasn’t seeing anything to start with. My mind kept drifting to Juan and the idiot he is. He thought Ayo was his mate yet he does this?

I heard someone come up from behind me and ducked down. “Good job, Cat.” She paused. “What the hell is this? Are you watching porn?”

I gaped at her. Could she not see who was on the cameras. “What? No! I was looking for Juan and found him having sex with the twins, plus Martim covered my eyes.” My mom breathed out a sigh of relief. What did she take me for? I had never been interested in porn, it was Cruz’s forte, not mine.

“Where is Pedro?” My dad asked as he looked at the cameras and covering my mom’s eyes.

I laughed. I couldn’t help it. She had already seen everything. He should know better than to cover her eyes, but he never learned. My mom had him in a headlock in about two seconds flat.

“Uh, sorry, mate?” My stupid dad asked. I chuckled at their antics. My mom never failed to put him in his place.

“Pedro or rather Ayo is waiting at the border until he gets the signal from us-” I tried to say.

“-Ayo? Wait! Ayo is Pedro?” She asked. I nodded my head. “So, he’s used the fake mate serum I made him. Good.”

“Hey, I didn’t know Ayo is gay,” my dad remarked. “Not that it matters or anything. He’s still a brother to me.”

I swiftly turned my face towards my mom and dad. “You knew who he was? Why didn’t you tell us he was a Shadow Cat?”

My dad ducked his head down. “Your mom wouldn’t let me.”

I scoffed at his words. “It’s true, Cat. I had to see how you would handle trusting them or not. You and Sophia did great. You questioned everything they did. You didn’t let Ayo’s words sway you one way or another.”

“A test? Always a fucking test,” I mumbled, knowing they could hear me. I saw Sophia nodding her head to my words. I was tired of being tested. I knew what I was doing and was tired of being second-guessed.

My mom backed away from me, her hands in the air. “I won’t test you again.”

“Why are you suddenly scared of me?” I asked her.

“Your eyes are glowing and you are showing waves of dominance. What else am I supposed to do?” My mom questioned.

I sighed and reigned in my aura. I knew it was strong but I didn’t know why my aura was so strong. “Sorry.” I raised my hands and dropped them back into my lap, a little embarrassed at my actions.

Martim leaned closer to me, his breath hitting the side of my face. “I thought it was hot,” he whispered in my ear.

“I’m sure everyone heard what you said, Martim,” I whispered, a gleam of amusement in my eyes when he swallowed hard.

“Well, it was true, plus I know you will protect me, right?” He asked, showing me his puppy dog face.

I laughed at him. “Nope.” I turned my attention back to the screen and a sigh of relief passed through my lips. I was glad to see they had their clothes back on and were talking.

I turned up the sound but they were using sign language again. No problem, I could read what they were signing. I was glad I taped their interactions. “They are talking about us. Juan told them he has them thinking he is on our side. He told them he wants one of us girls. That he needs an heir. The twins are agreeing to give him Sophia.” She growled and I nodded. “He is going to signal them as soon as we attack - which he won’t be able to do because he will be dead.” I took a breath in. “The twins are worried his mate would have felt them have sex and he would be mad enough to come to our side, but the idiot Juan told him he had taken some kind of drink to block his mate from feeling anything.”

“There is no such thing!” Sophia exclaimed, her head shaking no.

“He told them there was, but we know better. He wants to have sex with them again as soon as they are finished with us. He wants to kill Martim badly. He doesn’t want Martim to mess with his plans of taking me. Ha! Like he could. I would make sure his life was hell every day.” Martim growled and hissed.

I looked at Martim and ran my fingers through his hair. “Cat, you better read this one. I kind of know what was said.”

I turned back to the monitor but they had stopped signing. I rewound the tape and watched, getting angrier and angrier.


“What, Cat, what’s going on?” Martim asked me as he rubbed my arms, calming me down a little.

“We need to bug out, but this time we go after them. They know where this bunker is. The twins had been reading notes of the last idiot to come here,” I informed them, trying to reign in my anger.

“Notes? You mean that bastard kept notes?” My mom asked, her eyes huge. I could hear her heart rate skyrocket.

“Mom, calm down! We need to get ready to bug out before they get here. If they know about the bunker then they know where the exits are,” I told her, my dad helping her to calm down.

“He doesn’t know about all of them. I had a tunnel made to the rear of his compound. It’s far enough away that we can keep an eye on them and carry out our plans,” my dad informed us.

I let out a sigh of relief, hugging Martim. “How did they not know you made a tunnel under their noses?”

“I made sure to have a diversion every time they dug out the tunnel,” he sheepishly said, Madrid’s head snapping to my dad.

“Is this why you wanted to borrow the mini backhoe and some airplanes?” Martim questioned, my dad nodding his head.

I chuckled. They sounded the same way every time they questioned me. “Bug out, anyone?” I questioned as I stood up. I grabbed my laptops and put them in their cases, making sure to grab my disk and put them back in my rucksack.

“We are bugging out, Team. They found our whereabouts so it’s time to take them out,” Martim ordered through our mic. I heard the guys cheering and I knew Flame was doing a happy dance.

I was putting everything in my rucksack, noticing Martim picking up another rucksack and waving it at me. “Ready to go to the armory?” I smiled and nodded my head.

We walked to the armory and my eyes widened, a grin on my face. I ran to the weapons and pulled out a bow and arrow for Sophia. I made sure to grab as many arrows as I could. I saw Martim going for the sparkles, bombs, making my smile widened.

I left him to his fun and walked over to the blades. I grabbed a lot of them and stuck them in my rucksack, loading my holsters to the brim. I looked as if I was ready for war.

I looked up and saw the hand grenades and hooked a few of them to my vest, making sure they didn’t knock into anything else. I handed Martim a few grenades and watched him look them on his vest carefully.

Sophia walked in and stopped short as she looked at me. “Ready for war, Cat?” She asked as she smiled and walked over to me.

“Yep, I got you a present, too,” I answered as I handed her the bow and arrows. I knew she was the best out of all of us, but I wanted her to have the first one. She looked it over and compared it to the band on her arms. Good, she was smart.

“Where is yours?” She asked.

“In my rucksack for now. I will get it out when we get out of here. I would rather us use our bows than a gun. It will be a lot quieter. Oh, we can use our blades, too.”

I watched as Sophi loaded up her vest and holster. I was amused at all the weapons she had gathered. She thought I was ready for war? She was the one who took the prize.

“What?” She asked me after noticing my quietness.

“Ready for war, Sophia?” I threw her words back at her. I almost laughed when she looked down at herself. “Can you walk with all those weapons on you?” She took a few steps and almost fell. I caught her and helped her take off some of her weapons, an amused smile on my lips.

“Are you both ready?” Martim asked as he pulled me into a quick hug. We both nodded and followed behind Martim.

“Holy shit, Cat!” I look around and saw Dragon with an amused look on his face.

“What?” I sharply asked, a glare on my face.

He raised his hands in surrender. “You look as if you were going to kill every one of them by yourself.” He looked around and saw Sophia, his eyes widening again. “You both look as if you don’t need us with you?”

I chuckled and laughed at Dragon’s words. He knew I was going to be loaded down with weapons, but I don’t think he thought I would have so many on me. I had over twenty blades on me, well, the ones they could see. I had many more in my shit kickers, ten grenades, my AK, my 9mm, and my bow over one shoulder. Hmm, I guess I was ready, but now I wanted more weapons. I wanted to be ready for anything.

"We need to get going," Sophia commented as she pointed at the one screen we still had up for the bunker.

Well, shit!

Buzz - kills

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