Project Trouble X Three

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Chapter 7 - I Don't want To

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I think she’s got this. She’s a triple threat. She can act, she can slow her movements down and she can cook,” Madrid said as he laughed. “Maybe she’s a quantrible threat, because the girl can hand a lot of my warriors their ass to them. It’s always funny to see new recruits get their asses beat by a sixteen-year-old girl. I have a video of it if anyone wants to see it.”

I got off the ground and dusted myself off, channeling my sister’s actions. I hated to use Sophia as my model for acting weak but what I did would be everything she would do and it helped concentrate better than anything.

“So, how are they supposed to kidnap me? I mean, they will know it’s a setup if I just walk down the street by myself,” I asked, wondering what was going to happen. I needed to act surprised, scared, contrite, submissive, and weak, but I wasn’t sure how I was supposed to get into the cartels hands. I couldn’t walk up to them and say, ‘hey, I’m ready to be taken to your leader’.

Cats POV

We are going to set up something that gets you separated from us. They will take the bait, you. I need you to be strong and know we will be right behind you. I guess it’s timwaso go to war with the cartel again,” my mom explained, sighing and leaning on my dad.

I nodded my head and wondered what they were going to do to lose me but I knew there was a way I could be taken, I just needed to watch for it. “I’ll keep my eyes open and take the chance when I can.”

I sighed, thinking hard about what was going to happen to me. Again, I prayed no one from the cartel was my mate. I would not be any mate to those evil people, people who have been trying to kill us. Hell, we were almost kidnapped from the hospital. I didn’t want any of the men to touch me in any way. I know they will test me, laugh at me, and use me as a punching bag. I knew I could handle torture, hell, Warrior and Madrid made sure I could. They used to put us through Special Forces training - which included torture. My sister broke within five-minutes, my brother lasted an hour, and I lasted until they got tired and gave up. I had always been able to take pain better than anyone. I don’t feel pain as much as everyone else. I don’t know why but I really liked it.

I was ready for a mission to hell.

Something dark.

Something evil.


“Are you okay, Cat?” Digger asked as he slid down the wall next to me.

“Yes. I’m ready for this crap to be over. I’m tired of moving around because of shit-heads trying to take us. I know I can do this.”

“Yes you can. You’re tough and don’t take shit from anyone. You thumb your nose at anyone who tells you anything different. I know you can do this. Don’t get cocky or to big for your britches. Act for all your worth and we come as backup, well, if you need it by the time we get to you,” Digger advised me, a small grin on his face as he looked me into the eyes.

“Thanks, Digger, it means a lot to me that you trust me to do this to keep Sophia and Cruz safe.” I eyed him for a second. “Why is Cruz not up to par on his training?”

Digger laughed. “He doesn’t train with us, says he doesn’t need to train.” I shook my head, knowing Cruz would get his ass handed down to him by our dad. It was inevitable, not that he would know Cruz waa lazy and we all knew it.

Digger got up and walked away after giving his pep talk. And, it was a pep talk as much as it could be. Digger was so quiet at times he faded into the background - which is great when he digs into somewhere to hide. It was what made him deadly.

I looked up Flirt and Warrior sat down beside me, Flirt on my right and Warrior on my left. They each grabbed my hand and soothed my fist I didn’t know was there. I nodded my head and took in soothing and relaxing breaths, calming my mind and body. I was thankful for them reminding me to breathe and stay calm. I was excited, nervous, and a little rattled. I didn’t know what to expect but it wasn’t anything new to me. We were used to not what was going to happen next. We were used to hiding, staying quiet, and not moving a muscle. And, I knew I was going to make sure I didn’t give myself away by acting as I was taught.

“Don’t worry. Your jaguar will be watching, you just need to channel Sophia,” Warrior whispered in my ear, making me snort. “You can use Cruz’s laziness too.”

“How the hell do you think I could act so well? I was channeling Sophia,” I whispered back. Warrior and Flirt snorted, trying to hide their laughs in, me, I let loose with a bark of laughter, Warrior and Flirt joining in with me. I wiped the tears from my cheek, my family was looking at me as if I had lost my mind, they weren’t far off. I’ve always been a little crazy. I blame my mom, she made me this way.

Warrior and Flirt got up and rubbed their hands in my hair, messing it up and almost making me lose my stilettos. I flipped my hair and put it in a top knot, putting my chopsticks back in to hold my hair. I wanted them in my hair at all times. They may save my life. I knew my parents and the guys will make sure I come back safe.

I pulled myself back up to my feet and decided I would go take a nap. I climbed into the hammock I had used earlier. I laid down and was asleep before I could count to three. I always slept lightly. I didn’t want to be caught unaware in case we were found, although, maybe I should sleep soundly. Too bad I couldn’t sleep like the dead.

I heard my parents whisper something about not wanting to let them kidnap but there wasn’t anything they could do. I knew they were worried I would be shot dead on sight, but I wasn’t going to go down as if I was a scared pup.

No way.

I heard a helicopter the thumping of a helicopter touching down before the silent alarm rang through our safehouse, the blades still whirling. I sat up and looked at everyone as they moved, grabbing their weapons and tossing their toys in their bags. I knew I needed to look as if I was doing the same. I wanted to wear my suit under my clothes. I stripped down, throwing my suit on and quickly put street clothes on over top of the suit. I wasn’t sure how this was supposed to go down and I was very interested in how we were going to do this, but an Idea struck me.

“Mom, don’t take my words as fact,” I whispered and quickly as I stepped away from her and leaned against the wall with my arms crossed. As soon as the idiots got closer, I screamed, “I don’t want to move again. I want a boyfriend for once. I want to go school with other people, and I’m tired of not being myself. Can’t you understand what I’m saying? What do they want with us?” I asked as I had fake tears sliding down my face, stomping foot as if I were a petulant child.

“Come on, Kat, we need to get out of here,” she said as she grabbed my hand, pulling me along with her.

"I don't want to," I stomped my foot. "Mom! I’m not going with you. I’m going to live my life as I want to. Its my choice!” I yelled at the top of my lungs.

“You’re coming with me now. Move it, Kat!” She yelled back, making it look as if she tugging hard on my arm.

“I need to get my bag. I will be right behind you in the second vehicle, okay” I asked as I walked away. I saw her nod and run to get the rest of my siblings out of the safehouse. I grabbed my bag and ran to the door. The other door was blown in, making it sound as if a bomb went off and throwing me to the ground. I got up and ran to the door, channeling Cruz’s laziness. I heard running behind me. Before I got to the door another bomb went off, knocking me completely off my feet, my ears felt as if my left eardrum had blown.

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