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Chapter 68 - Death In Action


“Holy shit, Cat!” I look around and saw Dragon with an amused look on his face.

“What?” I sharply asked, a glare on my face.

He raised his hands in surrender. “You look as if you were going to kill every one of them by yourself.” He looked around and saw Sophia, his eyes widening again. “You both look as if you don’t need us with you?”

I chuckled at Dragon’s words. He knew I was going to be loaded down with weapons, but I don’t think he thought I would have so many on me. I had over twenty blades on me, well, the ones they could see. I had many more in my shit kickers, ten grenades, my AK, my 9mm, and my bow over one shoulder. Hmm, I guess I was ready, but now I wanted more weapons. I wanted to be ready for anything.

“We need to get going,” Sophia commented as she pointed at the one screen we still had up for the bunker.

Well, shit!

Buzz Kills

Madrid's POV

I was shocked at how many weapons the girls had. I knew she was going to be loaded with weapons but this many. I had to agree with Dragon's assessment. They could have taken out the cartel by themselves. I was more surprised by the weapons on Sophia. I was surprised by the evil look on her face. I had a feeling she was going to enjoy taking out the twins and Juan, or anyone else who stands in her way. Sophia and Cat were going to play well together.

I shook my head out of my thoughts and shut my gaping mouth quickly. "Everyone here?" The team sounded off with their Shadow Cat names. I noticed I hadn't heard Flame sound off. "Where's Flame?" I asked.

I saw Cat pull up her screen and typed in some code. "She's in the shower. I'll go get her." I nodded and she ran out of the room. The sound I heard was Cat kicking in the door to the community bathrooms and I heard Flame shriek. It wasn't long before Flame and Cat came back around the corner.

"She's crazy, Madrid," Flame said as she pointed at Cat.

"Don't blame me. I was trying to save your life. We have enemies knocking on our door and you were in the shower. Grab your weapons and rucksack." Flame didn't move. "Now, Flame!" Flame took off and grabbed her gear. She headed to the armory and I could hear going through the weapons and muttering curse words about Cat.

"I can hear you, Flame. I might be a bitch, but I can still whoop your ass for calling me a fucking bitch," Cat said through her mic.

"Shit!" I heard her say. It only took five more minutes until she was back and huffing. Cat moved to her and hugged Flame as she whispered something in Flame's ear.

We felt the ground shake and I looked at the monitor. "We need to go before they bomb the whole bunker," I said, walking over to Matheus. "Ready?"

"Follow me, but don't touch the walls. I mean it." Matheus looked at all of us. "You don't want to find out what it does unless you have a death wish." I watched everyone pull their hands closer to their bodies. Yeah, I was with them. No death wish today, thank you very much.

We followed behind Matheus for a little bit. I didn't know where we were. I had never seen this part of the cavern before, but I was anxious to see what he would do next. Matheus always had something up his sleeve, kind of like Cat.


Exactly like Cat

It took me a while to register Cat was a mini Matheus and Selina, but with a little extra pizzaz. I was lucky to have her with us. She made mean weapons and could tear up a computer. She got the best of her parents and Sophia was a mini Cat.

Oh, God

Two Cats

I couldn't wait to see them in action. I knew they would make their parents proud. I could see Cat's mind working out every scenario. Martim was doing the same thing as was Trigger.

"Hey, what's Martim's name in the field?" Cat asked as she looked at me. I couldn't believe she didn't know his handle. I thought everyone knew.

"My handle is Gunner. I can use any weapon with accuracy," Martim answered.

"Cool. So, what's mine and Sophia's?" She asked me. What the hell was I going to say. I hadn't thought of a handle for the girls. I was panicking and trying to come with a handle, but my mind was blank.

"Yours is Death and Sophia's is Destruction, well, until we come up with something better," Matheus answered. I let out a breath of relief.

"Cool," Both girls remarked as they smiled at each other.

"I like it," Cat commented. Of course, she would like her handle. I was forever thankful to her dad, but really, Death and Destruction? I could tell he knew what I was thinking when he shrugged his shoulder.

We came to a wall in some corridor and Matheus pushed in the middle of the wall. Wait! Did he push in the wall? Huh? I watched as a monitor came out of the wall. Matheus typed in a code and the whole wall side up. I was so confused but I stayed confused when I was around Matheus and Cat.

"Remember, don't touch the walls unless you want to die," Matheus reminded us. All of us tucked our hands under our arms. I knew I didn't want to die yet. My mate was waiting on me with our pup. I hated being away from her for this long and couldn't wait to see her.

We walked downhill for a long time. We had probably traveled way over twenty miles and we were still going. "Does this tunnel ever end?" I asked. What? I was hungry and thirsty, but I didn't want to accidentally touch the walls, plus I was older than all of them and was used to sitting on my ass a lot.

"We have another ten miles to go. Why? Do you need a break?" Matheus asked.

"What? No, I don't need a break," I denied his claim. I wasn't going to look weak in front of my men and women. I would never be able to hear the end of their teasing." I was mainly asking where we were in regards to the cartel's compound."

"We are right underneath them right now. Want to go say hi?" Matheus teased.

I huffed and rolled my eyes. "Yeah, I want to say hi when we get ready to take them out." Matheus chuckled and smiled. Idiot. He knows b6etter than to rile me up. My cat wasn't tame. Not at all. He has a short fuse, something I have to reign in a lot.

Matheus nodded his head and we kept walking. It wasn't long until we came to another door. Matheus touched the wall in front of him and a computer system popped out. I moved closer to him, mindful of not touching the wall. I noticed he was looking at the security camera on the outside of the wall and beyond. He split the screen and we could see the twins trying to break open the door.

"Oh, goody. Break the door down, you fools. It will make it easier on us later," Cat murmured.

"What are you talking about, Cat?" I asked her, my arms folded over my chest.

"Well...I might have left them a little surprised at the door," she answered, a big grin on her face.

"Good job, Cat," Selina complimented her as I look at her dumbfounded. When the hell did she have time to rig up the bombs at the door?

"When we first got to the bunker. I knew they would find us sooner or later," Cat answered my unspoken question. "You were talking out loud." I sighed in relief. Hell, with all of her toys I wouldn't have been surprised if she came up with something to read minds.

"We are all clear, but get to the forest quickly. If I know Cat she will have made all your gear fit you even when you shift, right, Cat?" Her dad asked, a small grin on his face.

"Yep," was all she said. I followed Matheus and Selina into the forest, separating into our teams from before. I knew we would need to be quiet and efficient in our kills. It wouldn't be long until the twins knew we had escaped and then all hell would break loose. I wasn't sure if the twins would be looking for us or if they would stay in the compound until we showed up.

I went to the west of the compound as Cat's group went to the east. We weren't going to check in with each other until Cat told us she could jam our signal from anyone else hearing us.

Death in action


Her handle should be the grim reaper it would fit her so much better than death, but then again it didn't - at least not yet. I guess I would see one way or another. I knew she could be ruthless. I had seen her as a thirteen-year-old hand my men their asses. She was sassy and a hardass. She taught my new recruits that her being little doesn't mean she was weak. I knew she would do anything to be in the Shadow Cats but she was already one in my opinion and I would make sure she was signed as one.

I heard a noise to my left, knowing none of my men made a sound. I stopped my men following being me. They blended in the trees and squinted their eyes, Digger going to the ground. I moved my head slowly, very slowly, looking for the person or cat who made a sound. It didn't take me long to see two idiots walking right under us.

"Go," I whispered to Digger as I slithered down the tree quietly. I had come up from behind the guys, Digger to my left. I smiled at him and we both nodded our heads, taking our blades out of our holsters. I grabbed the guy on the right as Digger grabbed the one on the left. We slit their throats and pulled them into the forest. Dragon had a hole ready for the stinking men to be put in. I threw the man in the hole, Digger doing the same. We both wrinkled our noses.

"Talking about stinky. I don't think we need to add any masking spray because nothing will ever dig them up. But, we need to spray where we came up behind them," I told Dragon and Digger quietly. They nodded and started spraying the area.

I quickly climbed the tree using my claws. Digger and Dragon joined us and we started moving again. We came upon twenty-two men. They made a lot of noise and it was easy for us to kill them and bury their bodies. I knew Eagle was taking a video of our kills. Everything had to be documented.

The forest got quiet and then the monkeys started throwing things and calling out to each other. We faded into the green of the forest. I knew it had to be the twins because they would be the only ones to move this quietly.

I heard a chuffing sound and the monkeys quieted. Yep, the twins. I signed to the men to be completely still and to not make a sound. They all understood it wasn't our time to take them out yet. I knew Cat wanted to take them out and I didn't want to take this from her or Sophia.

The twins stopped moving and we held our breath....

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