Project Trouble X Three

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Chapter 69 - Hot Damn

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I quickly climbed the tree using my claws. Digger and Dragon joined us and we started moving again. We came upon twenty-two men. They made a lot of noise and it was easy for us to kill them and bury their bodies. I knew Eagle was taking a video of our kills. Everything had to be documented.

The forest got quiet. The monkeys started throwing things and calling out to each other. We faded into the green of the forest. I knew it had to be the twins because they would be the only ones to move this quietly.

I heard a chuffing sound and the monkeys quieted. Yep, the twins. I signed to the men to be completely still and to not make a sound. They all understood it wasn’t our time to take them out yet. I knew Cat wanted to take them out and I didn’t want to take this from her or Sophia.

The twins stopped moving and we held our breath....

Cat's POV

The twins stopped moving and we held our breaths. I was worried they would scent us or hear our heart beating out of our chests. I wanted to take them out right then, but I knew I needed to wait for the right time.

After a while, the twins started their journey again. We didn't move for over two hours. I knew they were patiently waiting on us to move. I slowly signed that we needed to wait for another hour before moving. They understood what I was saying and I was forever thankful.

I heard a squawk from a radio. The twins cursed. "What do you want, asshole!" His voice thundered through the trees.

"Uh, em," the asshole tried to say. "Sir, we found their bunker and wanted to know if you want to come to check it out."

"How do you know it's theirs?" The cartel leader questioned.

"I caught a scent of a female. It goes into the woods and comes back to the bunker," the male said, his voice shaky.

"It had to be Sophia," he mused. "She's not as good as Cat. We are on our way."

"Yes, sir," the asshole answered back.

I had to make sure we didn't move yet. I didn't know if this was a trap or not. I made sure to let my team know to stand still. I knew they were hungry and needed water, but we couldn't take chances. I didn't know if one of them was going to stay behind to see if they could flush us out of hiding.

I heard the monkeys going nuts again and the twins chuffing to get them to be quiet. They were moving away from us, but I knew we couldn't make a sound when we moved or else we were going to be in deep shit.

I raised my hand slowly to my lips and nodded my head in the direction we needed to go to get out of the danger zone. I didn't expect the twins to be out of their compound. I needed to keep my head in the game and make sure we made it to our planned zone without getting hurt or killed.

I pulled my bow off my back slowly. I didn't want to use a gun to take the enemy out, it made too much noise. It was time to huff it out of here and hopefully not put our asses in the frying pan too early.

I nodded for us to move silently. I notice Sophia had her bow in her hands, a look of retribution on her face. I could tell she was concentrating on her steps, making sure they were quiet. I was proud of her but mad at the twins for making her feel as if she didn't add up. She had changed and made herself much better than they thought. She could use this information to kick ass and take names later.

I stopped Sophia from moving, halting the rest of our team. I signed, letting her know she was our secret weapon. That they won't expect anything from her and it was why she could kick their ass. I could see the wheels turning in her head. After a few minutes, she smiled really big and nodded her head slowly. I let out a breath I was holding and hugged her. I knew she would do great things.

I kissed Martim's cheek before I signed for us to get moving, but to be aware of our surroundings. I listened to the twin's radio channel, but then my gut kicked in and told me the twins were making shit up to catch us off our game.

Stupid men egos

If they thought I would fall for their tricks they hadn't learned anything about me at all. I always listened to my gut over my own thoughts. The teams called it intuition and I called it gut-intuition. I guess it was close to what they called it, too.

We moved through the trees, taking down the grunts when we could take them down safely. We didn't keep to the path to head to their compound. We didn't want the twins following our kills and find out where we were at, so we moved in a large zig-zag pattern and then moved more North to throw them off.

I wasn't sure how many grunts we had killed when we met the other team. I know it was a lot. I was happy to take out the twin's men. It only helped us in the long run.

"Did you see the twins?" My mom asked me.

I nodded my head and smiled. "Yeah, they tried to get us to move after they made it sound as if they had moved away. The idiot's radios squawked, giving away their location. We had to wait for over four hours before we could move." I explained, a smile covering my face. My mom nodded her head and made a zipping motion with her hand. I nodded.

I looked around me wanting to check if they disabled all the cameras. I found one and pulled out my laptop quickly looking at their video feed. I erased all of the videos and made sure to put up a scene to make it look as if the forest was empty.

I walked over to my mom quietly and showed my mom the video. She almost gasped but herself before she did. She signed and told me she checked for any cameras. I walked her over to the camera I was talking about. Her eyes widened. She shook her head at herself. I knew she was disappointed in herself at her actions, but we were all tired, hungry, and thirsty.

We walked back over to our group and I went straight to my rucksack and Martim. I handed him a bottle of water but he refused to drink any before me. I took a sip of my water, showing him I was going to drink mine anyways. He finally started drinking his water. I handed out some beef jerky and some bars that would help with our energy.

I noticed Sophia get up and go to her rucksack. She came back with a map. I helped her set it down on the ground and weighed it dow5thn. I was curious about what she was doing, but I trusted her with my life. I watched as she marked areas of entry to the compound and wrote a team member's name on the map. I felt stupid. I knew what she was doing and her idea was very smart.

When Sophia was done marking the map she handed it to Madrid for his approval. He looked at the map for about five minutes and nodded his head in approval, a big smile on his face - which in turn caused Sophia to let out a breath and smile.

Sophia put the map back down and signed to the team about where their entry location would be. I didn't see my name or my mate's name. I didn't see my mom's name on the map and I was curious about why, but I didn't second guess Sophia. She had a brilliant idea.

I pulled the screen up when a silent alarm went off. I signed for everyone to find a tree to hide in. Everybody and their trash went up into the trees. I didn't want them to be in the line of fire, literally. I wasn't worried about them getting hurt, but I didn't know what the asshole would do.

I found the shit-head and he was moving our way but slowly. I knew we needed to take him out as soon as possible, but I needed to know where Ayo was. I didn't trust easily and I didn't take chances. I didn't know if Ayo was with us or if the cartel turned him to their side. It's sadly happened before, but it wasn't going to happen to me.

I found Ayo in the same place as before. He wasn't on the cartel's territory. He had stayed and waited on us to give the signal, but he wouldn't get one, especially when I was taking out his so-called mate.

I could hear someone walking closer to us. I was surprised he was making any sound, but I was sure he was thirsty and hungry. We didn't make his life any easier and for that I was thankful.

"One person," I quietly said through our mics. I pulled up my camera and saw the idiot walking our way, but something was off. He let us hear him move, he made sure to make his steps heavy, and he was whistling.


I slowly put my hand up and shook my head no. This was a trap and I knew it. They were idiots if they thought we would fall for their idiot tactics. I knew Sophia wanted to take him out as much as I wanted to, but we needed to be smart about it.

Juan come out of the woods and looked around. I was thankful to everyone for grabbing their trash and the map. We didn't want them to know our entry points or where the rest of us would be. He sat in the same place we had sat before. He leaned back and closed his eyes.

Sophia looked at me in shock as did the rest of the Shadow Cats. I slowly shrugged, a small smile gracing my face. I knew I had a wicked look in my eyes. I was excited about our plan and it showed.

The Shadow Cats smiled in my direction. I knew they were wondering how I knew. It was an easy deduction. We sat still for hours. My muscles were cramping, but if the twins thought they could flush out by hanging Juan as bait, he would be sorelydisappointed.

We were on our fifth hour and I knew everyone was getting tired, but everyone was holding still and quiet. I felt proud to be a part of this team.

Juan pulled his phone out as I recorded him and listen by my earwig, making sure the volume was on its lowest setting.

"Hello, where are you two?" He paused. "Yeah, I've been here laying still for over five hours." I barely heard the twins answer. "Okay, I'm heading back to the compound I need some water and food, okay?" He evidently needed permission. I loved him asking the cartel for permission. It showed how weak he really was.

The fool left but we didn't. "Not yet," I mouthed to the team. They nodded their heads slowly. We sat there for another two hours before I heard the twins curse.

"Let's go. They will be outside of the walls of our compound. If they didn't take the bait from the idiot, they are not here. We need to check around our compound and give the men instruction," the leader explained. We waited one more hour before we stood up and stretched our arms and legs.

Sophia walked over to me. "Just so you know, I fucking hate surveillance," she whispered in my ear.

"Me, too," I whispered back in her ear. She looked startled at my confession. "I don't mind the killing if they are the bad guys, but staying still kills me," I whispered. Sophia nodded her head and moved back over to her mate, Trigger.

Martim pulled me to him and kissed me quickly. I pouted but I knew why he stopped. He didn't want any pheromones to be released. It could have been a disaster if I had released even a little bit.

I finally nodded in acceptance, my stupid jaguar going against me. "We need to take out Juan before he makes it back to the compound - if we can," I whispered, making sure to keep eye contact with Sophia.

"I'll go with Trigger. We can pull him into our web and kill him quickly."

"Are you sure?" I asked her. I wasn't questioning her skills but I needed to know if she felt ready herself.

"We've got this, but we need to take off quickly or we will miss him." I nodded my head and set her watch up to mirror mine.

"Good to go. You will be able to look at any camera while you are running. Keep your steps light and your breaths even, but I don't feel as if you would make a rookie mistake," I told her, my face showing calm, but inside I was freakin g out. I nodded and they took off. I listened for their steps, but they were silent. I was impressed.

"Hot damn," my dad exclaimed through our mics. My mom looked confused for a second.

"Where's Sophia and her mate?" She asked.

"She and her mate went to get Juan before he gets to compound. How in the hell did you not notice us talking or her leaving?" I asked, perplexed at her accusation.

"Why would you let them go alone!" She whisper yelled.

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