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Chapter 70 - Not Even Close

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“I’ll go with Trigger. We can pull him into our web and kill him quickly.”

“Are you sure?” I asked her. I wasn’t questioning her skills but I needed to know if she felt ready herself.

“We’ve got this, but we need to take off quickly or we will miss him.” I nodded my head and set her wristwatch monitor up to mirror mine.

“Good to go. You will be able to look at any camera while you are running. Keep your steps light and your breaths light, but I don’t feel as if you would make a rookie mistake,” I told her, my face showing calm, but inside I was freaking out. I nodded and they took off. I listened for their steps, but they were silent. I was impressed.

“Hot damn,” my dad exclaimed through our mics. My mom looked confused for a second.

“Where’s Sophia and her mate?” She asked as she looked around.

“She and her mate went to get Juan before he gets to compound. How in the hell did you not notice us talking or her leaving?” I asked, perplexed at her accusation.

“Why would you let them go alone!” She whispers yelled.

Cat’s POV

I look at her incredulously. I was seething and I could tell my mate and my dad would jump in if she started something she couldn’t back up. “Sophia volunteered. She is quiet, efficient, and a killing machine, but she will be smart about it first - something you are not doing.” I sighed quietly. “She begged for this mission. The twins made her feel inferior to me. She’s a killing machine with a brilliant mind. You should be proud of her. Plus, she’s not alone. I sent Flame and Flirt to the compound to set up their party favors.” My mom nodded her head and walked over to Madrid. I sighed through my nose.

"Are you okay?" My mate asked me. Was I okay?

Not even close

I shook my head no and climbed one of the trees, my mate following my move. I made sure the twin's cameras were only showing the rainforest. I wanted Sophia safe. We watched the cameras and made sure our team was alright. If one thing went wrong then we would be in big trouble. I needed to know if it did, so I could adjust our plan. Madrid was letting me take over this mission. I think he wanted to see if I could handle myself.

As if

I pulled up the camera on Sophia. I wanted to hear everything she said or did. She didn't have to like it, but I was monitoring her every action and I wasn't ashamed of doing so.

Sophia's turn to be monitored

I pinpointed the jackass's location and pulled up Sophia's location, sitting back to watch the show. I wanted to see how she was going to handle Juan after what he said about her. I had a feeling her mad was on. I hoped she didn't go in mad or she will be in trouble. I looked over at Martim and he had a questioning look on his face. "What did you think I was going to do when I tinkered with her watch? I needed to know where she was at all times." I sighed at his amused look. "I need to know she would be okay on this mission."

"I know, but it still amuses me. You trust her but you watch her, right?" I nodded. "Then why did you tell your mom Sophia could handle herself?"

I rolled my eyes. "I know she can handle herself, but she might need our help and I want to know exactly her position in case of something going wrong. Oh, never mind."

"Stop, Sophia!" I whisper yelled. "You are right on top of him." She nodded and slowly scanned the tree. I knew she hadn't seen him but she knew his approximate location.

We watched as she slowly scanned the tree, smiling when she caught where he was. I was afraid she was going to chuckle out loud by the look on her face but she did excellently. She was a professional killer. I had to wonder how this would affect her or not affect her.

I watched her with my stomach in knots. I knew she could handle herself, but she was going to toy with him and we didn't have time for her actions. "Sophia, get this over with." I saw her barely nod, acknowledging my words.

I quietly laughed my ass off when she slapped a pressure bandage over his mouth, effectively silencing his scream when Sophia roundhouse kicked him in the throat as hard as she could, knocking him out of the tree. She jumped down quietly and landed right next to him. He tried to pull her right leg, but she punched him in the throat and threw a punch to his temple.

She got into a fighting stance, waiting to see what his next move. He was going for the tape over his mouth, but Sophia flipped him over her shoulder, using her butt and hip,d and punched him in the throat again. He would have been in pain forever but he didn't have forever.

"Hi, Juan. I had to see for myself the idiot who thought he could put one over on us. Too bad for you we found out about it. I'm going-"

"He's going for his radio, Sophia! Kill him now and get out of there, please!" I whispered through my mic.

Sophia kicked the radio out of his hand and slit his throat, whispering, "To enjoy killing you." Sophia hid Juan and poured scent masking spray on Juan, the ground, and up the tree. I wondered why she would put scent masking spray in the tree, but I figured it out when she clawed her way up the tree quietly. She was covering up Juan's nasty ass odor so the twins wouldn't know where he was.

"Great job, Sophia. I'm very proud of you, but it's time to get back here. Watch for the patrols. Use all your senses. You've got this, oh natural leader," I told her, hoping she would crack a smile - which she did.

It took her over an hour to get back because she had to kill five patrol wolves and hide from the twins. Twice. She did a great job, but I knew she was tired. Hiding or quietly fighting took a lot out of you. She was going to need a few hours of sleep to recharge her body.

I hugged her and handed her some beef jerky, some kind of protein bar, a coke, and a crapload of water. She sat beside me and smiled. "That was fun but I'm tired."

I tilted my head and furrowed my brow. I knew I sent Trigger with her but he wasn't back yet, neither was Flame. I pulled my screen up and looked for them in the compound.




"Is t-that m-mate," Sophia stuttered.

I sighed and pulled her into a hug. "Come on, Madrid needs to know what's going on. She nodded and followed me down the tree, Martim right behind us.

"Madrid, we've got a problem," was the first words out of my mouth. I showed him the laptop footage of the compound and his breath left him. "Shit!" He whispers yelled. "We need to get them out of there."

I nodded and thought 'well, duh, you idiot'. It must have shown on my face for a brief second. I was amused and we needed to come up with a plan quickly.

"You and Sophia come up with a plan and I'll call any reinforcements we may need, okay?" Madrid asked a nod of his head at me. Did he pawn everything on me and Sophia? It damned sure felt as if he did. I guess I wanted to help with the plans and execute them, too.

Be careful what you wish for.

"Roger, sir." I paused, looking at Sophia. "Madrid ."He slowly turned around. "How many people can I get?" "As many as you need. I won't be stingy about it," Madrid answered. I nodded and Sophia and I went to an area away from the others. I knew they were going to follow us, but I also knew we needed all the help we could get.

When the Shadow Cats all came to us I looked at each of their grim faces. "We are all going to come up with a plan. We're in this together. Please don't throw out some ridiculous idea, please."

We got together and started making plans for our rescue mission to get Flame and Trigger back. I knew they had their suits on and I was sure they had set down their bombs, bombs I could trigger remotely. We kept checking to see where they were being herded to. The grunts were licking their lips as they looked at Flame from head to toe, but Flame would smirk at them. I was positive she would kick anyone's ass who tried to rape her. I noticed they were being herded into the cells. I could only hope they could pick locks and get out of the cell. I couldn't understand how they had gotten caught to begin with.

We all came together in our plans, making sure there were no loopholes. There were different backup plans in case the other ones failed. We were ready as we could ever be all we had to do was show them to Madrid, my mom, and my dad.

We all stood up and stretched. I popped all my bones, Martim doing the same. I wanted to laugh at the Shadow Cats' cringy faces. They saw blood and gore almost every day, but they couldn't handle me popping my bones?

We walked over to Madrid, my mom, and my dad, stopping in front of them. I pulled my laptop up and showed them what was going on and we started telling them about our plans quietly. It took us a good hour to tell them our plans. I could see the wheels turning in my mom's mind. Madrid was scratching his head, a nervous habit of his, and my dad was watching my mom. My dad was letting my mom make the decisions. He knew she knew more about the compound than anyone else. I might have mapped it out but my mom had walked it. She knew hiding places we didn't know about.

"I think it's a solid plan but I do have a suggestion," my mom said, a thoughtful look on her face. I knew she was thinking of the compound.

"Okay," I remarked, waiting on her to voice her opinion.

"We need to let Sophia and Flirt go in to let our people out. We have a couple of Shadow Cats inside working for us and will be helping us out from the inside. Umm, I like what all of you have come up with. The twins will be behind this wall." She pointed out a section. "It's a great place to shoot from."

"Okay, so when do we go?" I heard Sophia ask from beside me.

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