Project Trouble X Three

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Chapter 71 - Baby Hacker

Getting closer to the end of this book. Really close. Does anyone want another book, making these a series? I wanted to thank my loyal readers. oddball, PenubraMINE, N.Y.O.B., and Osprey 0112. Thank you for reading and commenting.


We walked over to Madrid, my mom, and my dad, stopping in front of them. I pulled my laptop up and showed them what was going on and we started telling them about our plans quietly. It took us a good hour to tell them our plans. I could see the wheels turning in my mom’s mind. Madrid was scratching his head, a nervous habit of his, and my dad was watching my mom. My dad was letting my mom make the decisions. He knew she knew more about the compound than anyone else. I might have mapped it out but my mom had walked it. She knew hiding places we didn’t know about.

“I think it’s a solid plan but I do have a suggestion,” my mom said, a thoughtful look on her face. I knew she was thinking of the compound.

“Okay,” I remarked, waiting on her to voice her opinion.

“We need to let Sophia and Flirt go in to let our people out. We have a couple of Shadow Cats inside working for us and will be helping us out from the inside. Umm, I like what all of you have come up with. The twins will be behind this wall.” She pointed out a section. “It’s a great place to shoot from.”

“Okay, so when do we go?” I heard Sophia ask from beside me.

Cat's POV

I wasn't sure about Sophia going to the compound on her own. I felt as if she would be walking into a trap, then again anyone of us could be walking into a trap.

"You and Flirt need to go as soon as possible. I don't want to drag this shit out any longer than we have to. The twins are getting on my last nerve." My mom rolled her eyes. "Well, all men are getting on my nerves, right, darling?" My mom told my dad as I grinned at her words. I knew my dad had been his worst in the last few weeks. Sophia and I could attest to his idiotic ways.

"Right, honey." I chuckled quietly when my dad rolled his eyes.

"Flirt, are you ready to go with Sophia and get our people out?" Flirt nodded. "I'm sure Cat can lead you around in the compound considering she will be watching from here, right, Cat?" My mom explained, adding her last stupid question to me.

"Uh, no. I thought I would let them walk around freely in the hades," I sarcastically whispered.

Sophia shrugged her shoulder, trying to hold in a full-blown laugh. "Please keep an eye on us, Cat. I feel safer when you do, plus I know you are going to do it anyway." I gave her a short nod, effectively letting her know I had her back.

"Come on, Sophia, we have people to kill and we need to take a walk through hell," Flirt jokingly told Sophia.

"I've always wanted to walk on the wild side," she quipped back. I watched them walk off.

"Come on, Martim, I need two more eyes on the screen to keep them safe," I mumbled, not really liking the idea of Sophia on a mission on her own or close to on her own.

We climbed up into a tree and scanned the area for tangos before I pulled up my computer screen and watched Sophia and Flirt running silently through the trees as Martim moved closer to me with his screen up too. I knew he would help me when they got to the compound, but I had forgotten that he would have had cameras up, too from her time as their enforcer.

We watched the camera until we saw them getting closer to the compound. "Stop!" I quietly said in my mic. They faded into the trees. "You have about four shooters up in the trees. There may be more but I will let you know. If you want to avoid them I can lead you to another entrance."

"Go," Sophia murmured through her mic. I knew she was wanting me to lead her to another entrance. She wouldn't want to give the twins easy access to her, plus as soon as their sharpshooters starting shooting the twins would have rn out to see what was going on.

"Head west until we tell you to stop. You will need to be extra quiet if you want to kill the sentries they have at the safest entry point," Martim explained as quietly as he could, not wanting to give away Flirt and Sophia's position. "These sentries have extraordinary senses, so make sure you block your smell. Don't use the scent masking spray or they will know someone is trying to trick them. They've been trained in knowing the scent masking sprays smell."

Sophia clicked the mic twice to let him know she heard him. We watched as both of them turned down the volume down on their radios. But, what I saw next almost had me cussing loudly. "I thought Martim told you not to use scent masking spray, Sophia."

"He did, but he didn't know about my new invention. It one-hundred percent hides all smells from every known creature," Sophia bragged.

I clicked my mic twice. I was round of her new invention. She was going to be an excellent partner in our inventions. I could imagine all the stuff we would come up with for Madrid, but for us too.

I swiped my hands down my face and took a shaky breath in, my mate looking at me in worry. "I'm fine. This part of the mission has me on edge, but I know Sophia can do this on her own. I have complete faith in her."

"Thanks, Cat," Sophia remarked quietly. I was startled until I saw Martim's finger pressing down on the mic key. I shook my head at Martim's goofy face and replied back to Sophia.

"No more talking from this point, okay?" Martim ordered both of them. I saw both of them nod and hit the ground quietly. I looked around to see why they were on the ground and noticed two grunts walking by them, talking about taking one of us before the leaders knew they had sex with them. They were disgusting and I knew Sophia was ready to end their lives.

"Easy, Sophia. They are only words to elicit a response. Don't give them one. You have about to twenty steps to our right to be at the side door. You will need to go in as some of the others excit. Keep following the wall around until you come to a door beside the refrigerator. This is the door to the cells. I will give you a code when you get there," Martim quietly said, helping Sophia to calm down. I would never forget those boys' faces. They were on my shit list, one of the top ones at that.

Sophia clicked the mic twice and they started crawling towards the door. They were crawling in a freeze-frame method as to not draw attention to themselves. They got within four steps to the door and they activated their suit's invisibility button.

"How are we supposed to track them now, Cat?" Martim asked as I typed in a long string of code.

"Like this," I answered as I hit the enter key. A small blinking light showed where they were, but only to us.

"Wow," Martim breathed out.

Two of the grunts walked out and Sophia and Flirt walked in. The hallway was crowded and I was afraid they were going to be touched. "I need you two to crawl up the wall and hang from the ceiling. Don't ask how just do it and do it quickly," I ordered, not realizing I had ordered them. I pulled up a screen on my computer and typed in a key I knew from memory.

Sophia and Flirt started their way up the wall, looking at each and grinning widely. It was a cool feature and could be used on other missions. I was still trying to figure out a way to see through walls, but I had no such luck as of now.

"You are almost to the door to the cells. You will have about twenty seconds to get through the door when three idiots get to the door. Stay on the ceiling. If you are sweating you might want to spray more your spray and wipe your sweat," Martim explained as he watched his screen for said idiots.

We watched them wipe off their sweat and spray themselves again. They got ready to go as soon as Martim told them to. It took another ten minutes until we told them to go quickly and quietly. I quickly set their temperature the same as the ambient temperature of the room. I fixed all four of their suits. I wanted to get Flair and Trigger out of the cells and all four of them out of the compound. I wasn't sure how I knew they had something to check the ambient temperature in the cells but I went with my gut.

"Go invisible, Flame and Trigger. Climb the wall until you are hanging from the ceiling. Don't worry, it's a new 'spidey' power you have on your suits." I knew they were startled when I spoke to them. I hadn't used their implanted channel in a while and they were probably wondering how I hacked into the channel.

"My little hacker baby," Flame said quietly.

"Yeah, it's me. Flirt and Sophia are on their way to you," I told them both. "Stay quiet and I will let them know you are invisible and will follow them out of the cell to freedom, but stay on the ceiling. Sophia had a scent masking spray that works wonders."

Trigger clicked his mic twice. I quickly tapped in their code to follow them in the halls. Ten minutes later Sophia had them out of the cells. "Hand them your scent masking spray, Sophia. They know what to do. I'm going to type in a code for you four to be able to kind of see each other." I typed the code in and they breathed in a sigh of relief. Sophia sprayed Flame and Trigger, giving Trigger a kiss quickly.

All four of them went to the ceiling quickly. They made their way to the door and waited on someone to open the door. It took them another five minutes of waiting before someone showed up. They quickly got themselves to the exit, exiting quickly as soon as someone opened the door. They were quick to get to the rain forest and take to the trees.

"Good job," I murmured, not wanting to make a lot of noise too close to the door.

'Sophia, lead them back to our base. Stay invisible and stay quiet. We haven't seen the twin in the compound so they may be in the forest looking for us," Martim expressed as we watched them.

Sophia clicked twice and let the others know to follow her and be quiet. They looked as if they were flying from tree to tree. I knew they wanted to get to us quickly. I kept hearing Flame and Trigger sigh. I knew they were probably tired, thirsty, and sweaty, but they would be to us soon and we could fix a lot of their problems.

I noticed they were almost to us when they stopped moving. Trigger and Sophia going higher up the tree. Flame and Flirt blended into the trees and laid flat on their stomachs. I couldn't figure out why they had split up, well, until a group of five cartel men walked out of the woods.

"I heard someone this way. We need to see if it's the girls," I heard one of the idiots said as he led the men towards our team members.

I watched as Sophia slowly took out her bow and arrows, Trigger doing the same. When I looked back towards Flirt and Flame, Flame had her blade in her hand and Flirt was nowhere to be seen. Flame waited on the group to get closer to them before she threw one of her blades into the tree behind the group. The guys swiveled around, giving Sophia, Flirt, Digger, and Trigger the go-ahead to take out all of the men save one.

"Who are you?" The man asked in a shaky voice.

I saw a flash of movement behind the man. "Your worse nightmare," Flame answered as she stabbed him in the head, killing him instantly. She pulled her blade out and wiped it on the man's shirt. Flirt and Trigger hid the men in a hole and sprayed him with Sophia's scent spray. They hurried back into the trees and within ten minutes they were back with us.

I widely smiled and threw them a bottle of water. I made sure they had beef jerky, bars with a lot of protein, and MRE's. I know they hated them, but it was better than nothing, plus I gave them good ones and kept the bad ones for myself.

"We've got company, everyone. Time to bug out and come at them from the South," Martim explained as we all got our rucksacks and bugged out, Sophia leaving her map on the table.

A/N: What do you think their next move will be? What would your next move be? I bet it's nothing lie mine will be.

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