Project Trouble X Three

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Chapter 74 - Let The Bodies Hit The Ground

Dedicated to all of you who have taken this journey with me. For the comments and ides


Someone had told the guys to take to the trees to hunt us down. The stupid idiots had their radios up high, giving away their position and what was being said. They climbed the tree next to ours and looked around. Their eyes passed over our area without really looking. I was the only person they could see anyway and they didn’t see me.

Was I invisible?

I might as well have been. They didn’t do a good job in their hunt. I couldn’t believe they hadn’t been killed yet. Were the twins confident enough to send out these men? Or, were these men cannon fodder? It had to be the latter. Throw a bunch of fuckers at us and maybe one will get lucky?

I think not

The idiots moved to the next tree and kept moving away. We didn’t move for a few minutes. I wanted to make sure we were completely in the clear. I nodded my head and we took off again.

We were about five minutes away when I had the team stop again. I checked my watch and looked around us. I saw everyone was in position. ”Ready, everyone?” I quietly asked after I brought my face shield up, signing for the rest of the team to do the same. All the teams clicked their mics twice, meaning every one of the teams was ready.

I looked at Martim and nodded my head, signaling for the rest of our team to take out any cartel who made their way out of the compound, quietly. I made sure they knew to be quiet above all else.

I signaled the teams and....

Cat's POV

I signaled the teams and I heard the side of the compound blow. It shook the ground and leveled some trees. It was amazing and now it was my turn. Martim grabbed me and kissed me, pouring all his love into the kiss.

We climbed down from the tree and walked to the door. I pulled up my weapon and fired my shoulder rocket launcher, making sure I had some room between me and the door.

The front door

I turned on one side of my earphones and started playing the song, 'Let the bodies hit the floor or bodies' by Drowning Pool. I got a quick look of amusement from Martim.

"Knock, knock. Avon's calling," I yelled, making sure everyone could hear me. What? I didn't say I wasn't going to have fun with this. If I made the twins mad it was better for us.

The twins walked out of the door or what used to be a door. "Oh, good you're here. I didn't want to chase you around the forest anyway," the leader yelled, the men behind him laughing.

I clicked my mic twice and the cartel men were no more. I knew our men would find cover somewhere else as soon as they shot. They never once hit the twins. "Who's here with you?" The enforcer asked me.

I raised an eyebrow and looked at Martim. "Friends," was all I said.

I was almost knocked off my feet when the next bomb took out the other side of the compound. I stood tall and waited to see how mad they would be. I heard a pissed-off growl and the leader tells his men to take me and Martim out.

I rolled my eyes and pulled out my bow and arrow, notching four arrows, all of them with a surprise in the arrow. As the men started to run to us I let the bolts go, killing half of the cats. My bolt cut down the men it hit and the surrounding men because of the blast. I notched more arrows and held them up. I had made sure the twin's suits were not working.

The cartel leader was about to send more men. "Tsk, tsk. I can't believe you are using your men as cannon fodder. Do you not care about them?" I asked, my bow pointed at the twin's chest. I felt someone trying to sneak up on me and without missing a beat I threw my blade through his heart without looking.

"Impressive," the cartel leader said. I wanted to shudder at his praise, but I didn't move.

"Are we going to do this or not?" Martim asked as Ayo came around the corner and held his fingers to his lips. I didn't look straight at him, not wanting to give him away.

As soon as I answered Martim a bird came down and blasted the compound. It was loud and the waves of the bombs had everyone off-kilter, well, except me and Martim. I knew what was going to happen and saved everyone's eardrums. Just a few of the Shadow Cat's weren't ready. We didn't know if we could trust them or not.

I saw the twins make their move, changing into the jaguars. I stayed in my human form as Martim changed into his jaguar. I knew I could inflict a lot of damage as a human if I kept away from the leader. I fired the bolts and hit the ground in front of them, hoping to knock them off their guard a little.

"Now, Sophia. Do exactly what I told you to do," I ordered. It didn't take but a few minutes before I got the signal that everything was done.

I loaded up four bolts this time and shot the enforcer in the shoulder as a small charge went off, shocking him out of his jaguar form. I knew he wouldn't be able to shift back. I noticed my bolt had shocked the leader too but he was still standing.

"Not very nice, mate," the leader told me.

"Not your mate, you idiot!" I yelled, but I wasn't mad at his words but I wanted him to think I was. I was definitely disgusted at his words though. I stepped back and cracked my neck, ready for whatever he did. I made sure there were blades everywhere on me and a gun was ready on my hip.

"Let's do this, Cat?" He asked, looking a little confused.

"I may be Cat or Sophia, hmm, I'm not sure," I sarcastically said, a habit of mine.

"Well, are you Cat?" I didn't say anything. "Or, are you Cat? You would have to be Cat if you were with Martim, right?"

I rolled my eyes and kept my mouth shut. If he didn't know we could use this against him. I clicked my mic twice, signaling Sophia.

Sophia came around the trees and stood beside me. Both of us had our hair cut the same. We didn't say a word. We both waited to see how he would react. It would give the rest of the team time to get into position again.

"Twins? Dammit! Which one of you is Cat?" The leader yelled as he looked between us. I knew he was frustrated. He wanted me but now he couldn't tell which one of us was her or me. I was amused at the idiot. He thought we would tell him who was who and he was getting madder by the second.

Sophia and I cracked our necks and got into our fighting stance, waiting on the fucker to make up his mind. His brother was already dead and he didn't realize it because we kept him occupied, but as soon as he realized it all hell would break loose.

"I guess I will have to pick and kill the other girl. No, I will give the men a prize, and then we will auction her off to the highest bidder, right brother?" When he didn't get an answer he turned towards his brother and screamed. His scream was full of pain, hate, rage, and revenge. I knew this was it. We would be fighting for our life.

"To the trees, Sophia," I told her, never taking my eyes off the leader.

"You will never stand alone. I'm not leaving, Cat," she said, conviction in her words. I knew I couldn't say anything. I made sure she had her bow and bolts ready. I wanted to make sure she had some of them that lit up. She nodded and got her bolts notched as every team of the Shadow Cat's walked out of the trees, standing together as a united front.

"The cartel grunts are all dead, well, the ones in the compound, sir," one of the men said.

"Did you get the hacker?" Madrid asked a question I would love to know.

"He doesn't work from here. They want to keep him safe."

"He will never be safe," I cut in. I heard a few chuckles from the Shadow Cats. They knew I would hunt him down to the ends of the earth. He better be great at hiding.

The cartel leader growled a growl that would have shaken anyone else up. I had to admit it did make my stomach flip. He was past the point of letting either me or Sophia live. I signed behind my back and the men and women came and stood behind me. My mom and dad along with Madrid stood off to my side.

I stepped back behind the group, bringing up my Ipad and changing the leader's suit from on to off, adding another virus to the hacker's computer. I didn't want him to be able to turn the suit back on. I made sure their comms unit was down while I was at it. As soon as I was done I stepped back up to the front.

A man from the cartel stumbled out of the compound. The leader snarled and hissed at the man. He ran over to him and tore him to ribbons. It was vicious. He turned towards us and hissed, stopping when he saw Sophia and her rocket launcher. She was aiming right at him. He turned to run but Ayo stepped out, his mate stepping out right beside him.

The leader changed back to his human side. "Who the hell are you? And, who is this beauty next to you. I want her for my own. How much?"

"Uh-oh," Madrid whispered loud enough for the leader to hear him.

"You don't recognize me? I'm hurt. Juan knew me, but he's dead about ten miles back. Good job, ladies." We both nodded our head, not wanting to give away who was who. "And, she is my mate and she's not going with you anywhere. Give up. All your men are dead and you're surrounded."

"You have one- hundred counts of rape to your name, too," Madrid yelled as he paced.

The leader laughed. "And, pray tell, who is going to testify against me?"

Over one hundred women walked through the trees, one of the women leading the way. "We will," was all she said.

He started laughing harder. "You will? What did I tell you would happen to your family if you ever got away and testified?"

"I already have them in a safe location. Even if you did get away you would never find them," I loudly told him as I shrugged my shoulders.

"Time to end this," I told everyone.

"You can either come with us and stand trial or you can die here, it's your choice," Sophia loudly gave him the option. "Oh, and if you decide to go to come with us you will not get to use your lawyers. You will be tried in a military court and will use JAG lawyers. Your choice."

"I choose to kill you," he said as he ran towards us. We stood our ground as Sophia raised the rocket launcher again, but she didn't get to fire it. Madrid jumped into his tiger and roared his readiness.

The leader stopped moving and titled his head as Madrid paced back and forth, pawing the earth up as he paced. I could see the wheels turn in his mind. He was wondering if he could take Madrid or not, but he forgot his flank.

I had moved slowly between our people, taking to the trees until I came up behind him. I nodded to Martim as he moved to my side. I wanted to shoot him and be done with it, but he would get off too easy. I jumped into my jaguar, Martim guarding my back. I was quiet as I changed and moved to him. Madrid was great at keeping the leader's attention on him.

I lunged and grabbed the leader's neck between my teeth, shaking my head back and forth. I was trying to suffocate him as fast as I could. The leader rolled, making my hold on his throat loosen. I jumped back and hissed at him. He had run his claws down my side and I wanted him to think he had injured me.

He hissed at me and rushed me, but I had jumped and flipped my body sideways, clawing down his stomach and snout. He screamed his fury and pain and went for one of my paws.

"Let me have at him, Cat, please. I've had enough of playing with him," my jaguar begged. I gave her full control and sat back waiting to see what she would do. I noticed Martim had done the same thing I had done.

My jaguar was not playing. She hissed at him and crouched down. She watched him carefully. He made a move to go left but we knew he would go right. Rowdy jumped to the right and twisted her body, using her flexible spine to latch onto his throat harder than she had done before. She held on for a long time, suffocating the fucker, her words not mine. She chuffed for her mate to check her kill, well, our kill.

Martim walked over and checked the fuckers neck. "He's dead, Rowdy. You have almost decapitated him. Good job, mate," he told Rowdy. She dropped the man and decided he she would make sure he never came back.

Rowdy cut him up piece by piece. There were only body parts left when I regained control. I had never had her take over completely and I was worried Madrid would be mad at us.

Crazy jaguar

I changed back and almost puked at what Rowdy had done to the man. I looked up at Madrid and he nodded. He walked over to me and hugged me. "You both did well. Don't worry I will let them know a wild animal had gotten to him before we got here. They know how the Rain forest is. You need to go clean off the blood."

I heard the helos coming in and I calmly walked over to my rucksack and pulled out two water bottles. Sophia walked over and smiled at me as she held up a piece of cloth and a mirror. I quickly washed my face and put everything back into my rucksack.

"Better?" Sophia asked me.

"A lot better, but we aren't done yet," I told her as I felt bile rise up in my throat. I ran over to the trees and puked my guts up. It took me ten minutes to quit puking. Martim was rubbing my back and holding my hair.

"Are you okay?" He asked me, a question I wasn't sure about.

"Yeah, I need some water or a coke to wash my mouth out." Sophia walked over with both of them. "Thank you, Soph."

"Come on, we are taking the first helo back with a lot of the men. Do you think you will be okay to fly? Martim asked as I finished the coke.

"Yeah, I'll be fine. What do we need to do here?"

"Nothing, Madrid is talking to the soldiers, making sure they find all the dead. He's making sure the women are taken care of. A few of them are mates to the Shadow Cats. They will be living close to the base so they can testify about their kidnapping and rape. They saw a lot of people killed too."

"I feel so bad for them. It could have been me or Sophia in the same situation if not for you and Trigger," I told him as he cradled me in his arms. I shivered at the thought.

"Come on, we need to go now. Madrid doesn't want anyone to see you or Sophia here. We are going back to the base. We have a lot of work to do, but after we eat and get some much-needed sleep," Martim explained as he picked me up and took me to the helo, Trigger, and Sophia following.

A/N: So, the battle is over, but it's not completely over. Check out the next two chapters and then we are done. Who are we missing in this battle?

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