Project Trouble X Three

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Chapter 76 - I Think Not

Almost to the end of this book. I'm honored you chose to read one of my works. I hope you will continue to join me on the rest of my journey.


Martim looked at me incredulously. “I wouldn’t know, I’ve never been pregnant before.” I rolled my eyes and swatted his chest. “I don’t know but you could ask your mom.”

“What a great idea. Then my dad can come in here and kill you afterward...” I trailed off. “Or, my mom can find out and then slowly let my dad know.” Martim nodded, knowing I was speaking the truth.

“Do you want to call her?” He asked. “I can get rid of the food in the other room as you talk to her.” I eagerly nodded my head. I was hungry again, but I would be able to eat with the smell in the room.

I pulled my phone out of the pocket of my suit. “What else do you have hiding in your suit?” I laughed at his perviness and dialed my mom’s number as Martim left the bathroom and closed the door.

“Mom, can you come to Martim’s room and only you, please,” I begged. I couldn’t have my dad following her or he would blow a gasket.

“Yeah, sure. I’ll be right there, Flame,” she said smoothly as if she wasn’t lying, hanging up before I could say anything. Huh? Her lying? I’ll have to let this one pass if she could come by herself. I took a deep breath and blew it out.

Here goes nothing

Cat's POV

It wasn't ten more minutes that I heard a knock on our door. I stepped out of the bathroom, noticing Martim had cleared the pork out of the room and had sprayed something to mask the scent. I breathed out a huge breath of relief, but it got caught in my throat when I saw my mom and Flame come in.

"What was so important I couldn't bring your dad with me?" Was my mom's question.

Straight to the point

"Hi, Mom," I weakly waved, a fake smile on my face and a dry look of humor on my mom's face. "Uh, I'mpregnant," I said quickly.

"In English, Cat."

"I'm pregnant and I-" I tried to say, but my mom cut me off.

"-I'm going to be a grandmother?" She asked and happily laughed, jumping up and down as if she were a jumping jelly bean.

"Yes, but how long are jaguar pregnancies?" I asked, trying and failing to calm her down. I had never seen her so carefree and happy as she was now. Who knew your teen daughter being pregnant would loosen her up?

She looked at Martim. "Were you the firstborn?"

"Yeah, does it make a difference?" Martim asked.

"It does. Your pregnancy will only take three months," she answered as I felt all the blood drain out of my face once again. I sat down on the bed as quickly as I could.

"How far along are you?" My mom asked as she sat down next to me.

"I only have a month to go. Shouldn't I have a huge stomach?" I asked.

My mom shook her head, pulling me in her arms. "It varies from woman to woman. You will start showing now. Your jaguar might have been hiding your pregnancy from everyone until your mission was over. When was the last time you took your suit off?"

"I haven't had it off since I made them," I honestly said, surprised at my answer.

"You need to eat and then go take a bath. I will see if I can find a little bigger suit for you and you can set it up for your body, okay?" My mom softly said.

"I have a bigger suit. I didn't want to find my mate and become pregnant without a suit that would fit me," I surprised her by saying. She laughed and nodded her head.

I got up and ate as much as I could, Martim joining me while my mom and Flame came up with baby names, some of which would be a no-go. Horace was an awful name. What was were people going to call him, Hor?

I think not

I finished eating and dug in my rucksack, pulling out the bigger suit and my toiletry kit. I pulled off my suit and gasped. "What the fuck?" I yelled.

Martim ran into the bathroom, my mom behind him. My mom quickly turned around and shut the bathroom door, but left Martim to walk over to me.

Martim knelt down in front of me. "Hello, baby, I'm your daddy." I felt a kick and a gasp of surprise flew out of my mouth. I knew Martim felt the kick from our child.

"Okay, well, I'm pregnant," I shakily said as I sat down on the toilet.

"Your welcome, bitch. I knew they would hide you somewhere safe if I didn't hide our pregnancy," my jaguar told me, causing me to laugh out loud.

Martim cocked his head to the side. "My jaguar told me she hid the pregnancy so I would be hidden away in a safe spot. She also told me your welcome bitch." We both laughed. Martim stood up and kissed me, leaving me to my shower.

It felt good to laugh and shower in a real shower. I know we had a shower in several of our spots, but it had been weeks since I've showered and I knew I smelt ripe. I wanted to stay in the shower forever but I knew Martim would want to shower and I didn't want to leave him cold water.

I stepped out and dried off, braiding my hair to the side. I put my undergarments on and pulled both of my new suits on. I was glad I made them a little bit bigger. I didn't want anything too restrictive on my stomach. I brushed my teeth and hung my towel up.

I open the bathroom door and walked out. Flame's jaw was on the ground, wide mouth open. I walked over to her and shut her mouth. "Shit, Cat, how did you hide all that," she asked as she pointed to my stomach as if I wouldn't know what she was talking about.

"I didn't, my jaguar did. She didn't want us to be side-lined on this mission." I shrugged my shoulder. "Now, how am I going to tell dad?"

"You aren't going to tell him. I will tell him. I don't want him to try and kill your mate. He would never stand a chance with you," my mom explained as I looked at her in question. "Don't tell me you wouldn't take up for Martim."

I had one of those aha moments, understanding coming quickly. I nodded my head. "You will need to do it before he sees me."

My mom nodded. "I'm going to go now and let him know. I'll wait until after we make love and he's relaxed. He-"

"-Eww, Mom, I didn't need to know how you were going to loosen him up before you told him," I exclaimed. My mom and Flame got up and left our room.

"I'm going to take a shower. Do you need anything before then?"

"Nah, Martim, I'm going to set my cameras up around the base. I want to know when the bitch shows up and we both know she will show up," I told him, already typing on my laptop.

"Yes, we both know. She's going to want to put you down hard," he said.

I nodded. "I know, but she won't get a chance to touch me."

Martim went and took his shower while I searched the camera's around the base. I wasn't sure if she would be stupid enough to show herself or not, but I didn't want to be caught off guard. I noticed most of the cameras showed the same thing and my senses were telling me she was close.

I hacked back into my cameras and followed the hacker back to his location, using the virus I installed in his computer and the idiot didn't catch it. I noticed this idiot was a new recruit here on base and I knew him.


I never liked the guy. He was lazy and thought he was the best at everything. I knew he was almost ousted from the military the first week he was here. I was startled when I heard the bathroom door open.

"Come here, mate, I have something I need to show you," I told him, coaxing him over to me.

"What is this?" He asked me.

"Remember when the cartel's new hacker was changing my cameras and I told you I made sure to put a virus in his computer?" He nodded. "Well, this is the fucker who has hacked my cameras." I pulled up the guy's picture and showed Martim the fuckers computer, every program, every email.

"I need to let Madrid know, but I will call him to come to us. Do you think she's with him?" He asked me.

I thought about it for a minute. "No. She wouldn't make it too easy, but she's close."

Martim got his phone and called Madrid, asking him to meet us in our room. I could tell he was having a hard time not ordering Madrid, especially with Madrid asking if he could come tomorrow. Madrid finally gave in and said he would be there in fifteen minutes. I knew he was as tired as we were, but we needed to get this guy before he took off.

It wasn't long before Madrid walked into our room, Martim closing the door quickly. "So, what couldn't wait until...Holy shit! You are pregnant?"

"No, I swallowed a ton of watermelon seeds," I deadpanned. "But, we didn't call you in here to tell you about me being pregnant. I found the cartel's hacker and you need to see who it is."

I gestured for him to sit on my other side. I pulled up my computer and went back into the fuckers emails, off-shore accounts, and showed him where he hacked me but I followed his hack back to fix my cameras. Lastly, I pulled up the fuckers military I.D. picture.

"I knew I should have kicked the little shit out the first week! I knew he was stupid but this stupid? I'm going to enjoy sending him to prison," Madrid exclaimed, his face flushed with anger.

"I know, but you need to get him quickly. I have a feeling he's about to flee," I told him. Madrid nodded and called the MP's to our hallway. He left out and met them as I turned the camera on in his room.

"How in the hell did you get a camera in his room?" Martim asked, a worried look on his face.

"He wanted to show me a program he had written, but it was only a ruse. I knocked him out and planted a few cameras." I shrugged my shoulders and chuckled. "He's hated me ever since."

"My girl is a badass." Martim hugged me and we watched the fuckers takedown. It was satisfying and I was glad I had mirrored his computer before he went down. He tried to erase a few emails on his hard drive, but they are never really erased. For someone so smart he was dumb.

I watched as the little fucker struggled with the MP's, but to no avail. "You will pay for this, Madrid, and so will that whore!"

I looked over at Martim and laughed. "Why do men call women a whore when they don't put out?" Martim rolled his eyes but didn't answer. "Well, fun time is over."

I heard a knock on our door an hour later. It was a good thing Martim and I was still talking. I went invisible as Martim answered the door. Madrid walked in and looked around.

"Right here, Madrid." I showed myself.

"I will need you to testify and considering you are resident computer genius I will need you to walk the judge through how and why you were in his computer, but our lawyers will help you with the answers."

"The answers? He hacked into government equipment and used it to his advantage. I had to fix the cameras so I followed the information back to his computer and fixed our cameras, leaving a worm in his computer. The worm allowed you to see what he was up to. Plus, we already knew he was working for the cartel," I explained, not wanting to be coached on what to say. I did nothing wrong and I made sure of it.

"Okay. You didn't do anything wrong if he was using government equipment for his benefit or the benefit of others." Madrid took a deep breath in and the tension left his shoulders. "Good job, Cat. I'm sure you recorded everything you did?" I nodded my head. "Get some sleep and congratulations." Madrid left and I fell back against the pillows.

"Good answer. I'm glad you kept an account of everything. You know how JAG can be," Martim remarked as he laid down next to me. "Let's get some sleep." I nodded and snuggled up as much as I could to Martim. I was tired and the bed felt good.

"By the way, I love all your weapons around the room, but I added a few," I whispered and fell asleep before he could say anything.

I slowly woke up and there was a bunch of sharply dressed people in our room. "Oh, goody, we are having a pajama party and no one thought to wake me up," I sarcastically said, but blushed at my words when I saw the General. I shook my head a few times. "Well, shit! I'm sorry for my words."

"You should be," one of the women said, instantly setting my senses afire.

I stood up quickly and looked into Madrid's eyes, pointing behind his back. "You!"

A/N: Now who has joined the party?

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