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Chapter 77 - Ten Times Over

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“Good answer. I’m glad you kept an account of everything. You know how JAG can be,” Martim remarked as he laid down next to me. “Let’s get some sleep.” I nodded and snuggled up as much as I could to Martim. I was tired and the bed felt good.

“By the way, I love all your weapons around the room, but I added a few,” I whispered and fell asleep before he could say anything.

I slowly woke up and there was a bunch of sharply dressed people in our room. “Oh, goody, we are having a pajama party and no one thought to wake me up,” I sarcastically said, but blushed at my words when I saw the General. I shook my head a few times. “Well, shit! I’m sorry for my words.”

“You should be,” one of the women said, instantly setting my senses afire.

I stood up quickly and looked into Madrid’s eyes, pointing behind his back. “You!”

Cat’s POV

I stood up quickly and looked into Madrid’s eyes, pointing behind his back. “You!” I walked over to where the person was who made the snide comment, looking her up and down, a sneer on my face. I pulled up my watch, keeping one eye on her the whole time. I disabled the suit she had on.

"Why are you being a bitch and pointing at me?" The person asked as she stepped out from her hiding spot. I was quick to knock her ass out.

"What the hell, Cat?" Madrid yelled. I ignored him and pulled up the camera from the theft of my suits. I made sure to brighten up the picture, along with displaying the weight and height.

I put everything on the wall behind me, squatting down to pull her uniform shirt off, one I knew was not hers. I matched the numbers to the ones that were stolen, knowing none of the JAG lawyers were assigned the suits.

"Look at the wall then look at her. She's also wearing one of our suits. I know for a fact this one was stolen from my workshop. It matches the numbers to the theft report. Now, yell at me again for something I was trying to save you from. She was coming at you with a blade," I explained as I kicked the blade that was hidden in her hand, cocking my head to the side, like bitch pul-leez.

"Wow, you could have taken her down without a sweat. Who am I kidding? You did take her down," Madrid remarked as I rolled my eyes. I pulled up my camera and took pictures of the suit, the MP's report, and the information on the woman's involvement with the hacker and the cartel. I wanted to make sure the information didn't get 'accidentally' erased or lost.

"Are you finished, Cat?" Martim asked, his tone amused.

I shrugged my shoulders. "Yes. Someone might want to get handcuffs on her before I need to punch her again. She needs to be checked for weapons, too. She has a gun on her hip, blades in her shoes, down her bra, on her thigh, and her hair accessories are blades, too." I looked up and every one of the JAG lawyer's mouths was hanging open.

"What?" I asked, looking at Martim in confusion.

"The MP's came into the room. "This I have to see," a JAG officer said. "Sally, search her, please." Sally checked the woman over and handed over just a few of them.

"There are more weapons," I assured the woman.


"One between her boobs and the blades in her hair. There is a lock pic set on the inside of her left thigh," I explained, shrugging my shoulder as I looked over at the JAG officers. "Oops, I forgot the lockpick set.

Sally found the rest of the weapons and handed them to one of the JAG officers, a surprised look on her face. Sally looked at me in question. "It's where I would keep my weapons on me if I was dressed out." I shrugged again.

"Madrid, you better snatch this girl up and quickly. She knows her stuff," Sally commented, a big grin on her face.

"She's the one who makes all of our weapons and even our secret weapons. She's ours whether she wants to be or not," Madrid proudly said.

"Hey, Madrid, do you want to see a new toy for the guys?" Madrid nodded and I pushed the button on my suit, climbing on the wall until I was upside down, not the best idea of my life. "How do you think they got Flame and Trigger out?" I asked, my words chose carefully.

Madrid rubbed his hands together, a smile on his face. "You need to get to work on some more toys for me, well, you and Sophia do. I can't wait to see what's next." The JAG officers laughed along with Sally and the other MP.

"Getting back on track, was there a reason all of you showed up this morning?" I asked, wanting to get this over with as soon as possible. I was hungry, my back hurt, and I needed to pee or puke.

"Oh, yes, we need you to tell us what happened, what was done, and we need a copy of the information, although we do have our own techs, I'm not sure they can do as much as you can. Can we start now?" The lady JAG officer asked me, trying to floss me to agree. I wanted to roll my eyes, but I didn't want to be disrespectful and the little fucker get by with helping the next cartel's security.

"No problem, but I need to pee first, please," I told her almost doing a pee-pee dance before she could answer.

"Oh, yes, honey. I was the same way when I was pregnant." I turned on my heel and almost ran to the bathroom. I needed to pee and I knew it would take me a moment to get the flap down and out of my way. I peed, washed my hands, almost screamed at my reflection, and brushed my teeth and hair. I was as ready as I could be.

I walked out of the bathroom and sat down at the table. "I'm ready."

"Can you tell us in your own words what Roscoe was doing on his computer?" I looked at her confused. "Roscoe is the hacker."

I nodded my head. "I was trying to help Madrid by remotely watching the cameras my mate Martim had hid when he was in the compound and outside of. I noticed the cameras were showing the same exact thing as the first one. I followed to see if the cameras had been hacked. They were. I switched back to the right cameras and added a worm to the hacker's computer, making sure I documented everything. It was a good thing I did too, or he would have gotten away and I couldn't allow it. He's hit on so many of us girls I made sure to knock him out and planted cameras to keep an eye on him at all times. I have some on a flash drive if would like to see and hear them," I offered. I was tired of talking and not at least getting some food out of it.

"I think we have it covered from here. It was very nice meeting you, Cat, and I can't wait to meet your sister," the woman remarked. I was wondering if she was going to bow down to me or what. She was formal and a little stiff, but her smile was genuine.

"Nice meeting you, too," I murmured, wanting them to leave our room as fast as possible. I didn't like lawyers, especially JAG officers.

I watched them walk out and close the door behind them. "Two bitches down, one more to go," I voiced an amused smirk on my face.

Martim threw his head back and laughed loudly. It was nice to hear him cut loose. "Yeah, but she's the biggest bitch of them all." I shrugged my shoulders. I could only protect myself and my pups. I didn't want anything to happen to my babies. And, I definitely didn't want the bitch around my children.

Dead bitch walking

Is what she is

"I'm going to go get us some breakfast, okay?" Martim asked. "Do you want to go to your shop today?"

My eyes lit up. I missed my shop and I couldn't wait to get Sophia in there. We would do amazing things together. "Yes!" I exclaimed, my eyes widening at my enthusiasm being displayed. Oh well, it is was it is.

"Let's eat and we will go get Sophia and Trigger to come with us. I will be right back." Martim kissed me on the temple and left out of the room, making sure he locked the door three times over. If he thought I couldn't get out of this room, he had another thing coming.

I heard the door open as I was pulling my t-shirt over my head. I moved to the side and waited to see what he would do if he thought we were gone. "Cat?" Martim hissed. "Damn it. I thought she would wait for someone to go with her with the bitch after her."

I stepped out of the bathroom and sniffed the air, happy the food smelled great. Martim whirled around, almost dropping everything from the tray in his hand. "Easy, mate, I was only cleaning up a bit."

I walked over and helped Martim laid out enough for an army between us. How he got by with taking so much was beyond me, but I was thankful. When my baby was born I could go back to my training again.

We ate and asked each other questions about ourselves. It was a great way to find out Martim was a perfect match for me, but I already knew he was just by his actions with the twins. He let me do what I needed to do to the cartel leader. We threw our trash away and got dressed to head over to the shop. Sophia and Trigger were going to meet us there in about twenty minutes.

"Ready?" Martim asked as he held out his hand to me.

"Yep. Let's go see how much damage the bitch did to my shop. I may have to kill her twice if it's bad." Martim chuckled until he saw my face.

"You are not joking are you?" He asked in a high tone of voice.

"No, I'm not kidding. I can bring her back to life and kill her all over again as long as she has died within five minutes of my life-saving methods. And, no, I've never used the stuff."

"But?" He asked as he stopped us in the hallway.

"If she were to ever hurt you or our children I wouldn't hesitate to use anything at my disposal," I honestly answered as I grabbed his hand and led him to my jeep.

"You will have to show me how to use this stuff because if she hurt you or any of our children, I would kill her ten times over," Martim promised. I strapped into the jeep and I put my foot on the brake.

"Oh, shit!" I exclaimed, my eyes feeling as if they had dilated to ten times their size.

A/N: The next chapter is exciting and nerve-wracking; well it was for me when I wrote it. What do you think is going on?

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