Project Trouble X Three

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Chapter 8 - Acting 101

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“I need to get my bag. I will be right behind you in the second vehicle, okay” I asked as I walked away. I saw her nod and run to get the rest of my siblings out of the safehouse. I grabbed my bag and ran to the door. The other door was blown in, making it sound as if a bomb went off and throwing me to the ground. I got up and ran to the door, channeling Cruz’s laziness. I heard running behind me. Before I got to the door another bomb went off, knocking me completely off my feet, my ears felt as if my left eardrum had blown.

Cats POV

A hand grabbed my arm and pulled me, my dizziness coming on full force. It didn’t take a second later to pass out from the pain in my head. I wanted to be conscious when I met the bastard who had caused all of our training, all our loneliness, our moving around , and all our fighting. I ddn’t want to unconscious in case the bastard tried to rape me. I will willing my body to heal as fast as it could, my jaguar helping.

I woke up in the helicopter, mad as hell but I couldn’t act on it. I had to be docile and afraid.

Acting 101.

“W-where a-are you t-taking me? I want to g-go h-home, I’m s-scared,” I stuttered, channeling Sophia’s usual habit of stuttering when got frightened of a storm. The eight men laughed at me, enjoying my fear, drinking it down, as if it were a fine wine, and wanting more.

I was so ready to end their lives for even thinking I was afraid but it was something I had to do to take them all out as soon as parents gave me the signal. And, I couldn’t wait for the signal. I wanted to torture them slowly, skin them alive, and make a rug out of their pelt. I sighed internally, not wanting to give myself away.

I stared at the floor of the helicopter, attempting to see my reflection. I wanted to see if my chopsticks were still in place - which they were. I, again, let out a breath of relief and internally sighed. I made sure to shake in my seat, cementing my role of Sophia. I hoped I could keep up the ruse the whole time I was here and not blow my cover. I would need to keep my eyes on the ground when anyone talking to me or my eyes would flash with fire and hate. The hate they would understand but not the fire.

I was startled out of my head by someone running a wand up my back, their fingers leaving nastiness against my skin.



I heard a beep at my shoulder that had been sewed up. I knew they were going to open up stitches. ‘Thanks a lot, Mom, did she have to put a tracker in my hurt shoulder? Of all the places she could have placed a tracker,’ I thought with a sigh.

“Give me the med kit, Rodriguez, I need to get this tracker out of her shoulder.” I watched as he got the med kit and it over to the bastard. “Hold her down, would you?”

I gritted my teeth to keep from spitting out a bunch of curse words. I didn’t need anyone to hold me down. I could deal with the pain on my own.

I heard the snip of scissors as he cut my stitches, making blood run down my back. I felt him digging in my already hurt shoulder, as if he was digging for gold. He wasn’t trying to be easy either. I knew I needed to act as if I were Sophia as hard as it would be.

“Stop! You’re hurting me.” I sobbed and made my eyes tear up. “Please, stop.” I finally felt him move away from my shoulder, letting Rodrigues stitch up my wound. I kept crying, something I never did, the bastard running his machine around my body, leaving little touches here and there. I planned his agonizingly slow death in my head, keeping my eyes on the floor.

After Rodriguez let go of me, I slowly slumped in my seat as if my body was tired. I trembled and cried, still channeling Sophia and a little bit of Cruz. I closed my eyes, playing Diggers words in my head. I slowed my heartbeat and slumped in the seat even more, as if I had fallen asleep. I was hoping the men would think I was asleep or unconcious. My breaths quietened and my eyes laid softly on my cheekbones.

After ten-minutes passed, I heard the men speaking in Portuguze. They were celebrating their success in capturing one of us girls. They were hoping I would be taught to be a mate to one of them. They wanted the boss to teach me respect, so I would be useful instead. I wanted to laugh at the statement. I heard them hoping they were one of the men who got to fuck me.

Not. Going. To. Happen.

Sick fucks. I memorised each of their faces and their disgusting scents. I could smell several different women on each of them, making me want to puke up my cake. I whimpered in my pretend sleep, causing all of the men to quit talking. I played as if I was asleep. I wanted them to think I was scared even when I was sleeping.

“How can she be a daughter to the world’s most proficient killer? Didn’t they train her to take care of herself?” He paused for a minute. “Maybe she was their princess and wasn’t trained as much as her mother,” a man’s voice questioned as I smiled internally. What he didn’t know could surely hurt him. And, I couldn’t wait to hurt him.

“I’m not sure. She seems soft so you might be right about her being her daddy’s princess. I hope she’s soft, I wouldn’t mind getting a little friendlier with her,” another man voiced, a voice I would remember throughout my stay in the Amazon. I was excited to see the Amazon but I didn’t want to see it through kidnapping.

“How are we going to control her on the ferry?” Another man voiced, worry evident in his words.

We will have to knock her out that way she can’t give us away,”the leader voiced as I ‘woke up’ with a whimper.

I made sure to shake in my seat. “Please don’t knock me out. I promise to be good. I don’t like needles and I promise to behave.”

“How much of our conversation did you hear?” The leader asked, a scowl on his ugly face.

“What other part? I heard someone say they were going to knock me out, that’s all. Please, please, don’t knock me out,” I told them, making tears run down my face.

Hollywood here I come.

“That’s it. You only heard me say something about knocking you out?” The leader questioned, daring me to lie.

“Yes, sir, it’s all I heard,” I lied, making sure to keep my breathing level, my heart steady and my eyes straight at his chin. I couldn’t look him in the eyes if I was play-acting I was afraid.

“I won’t knock you out if you behave yourself.” I nodded my head quickly. “But, if you disobey me I won’t hesitate to stab you and throw you into the water - where you will be in unimaginable pain. Do you hear me?” I nodded my head very quickly, not wanting to be knocked out again. I would be quiet. But, I would be looking around to see if there was a place I could find to look for weapons. I was told there were weapons hidden in the trunk of the trees. My dad told me to look at the knots in the trees but to be discreet about it.

We landed somewhere and disembarked from the helicopter. We walked a few steps away from the helo, cars waiting on our arrival. We loaded up in the cars, me with my torturer, the leader. We rode for a few miles. I wasn’t sure how long because I was swept up in my own mind.

When we made it where the boat would take us into the rainforest, a place of indescribable madness. There were so many people running around and grabbing their boxes and loading them up on a boat. I remember my mom telling me about the boats here. But, I was in mind going over my plan to slow the men down.

“Get out and remember your promise,” the leader reminded me as he got out of the car, pushing me out the door and almost to my knees - not a place I wanted to be at, at any time.

I looked around as the leader pushed me in my already sore shoulder. It was as if he was pushing me for a response. I play moaned, letting tears soak my cheeks. I wanted him to be compliant. I wanted him to think I was a princess who was weak and not fit to be my bad-ass mom’s child. I wanted him on knees begging me for mercy. And, I would very soon.

“Ouch, please stop,” I quietly said, tears still rolling down my cheeks, my eyes on the ground.

The leader sighed. “Quit crying and I will quit poking you with my finger where your stitches are.” He sighed again. “Pick your head and watch where you are going, just until we get on the boat.” I quickly nodded my head,, wiping my fake tears as I raised my head a little. I still wanted to act compliant, like I was afraid to look people in their eyes.

“Can I get something to drink, sir?” I shakingly asked as my mouth watered for a coke and candy bar. I was still hungry but I was sure the hunger was only my nerves. Hey, don’t judge, I eat when I’m nervous. I’m surprised I was bigger than a house.

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