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Chapter 79 - A Cry Heard

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I guess I was a little more doped than I thought I was. “Hey, at least he won’t have to worry about being behind someone.” Martim looked at me incredulously, a small smile on his face. “I need to push, so do what you need to do, Doc, or you won’t like me any longer.”

“Fine. I will need to add my fingers to the side of the baby. Yes, I will be touching you,” Doc said, getting a hiss from Martim.

“Your? Fingers? Inside?” I questioned, a shocked expression on my face as Martim hissed again. I knew I sounded stupid but my brain couldn’t comprehend his words at the time. I understood he needed to do this to save my child and I was holding him from doing so.

I knew it had to be done and it was nothing sexual. I nodded to Doc to get on with it as I pulled Martim’s face to me and laid a hot kiss on his lips. I figured I could keep him occupied, but I didn’t know he would fire me up so much.

“Okay, push now,” Doc said as I let go of Martim and panted. I wasn’t sure if it was because of the pain in my back or because he stole the air from my lungs.

Martim’s POV

I couldn’t believe how beautiful my mate was. She was more so since she became pregnant. I almost laughed at her shocked face with she yelled out in the bathroom. She couldn’t believe how much her jaguar hid her stomach, or was it her suit that hid her stomach? I didn’t care I had to talk to my baby and tell him or her how much I loved them.

I decided to surprise Cat and take her to her shop to work on some of her projects. I knew it would help her to relax and not worry about the bitch, well, I hope it did.

Cat got in the car and was about to crank it when I heard her say ‘shit’ right after I heard a click. My head snapped to hers and I could see the panic she wouldn’t want anyone else to see. I had to call a few people in, but the bomb squad wasn’t as smart as they thought. They had never seen the bomb on the underside of the car. But, Cat’s mom had. It seemed as if her guardian used the same bomb material and the same panel.

Exactly the same.

“I think I peed on myself,” I heard Cat say, embarrassment in her tone. I had hoped she hadn’t for her sake. I didn’t think the guys would tease her but I wasn’t sure about a lot of them. If they did they would have me to contend with.

It wasn’t long before I heard Cat talking about her back hurting. Her mom sucked in a quick breath and looked at me. “She didn’t pee on herself she is in labor.” I was wondering how this could get any worse and, of course, I get the answer I didn’t want to hear. It must have dawned on Doc, too because the next thing I heard was a hiss from Cat.

“I didn’t give you a whole bunch of pain medication. You are in labor and need to relax. I could imagine what her face looked like. I didn’t want her to have our baby in her jeep while sitting on a bomb. My heart was already in my throat. I wasn't sure how much more I could take. I knew I needed to help Selina, but I wanted to be beside Cat, taking her fears away.

“Sophia, get my laptop and go to the trees. Pull up tabs and look for the bomb one. Show the whole series on the wall of the office, please.” Now, what the hell was she doing. She was going to work at a time like this? I guess it was better than worrying.

I felt Selina move to look at the bombs Sophia had put up. It didn’t take her long to come back. I handed her whatever tools she needed to get the bomb diffused. I had diffused a few but nothing this intricate.

I heard Cat screaming about getting her out of the car within five minutes or she was going to have her child in a place she didn’t want to. I knew she was in pain and probably frightened something would happen to our baby, but she couldn’t move. I was glad Selina told her she was almost done with the bomb, but Cat wasn’t happy about it.

Selina cut the last wire and breathed out a sigh of relief. I didn’t hang around long, I was up and at Cat’s door in seconds. I helped her out of the jeep and held onto her, knowing her legs would be numb, but also knowing she needed me to pick her up. I had just scooped her up when I heard gunshots going off.

“Can this day get any better?” I heard Cat murmured. She pulled Sophia’s bow and arrows off her back, something I didn’t notice Sophia was wearing, to begin with. I watched as she typed in a code on her watch screen. She pulled the bow up to his full width and notched an arrow. A few seconds later we heard a gasp and thud. The MP's ran in the direction of the thud, almost all of them being cats.

The guys were teasing Cat about being pregnant and sitting on a bomb, then taking out the bitch while in labor. It wasn’t until she heard labor that she wiggled in my arms and held her breath in, blowing it out slowly.

We followed Doc into a room and I laid Cat on the bed, Cat ordering everyone who was male to leave. I was hoping she didn’t want me to leave because I would fight her the whole time. Her next words let me know she wanting me with her. She had me take the flaps off her lower region and cover her. I think she was embarrassed.

Doc was taking his time getting everything together. I knew Cat felt as if she had to push and she wasn't going to wait. I uncovered her to see if I could help if needed, but Doc's next words stopped me in my tracks. The only thing I could hear was our child was trying to be born butt first, well until Cat's words pulled me back in.

“Hey, at least he won’t have to worry about being behind someone.” I looked at her incredulously, a small smile on my face. “I need to push, so do what you need to do, Doc, or you won’t like me any longer.”

“Fine. I will need to add my fingers to the side of the baby. Yes, I will be touching you,” Doc said, getting a hiss from me.

“Your? Fingers? Inside?” Cat questioned, a shocked expression on my face as I hissed again. All I could hear was the Doc was going to have his fingers inside my mate, my incredibly beautiful mate. Cat pulled my face to her and laid a hot kiss on my lips.

“Okay, push now,” Doc said as she let go of me and panted. I was panting with her. How does she make me breathless all the time. Then it hit me she pulled me into the kiss to keep my mind off what Doc was doing.


Cat gripped my hand, her hand strangling the shit out of my fingers. I heard a couple of them snap but I didn't say a word. I had delivered a few babies in my time and I know it was as if they had inhuman strength. Cat's inhuman strength was as if the hulk took steroids ten times in one day while being an aggressive lion. It hurt. It hurt badly. I wanted to find something or someone else she was to strangle and get my hand away from her, but I knew I wouldn't whether she broke every bone in my body.

"Damn it! This shit hurts! We will never have kids again, do you hear me, Martim. Come at me with your dick swinging and I will superglue it to your stomach. Ha!" She moaned. "I will make sure you pee in your face too."

"You wound me, Cat." She glared at me. "Hey, I will need surgery when you are done having our child. You have crushed every bone in my hand, honey," I explained as I pushed her hair back from her face with my good hand.

She looked at my hand, tears in her eyes. "I'm sorry, Martim." She ducked her head, but I wasn't trying to make her feel bad.

I raised her chin up. "I can handle the pain. We will see our beautiful child soon and it will make everything better, okay?"

"And, as incredibly touching this moment is...Push, Cat," Doc cut into our moment, Cat glaring at him as she pushed.

"Fuck!" Why does it feel as if I'm pushing a bowling ball out of my vejay-jay?" She screamed as she panted from pushing.

"I don't know," Doc sarcastically said. "Wait, is it because you pushing out a bowling ball?" Cat growled at him, a hiss or two coming from her jaguar. Her next contraction started soon after Doc's words and she pushed with everything in her. It wasn't a second later that we heard a babies cry.

Our babies cry

I had tears in my eyes, but held them back and kissed Cat on her forehead. "It's a boy," Doc announced a big smile on his face for Cat. "He's a little small but he's breathing on his own."

"You call him small? Clearly, you have never had to pass a kidney stone through your dick," Cat drawled as the nurse took our child to a baby bed in our room. "He's not to leave our room, right Doc?"

"No, I don't need you killing any of my nurses for taking your child out of the room," he stated as he moved back to the bed Cat was on. He scratched his head. "Uh, Cat, do you need to push again?"

"Yes, but it's only phantom pains, why?" Cat asked as she turned her head towards Doc.

"How do I say this?" Cat glared and he took a huge breath in. "You have another child wanting to join his brother."

"I do what?" She screamed as she glared at me. "You." She pointed at me. "Are never touching me again. I'm going to make you see how it feels to be a woman. I will make you wear a dress with high heels, full makeup, and a wig. When it's that time of the month I will make sure to hit you in the stomach until you know what cramps feel like."

"Can you get on with the pushing and scare every male in the vicinity in a few minutes?" Doc sarcastically asked causing Cat to narrow her eyes at him.

"Be very happy I need you right now," she hissed between her teeth. I saw Doc gulp and nod rapidly. I swear she looked like a beautiful demonic woman, but I didn't think she meant any of what she was saying.

Cat pushed for a good ten minutes before my next child was born and my wrist was broken. Damn, she wasn't going to leave me any good bones in my left hand.

"It's another boy," Doc called out as he laid our child on Cat's chest. He was beautiful. I couldn't believe he looked more like Cat, but I wasn't going to complain. He was perfect as he was. His green eyes reminded me of Cats. You could tell he was the child who was going to be asking the question why every time we told him something.

"Doc, you might want to check again. I need to push and this child feels bigger than my others," Cat informed us as I looked at her in shock. She handed me the son she had on her chest. I put him in his bed next to his brother and turned back to Cat, giving her my left arm this time. I figured if I was going to have broken bones they could all be on one side.

Fifteen minutes later our child still wasn't born and Doc had one of the nurses get the ultrasound machine set up. We needed to see what the problem was before we moved to the next stage. I knew Cat was tired, hungry, and ready to get out of the clinic. She wanted our children safe in our room with only us.

Someone knocked on the door. I walked over and opened it to see Sophia raise a bag up to my face. I took the bag, not understanding why Cat needed her bag at the moment. I opened it and turned quickly to Cat, my eyebrow raised. "What the hell, Cat? You can't bring weapons into the clinic."

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