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Chapter 80 - Bitch Hunt

This is the last chapter in this book and I was wondering if you would like to read what happens to Cruz.

Also, I would like to thank everyone for reading my book, but especially oddball,N.Y.O.B, pen I'm brains, and I spray I112 Y"a!! have made me laugh, snort cola through my nose, gave me great ideas, and made me wa write better. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


“Doc, you might want to check again. I need to push and this child feels bigger than my others,” Cat informed us as I looked at her in shock. She handed me the son she had on her chest. I put him in his bed next to his brother and turned back to Cat, giving her my left arm this time. I figured if I was going to have broken bones they could all be on one side.

Fifteen minutes later our child still wasn’t born and Doc had one of the nurses get the ultrasound machine set up. We needed to see what the problem was before we moved to the next stage. I knew Cat was tired, hungry, and ready to get out of the clinic. She wanted our children safe in our room with only us.

Someone knocked on the door. I walked over and opened it to see Sophia raise a bag up to my face. I took the bag, not understanding why Cat needed her bag at the moment. I opened it and turned quickly to Cat, my eyebrow raised. “What the hell, Cat? You can’t bring weapons into the clinic.”

Cat's POV

I wasn't happy about being yelled at by my mate, but I wouldn't hold it against him.

This time

"Look in the bag at the bottom, Martim. I forgot the weapons were in the bag considering I have weapons everywhere," I told him and shrugged my shoulders. It was true. I had weapons in every bag, under every object, and in a few walls.

I watched as Martim unloaded each weapon carefully, setting them aside for the moment. He pulled out a pack at the bottom of the bag and set it aside. He put all the weapons back in the bag and slid the bag under my bed. He opened the dry pack and started laughing.

"You, you made our children their own suits?" He asked, laughing at the idea.

I shrugged and winced when I felt Doc trying to push my child through my back, causing me to narrow my eyes at his actions. I turned back to Martim. "Yes, and I would appreciate it if you put a diaper on them and put them in the suits. I made ten of them, but I better not be having ten babies, Martim."

"Your not. You have two more and they are trying to fight to see who comes next," Doc explained as my face paled. "I need you, Martim. You need to speak to your girls and let them know to quit fighting each other."

"Huh?" He asked as he walked over to me. "Little girls, you need to decide who will go next or you will hurt your momma and your momma will hurt me," he murmured as I glared at him. Again.

Doc moved the wand over my stomach when I felt one of my girls move. "Good job, Martim, your girls listened to you-"

"-Or, they listened to my jaguar growl at them," I cut in as I felt the need to push. "Time to deliver one of them."

I grabbed Martim's arm and bore down as hard as I could. I felt as if I could have taught women what to do. A cry was heard as one of my daughters was born. She looked exactly like her daddy. She was beautiful but very vocal. I swore my eardrums were bleeding.

I knew I had one more to go and she was ready to be born. She was in a rush to get here and she wasn't going to wait for any man, woman, or doctor to help her. She had me grasping harder to Martim's arm. I heard a crack but couldn't concentrate on Martim at the time.

"Catch!" I yelled as Martim lunged for our daughter. I knew she would have landed on the bed, but I wanted to get back at Martim for his yelling earlier. I didn't think he would panic and almost drop our first daughter. I had forgotten his arm and hand were broken. I felt bad for my tantrum, a tantrum that could have cost me one of my children. "Sorry, Martim. I wasn't thinking."

"It's the pain medication I gave you while we waited for the ultrasound to set up," Doc explained as he backed away from the bed, a low warning growl falling from my lips. Rowdy, my jaguar, was not happy. He could have warned us beforehand.

"Are you okay?" I asked Martin, a look of guilt on my face. I wouldn't look at him in the face. I was embarrassed at my tantrum and I didn't want him to see the tears on the edges of my lashes.

"I'm fine. I'm sorry I made you feel as if I was mad at you. I landed wrong on my arm and broke it the rest of the way. I'll be fine," he said, his good hand flowing through my hair. "We have four beautiful babies, who need their suits put on. How about you get them ready one at a time and I'll let everyone know about our babies?"

I nodded, a smile on my face. I leaned over and kissed him quickly, waiting on the nurse to bring them to me as Doc did his thing to my lower half. At least it would give my mind something else to think about other than where he was sitting.

I diapered the children and put their suits on them, glad I had made so many and in different sizes. I thought if they didn't fit my children they would fit any child Sophia had. I decided I was going to play around with the kids before Martim got back. I painted their faces and added their little jungle hats to their heads, making sure the girls have a little bit of pink in their hats and the boys had blue.

Fifteen minutes later Martim opens the door and comes in, my family and Shadow Cats pouring into the room soon after. As soon as Madrid saw the babies he burst out laughing, my children looking at him as if he had lost his mind or at least it looked as if they had on my end.

My mom walked up and checked on me before she went to look at her grandchildren. I was shocked she didn't run into the room and demand to hold her babies. She smiled and gave me a hug. It didn't take a few seconds to make a move on the children.

"Move it, damn it, I need to see my grandchildren," my mom said as she elbowed everyone out of the way to get to them in my dad's lap. My dad was holding my children? I forgot mom told him about me being pregnant. I didn't get a chance to talk to him after mom did, but I guess it didn't matter any longer.

My mom grabbed up two of our babies, the girls. "Ooh, aren't you two beautiful? You need to make sure you give your momma hell-"

"Mom!" I exclaimed loudly. "You can't tell my children to act like hellions." I huffed and crossed my arms over my chest.

"You made them suits?" Sophia asked, a large grin on her face. "I love it."

I chuckled. "I made some for you too." Sophia's head snapped up to me, her face paling. "Well, when you become a momma," I added quickly catching on to her panicked face. She was pregnant but she didn't want anyone to know yet. I gave her a subtle nod of my head, letting her know I wouldn't say anything to anyone.

Madrid's phone rang, jerking all of our heads to him. "Madrid," he answered. "What? How in the hell did she get away from the MP's guarding her?" After a few minutes, Madrid hung up the phone and looked at Martim and me.

"The bitch, Marrissa, killed three MP's and escaped," he quietly said, a worried look on his face. I hissed Martim and Sophia following my example.

"She will never hurt my family. I will kill her first," I said through gritted teeth. "Sophia, do you have my laptop?" Sophia nodded her head and handed me my backpack. "Thanks, are you ready to work, Soph?"

"Definitely. Let's go on a bitch hunt," she answered.

Martim moved over to our children and stood at my parent's back, letting everyone know he would guard his babies with his life. I nodded my head and got to work. I checked every camera around the base and inside the base. I had to use the government cameras' and I did so after asking Martim for permission. I didn't want to do anything to get myself arrested.

It took us an hour to find her. She had gone invisible, but I wouldn't allow her to be so for very long. I disabled her suit causing her to fall at the foot of my bed. I whipped out my gun, Sophia pulling out her blade.

"Hello, bitch, time for you to say goodbye," Sophia hissed through gritted teeth.

The woman pulled out a blade and stabbed Sophia in the leg as my family moved forward. "Don't move or I'll split her throat. I only want her," she said pointing at me. I arched my eyebrow at her making sure to piss her off.

"Sorry, I'm a little tired from having my babies. Can you come in like, never?" I sang, wanting her to make a move towards me. The bitch didn't notice Sophia not screaming in pain because she was too focused on me. She was seething at me for taking away her killing game. Too bad I didn't care.

"You will be coming with me," she ordered as I rolled my eyes and shook my head no. "You will or I will kill your children," she said as she pointed a gun at my babies.

"You won't get the chance to fire a shot," I softly said.

"Yes, I will," she pointed the gun at Martim when he moved. "Don't or you can say goodbye to all the people in here."

Sophia came up off the bed quickly, stabbing the bitch in the heart as she did. "No, you won't, bitch."

The woman looked at Sophia in disbelief. "You are." She coughed up blood. "Are suppose to be weak." She coughed one last time, her heart-stopping with her last word.

"Pretty appro. Call someone weak and they are the ones to kill your ass." I shrugged and looked at Sophia. "Great job, Sophia."

I didn't hear anything from Sophia and my head whipped towards her as she fell into my lap. I knew she had passed out but not from killing the bitch, no, her sense of smell is better when you are pregnant. The bitch's scent of death was the most disgusting thing I had ever smelt, but it happens when your body shuts down. She has shit everywhere. I was very happy the bitch didn't land in my lap.

Trigger walked over and picked up Sophia. He carried her to another bed behind a divider. I knew he was having Doc check on her vitals. I looked around at my family and smiled at them, a true smile this time.

"Who wants to name our children after she is taken out of here?" I asked, a big smile on my face as I looked at them all as I pointed to the bitch.

Dragon took some pictures and finally, the morgue came and got the bitch. The nurses stripped the bed and changed the mattress to a new one. I knew we wouldn't be in this room for long. I was ready to go to our room and get to know our children.

As soon as the nurse left I got up and walked towards my children. I made sure I looked at each child. I wanted to see who would fit the name I had picked out myself. I picked her up and held her in my arms. "Her name is Shilo if it's okay with my mate." I looked over at him and he smiled.

"I'm naming one of the boys," Martim stated. I nodded my head and sat down in the chair Digger had given up to me. Martim walked over and looked at the boys. He picked up the boy he was naming. "His name is Ryder." I nodded my head loving the name.

"This child's name is Rio if you don't mind me naming him," Madrid said as he showed his puppy dog face.

"I like it," I said as Martim nodded his head. "Mom? Dad? Will you two name our last daughter?" I asked, my mom's eyes immediately filling up with tears. She wiped away her tears and nodded, a smile gracing her lips.

Both of my parents were in a heated discussion and had been for a while. I had already eaten a steak and vegetables, fed my children, and laid them in their beds - all as my parents argued. I was tired and ready to go to our room. We had been cleared for an hour and if they didn't hurry I was naming my own child.

My mom took a breath and looked around at everyone staring at her and my dad. "Okay, how about Tristessa, Trist, or Tessa for short?"

I looked at Martim wanting to get his opinion. I kind of liked the name. "Okay, as long as her nickname is Trist and not Tessa. How did you come up with the name?"

"It's a cross between my mom's name and my mate's mom's name," she explained. I cocked my head to the side and remembered the stories she used to tell us of my grandmother. My mom didn't have many but what she did have were beautiful.

"Well, I do believe our children are named. If you will excuse us we are going to our room to bond with our babies," I remarked as we gathered up our things.

"Go, honey. You have everything already set up in your room." I opened my mouth to ask a question. "Yes, their beds are bulletproof as well as their covers. There are sensors under the bed and on the sides. There is a GPS unit in each of their toys, bedding, pacifiers, bottles, cups, and each diaper. You have cameras inside and out of the room that only you can see." She smiled at me as everyone else looked on in horror.

"Damn, Cat, you are serious about protection," Trigger remarked as they came around the divider.

"Let this be a lesson to all the bitches and bastards who want my children or any of us, we will bitch hunt your ass to the end of the earth to make sure we get back what's ours. This includes all our children's great uncles, uncles, and our friends."

"Hell yeah," we all yelled.

"Now it"s time to find the hole Cruz has climbed into," I told everyone, an evil smile gracing my face and my computer at the ready when I got back into our a room.

The end.

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