Love story

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First day off

Jane wake up without an alarm for the first time in a while ,Jane sit up in her bed and smile :this is going to be a fine day .you wouldn’t want to miss a minute of it . First day day off I’m so excited.Jane try not to squeak happily as you get out of bed searching for your phone oh ! A missed call from Sasha . Should call her back !hey Jane morning Sasha! So , how does if feel having a day off? Weird but exciting! I think I could get used to that said Jane should go shopping Sasha said .shopping ? What we after ? A new dress maybe ... who cares ? I’m feeling adventurous today!sasha said .that a good sign ! Let do this ! Jane said a hour later Jane meet Sasha at the shopping , this thing is pretty big for a small town! Sasha rolls her eyes and makes a funny voice.surprised, huh ? Here we like spending money on small things like shoes ,designer handbags ,diamonds rings ....Jane said I think people are the same everywhere .we like spending our hard-earned money on things we enjoy .it makes us happy . Very philosophical.Jane and although you’re right now I’d like to move from theory to practice! Haha ! Let’s hit the shops ! I feel that some shopping therapy will do me good .said Jane oh my god ! This dress is everything! Wow ! This dress is so good ,it makes me feel confident and outstanding!Girl you look absolutely fabulous! That dress is definitely a winner! Jane spend another hour helping Sasha find her perfect pair of shoes, I’m glad that you finally made a choice said Jane hey you can’t hurry art! And finding the best shoes in town is a challenge art !anyway ,these are perfect.can’t argue with that Sasha said .shopping can get so tiring ,you wanna grab a coffee? I never say no to a good cup of coffee ! That’s my Jane! Jane laughing and smiling.with Sasha and join the queue in a small cozy coffee shop. Jane ? Hello Sasha Said yeah? What ? Jane said it’s look like I’ve lost u for a second ! What are you thinking about ? I just realised that I really need a close friend here .and there you are ? So thank you for being you .Sasha hugs Jane tightly aww you’re so cute , Jane ! I’m glad that we met too! Sasha said as Jane and Sasha grab your latte and walk out of the coffee shop you hear a penetrating voice behind your back ? Well well well... who could that isn’t that my number one loser Cassy said cassy leave us be ! Who that Sasha ! We went to the same school and now she also competing for Corey. Oh I thought yiur face looked familiar ... I’m Jane by the way .familiar ? Better make sure you recognise me next time ! Are you a local celebrity? I like to think so cassy said . Cassy parents are very rich and somehow she thinks this give her the right to humiliate others .cassy gives Jane a sternly appraising look.oh .you are an interesting one .what are you doing next to this loser? Said cassy listern you have no right to call Sasha Sasha a loser. Jane said . Even if I know something about her that you don’t and nobody does ? We used to be good friends back in school. Especially then ! Using someone’s past to make them feel ashamed or themselves! That’s just low you’d better apologize now !said jane haha ! Alright I’m actually enjoying the show ,so I’m gonna play along .said cassy hand on heart ,cassy moves towards Sasha and pulls a tragic expression on her face iam ever so sorry for what I said , miss.! You clearly are not sorry yeah yeah whatever you know what I’m not wasting any more of my precious time with you we’ll soon find out who is the loser ! I’ll see you both at the competition! Cassy said . See you around said Jane .Cassy the bully leaves and Sasha throw herself into your arms thanks you for protecting me , Jane Sasha said no trouble ,you my best friend Jane said . Absolutely ! I think no one ever spoke to that the way you did . Well she should get used to it then ,if she doesn’t stop treating people like dirty said Jane . You’re so right ,Jane . Right we should probably be heading back now .said Jane , yeah never thought I’d say that after doing my favourite things ever ,but I’m exhausted! Said Sasha.Jane go back home take a quick shower and throw herself on to the bed.and this is when you hear the doorbell ring dad? Can you get the door ?the doorbell keeps on ringing .alright I’ll get it .Jane run to the front door .hey there Kevin said Kevin? Will I ever get a proper hi .I wonder? Uhm.. sorry .I’ll get better .I promise .why are you here .straight to the point ,just how I like it I heard you’ve got a free evening and I was wondering if I could get you a drink? So .Kevin wants to spend some time with me .I’d love to go out tonight!. You don’t have to ask twice ! I’m drying for a drink and bit of fun!oh ! All work and no play here then .honey . Pretty much .although it’s been a good day so far .let’s make it even better . The bar is a short walk from yiur auntie house .what can you tell me about the place ? Oh ,you gonna like it is it a local favourite? Well ...some of us like it , that’s for sure .Jane cross the street and see that Kevin is now walking closer to you look at your phone and he’s a message from dad .make sure to be back before midnight .work tomorrow love you dad. Jane roll her eyes. Not very talkative tonight are we? Kevin said . It’s just I got a text from my dad he’s wants me to be back early said Jane .just like all dads do .maybe if he knew that you are with me .he wouldn’t worry too much ? Kevin said .or he’d worry about me even more .said Jane ah I see you’re his one and only sweet little girl ? Said Kevin. That right ! He’s yet to learn that I’m a grown up .said Jane.five minutes later you arrive at the bar and Kevin holds the door for you .thank ! You’re such a gentleman ! Said Jane .one of the few ones left out there Kevin Said. It’s rather crowded inside but you like it .so can I get you a drink ? I’ll have the same as you .you do realise ,we re talking beer now ? Said Kevin .fine by me said Jane girl your perfect! Kevin smiles at you .wait here .I’ll be back in a minute.said Kevin .sure! Said Jane your gaze follows Kevin across the room .whoa ,never thought I’d find a guys smile so attractive. Kevin’s definitely a charmer. Jane thought .at this very moment you feel a light touch on your wrist Jane turn around .Jane said corey. Oh hi Corey ! Good to see you !same here! But you’re not here on your own ,are you Corey said .of course not .why would she be ? Said Kevin .Kevin is right behind you holding your drinks .hi Kevin ! Nice to see you around ! Said corey hi long time no see .so are you guys having fun said corey. We’ve just arrived but it seems like a nice place to me said Jane corey ! There you are I can’t believe you left me all alone for so long ! Said Kate . Kate glares at you and the. Look at Kevin with surprise.Kevin steps forward and extend his hand as if trying to protect you .we are here to have fun .lady got any problems with that !me .. no ..why said Kate ? Corey can we join them please ! I’ve never been on a double date said Kate ! Come on Kate .you don’t have to make a scene! Said corey .you seem so tense Corey what’s the matter ? Kate said I’m just a little bit tired ,Kate I’ll be alright how things going Kev said corey .fine I suppose ,been a bit busy with work lately but so has everybody.said Kevin .Jane sipping her drink ,you also notice tension between the two men .sorry I’m late ! Cassy! Said Kate hi everyone Cassy said .Cassy narrow her eyes when she looks at you .sorry I don’t remember your name .hi Cassy it’s Jane .right then I’ll try to remember it next time .but can’t promise you anything!said cassy . What the hell is she thinking said Jane .my. God Cassy ! I haven’t seen you for ages ! You must tell me everything said Kate just as Kate runs towards Cassy to exchange cheek kisses with her .she accidentally push you ...and you drop your phone oh no !. Can you be careful next time? Said Jane. Better stay out of my way girl ! Said Kate.why do you always have to be so annoying? .what the hell is going on ? Said cassy .I accidentally dropped my phone .said Jane .accidentally sure said Kate there it this said Jane .Corey it’s over there next to Cassy feet ,gotcha said corey .Corey give you the phone and gently strokes your arm .there be careful next time corey said .Jane batting her eyelashes .you smile at Corey .thanks I’ll try my best said Jane always at your service princess Corey said .Kevin joins you with his arms crossed.damn it I was close enough ! Oh well .next time I’ll be the lucky one Said Kevin .we’ll see about that pal said corey .ahem ! Excuse me said Kate .havre you guys forgotten about us said Kate .they certainly have said cassy .what ? Who ? No ,,, said kevun .don’t worry .you’ve got a chance to make it up right now ! Let’s go dancing ! Said Kate . The music fine ! Said cassy .dancing ? I suppose that’s a good idea.what do you think Jane ? I’d love to dance with you !said Jane ..Jane takes a step forward and grab Corey hand ,before he realise what’s happing ,you drag him to the dance floor.oh corey said I’m honoured .you pass Kate who drilling a hole in you with her glaze .what the hell said Kate .there ,on the dance floor you put Corey hands on your waist and wraps your arms around his neck. Looking into each others eyes you start moving slowly .Corey said something but you can’t hear him properly ,sorry what said Jane .Corey pulls you closer .oh ! Said Jane corey whispers in your ear .you look so lovely tonigh.said corey ,thank you I think Kate not happy about us dancing she starting like crazy said Jane . Never mind her ! Said corey our families have been friends since forever .my parents kind of expect me to look after her but I’m sure she can take care of herself said corey . Yeah she seems capable said Jane .also I’m now more interested in someone special said corey ,how special is special ? Said Jane .Corey turn you around , hugs you from the back and whispers in your ear ,very special. Said corey .he whispers .tickles your ear and you giggle .he whispers again Jane my lovely Jane Corey turns you around to face him .you put your hand on the back of Coreys head and pull him closer as you kiss him first corey seems surprised at your brave move ,but only a moment after he’s is taking the lead .he give you a hot sensual kiss and then another.? A new song starts to play but neither you nor Corey notice it ,oh my god ! This feels so good ,I bet everyone’s watching ,but I don’t care .said Jane.. and then you hear someone that’s definitely the most romantic couple on the dance floor tonight .uhm ! Thanks ! You turn around trying to locate the person who said that .but there are too many people dancing . Do u want to go back ? Said corey .I guess ,, we should said Jane together ,you come back to the bar counter.finally back ! I hope you didn’t. Step on he’s feet why dancing said Kate .darn worry Kate ! No one a better dancer than you ! Ignoring kates piercing gaze ,you get your phone out of your bag .wait what ? You look at the time and cannot believe your eyes said Jane .what the matter .Jane said Kevin you finch hearing his voice, I’m ok Kevin I just it’s nearly midnight! Dad will be crazy ,if he find out I’m still not home ! Said Jane then , I guess .you should be delivered home safe and soon .said Kevin.that right said Jane I’ll do that corey said .what Kate said what Kevin said .I said I’m going to walk Jane home corey said . But Corey said Kate .what an interesting turn of events! Said cassy. Man .I kinda suggested that in the first place ...can u just stay out if it? Kevin said .there s no way I’m staying out of it I want to spend time with Jane and i will said corey . Guys’ said Jane . I was taking her out tonight ,if you haven’t noticed ,that kinda implies.... guys .said Jane ... sorry Jane ! What do you want to say ? Corey said. Thanks ! Finally ! You don’t need to argue over who’s walking me home I can decide for myself .said Jane they guy wait for you to choose who walking you home .Corey can walk me home please ? Said Jane. I d love to! Said corey hmm Kate said .guess your the lucky one tonight !kevin said .thank you for a great evening everyone said Jane .it was great seeing u kevin said .speak for your self said Kate .you exit into the cold street and Corey puts his jacket over your shoulder .it’s a bit windy said corey .thanks said Jane . On the way back corey give you compliments, you laugh. And chat about all the things that matter to you now ,hey Corey ! Yeah corey said .I was wondering did you ever want to live in a big city said Jane. Suddenly he look very thoughtful and even vulnerable.I did actually why ? Said corey somethings telling me you’re an adventure soul isn’t this town a bit small for you ? Said Jane corey takes your hand in his and you can see his sparkle.. you are so right ! I feel that I could do so much more than stay here and look after my family’s fortune.said corey. Why exactly can you not do what you want said Jane .good question the thing is if you was born here ,people make sure to teach you devotion to your family to the community.said corey ..sound pretty noble ! Said Jane more like blind familia allegiance to me and my family is especially obsessed with is traditions ! Said corey ...oh ,said Jane but it’s not so easy to break the rules without getting rejected by the family it’s so unfair and I hate it so much ! Said corey I think I understand you better now I’m sorry you had to bring it all up to explain said Jane please don’t be sorry .I do want you to understand me in fact no one ever talk to me about my feelings ! So thank you for that said corey your always welcome ! Said know I have an idea I’ll make sure that when we are done with the contest we’re going on a trip to L A ! Said corey sound great to me ! When we go .I’ll take you to all my favour place the cafes and Cinemas and of course the art galleries said Jane great I’m looking forward to it but again why do we have to wait to have a good time how about I show you one of my favourite places here some day soon? Said corey what place are you thalk8mg about ? Said Jane ah - Ah not telling you right now if we go .it’ll have to be a date! Corey said I’d love to go on a date with you said Jane .great ! I’m so happy to hear that !I was a bit worried. You’re say no said corey .why would I say no sis Jane cause it’s just the way it works .it works I mean .you’re perfect and I’m asking you out kind of asking you out said corey haha you did alright there ! Said Jane .good so whenever you have time I’m taking you out ! Said corey .deal said Jane . Soon. You arrive at your aunt house .oh we’re back already ! Said Jane yes time flies Corey said it was a great evening corey but I guess I’d better go up and pretend I’m a sleep said Jane wait ! You know ,you don’t have to say goodbye to me yet .said corey what’s on your mind said Jane an act of bravery what do say about meeting me in your room ? Said corey that crazy I don’t know which is worse if my aunt catches us if my dad finds out I have a brought a ,man here! Said Jane they won’t catch us is that your room?said corey .yes that I’m room said Jane then it would be easier than I thought I’ll climb the castle wall and come in at your window said corey you are out of your mind you’re out of your mind and I’m loving it ! What should I do next ? Said Jane great Just go upstairs and wait for your Prince to do the rest said corey alright I’ll be a good princess ! Said Jane.. Jane quietly closer the door behind her back .phew! Good job Jane said good job indeed agent said corey .wow that was fast said Jane look surprised my princess said corey .I’m impressed said Jane .good corey said standing close to you corey runs he’s knuckles down your cheek then his fingers travel down your neck . so what on the agenda for tonight said corey ..the sound of he’s voice and his gentle touch gives you goosebumps...ahh! Said push corey in your bed and slip his jacket off your shoulders he’s watching you closely as you approach him you can feel it .kissing your shoulders corey runs his hands down your wrist over butt and down your thighs there he stops and lifts his head ? how far can we go tonight said corey .not bothered to reply you cover his mouth with yours and give him a long deep kiss places another kiss on his lips and unbotton he’s shirt a you run your fingers across his taut chest and he’s his flat stomach. The warmth of skin the faint fragrance of his cologne. Excite you ,inviting you to explore further .Jane your touch is driving me crazy said corey. He pins you down on the bed and holding your hands by your side covers your mouth with kiss his tongue meets yours pushing it back into your mouth ,while his hand cups your right breast you moan with pleasure.!Ohh this is incredibly!said Jane suddenly you hear someone knock on your door .jane are u back ?oh on my aunt gonna kill me Said Jane. Don’t worry Jane everything under control said corey . I can hear you !, said Jane aunt.get out quickly said Jane .yes my queen .Corey jumps out of the window ,then he pops his head back through the window and whispers.thank you for tonight said corey .you blow him a kiss and he disappeared into the night .I’m coming in said Regina.aunt Regina shoved the door open to discover you standing in the middle of your room .what took you so long and why is the window open Said Jane aunt. Uhm it’s rather hot in here don’t you think said Jane .what’s the matter ?said Jane have you seen Kate ? She was meant to be back by midnight and now she not answering her phone .said aunt Regina.hmm last time I saw her at the bar .trying to get Corey attention sure there’s a good reason why she’s not back yet like she could be having a date said Jane what date said someone she like ? Said Jane Kate not like that anyway ! She would have called ! I know her biter than you do said auntie.alright any suggestions where she could be right now ? Said Jane ,.I no idea I mean she would have called me if anything baby ! She always calls me when she late ,,,I don’t understand.said auntie.aunt Regina. You need to pull yourself together I’ll go out and look, for Kate and you stay here and call me If she come back or if you remember something important deal said Jane .yes sure I’ll be alright just find my baby said aunt .good ok just wait here .I’ll find her said Jane .will you auntie said .I hope so said Jane .Jane to find her missing cousin Kate ,Jane met Kevin to find Kate ? You ok said Kevin ,I’m fine thanks .what happen after we left ? Did you stay with the girls said Jane. No offence but i find your cousin and her friend what her name, extremely boring said Kevin I won’t judge you for that said Jane so I left right after you did Kevin said .alright I see said Jane .hey Cheer up! We’ll find her said Kevin .I hope so said Jane .the bar should be close by now said Kevin there she is Kate ! Said Jane what who is it said Kate .you and Kevin come closer .but Kate didn’t move .she seems very sad !what the matter said Jane ,I be lost my diamonds necklace somewhere? I can’t come back home without it said Kate if that the only problem,then we’ll will look for your and when we find it said Jane.I’ve tried but I can’t find it anywhere.oh dear this will take awhile I should probably call auntie Regina and let her know we find you Kate said Jane please don’t she’ll never forgive me said Kate okay then I won’t do it you should call her yourself when we are done here said Jane.thank you Jane what about the necklace? Said Kate I’m going inside to get it kevin said .but the door are closed and
No one seems to be around said Jane .Kevin gets out a set of keys and winks at you ever heard of the back door ?said Kevin I’m so proud of you said Jane flattered but we’d better get down to business are you coming with me said Kevin .

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