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Prince's Identity Vol. 1

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Prince of Nives, Navah siren Nives went again on his mischief. This time he showed up drunk at the capital centre's bustling market and created a scene by breaking the cartwheel of a carriage setting the horses free while shouting "Freedom!, freedom!". Given the prince's reputation, it's neither wonder nor a surprise to anyone in Nives except that he is in big trouble this time.

Fantasy / Romance
Leoya Kast
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Horse carriage

Prince of Nives, Navah siren Nives went again on his mischief. This time he showed up drunk at the capital center’s bustling market and created a scene by breaking the cartwheel of a carriage and set the horses free while shouting “Freedom!, freedom!“. Given the prince’s reputation, it’s neither wonder nor a surprise to anyone in Nives except that the carriage belongs to Ven Mortland, a renowned diplomat from the Mortland.

This caused an uproar among the members of the royal house. It shouldn’t be much of an issue on any usual day but now that Nives is at the brink of war with the Fang kingdom they are in need of any allies they can get their hands on. Further, the negotiation with Mortland is not an easy one considering the war that broke between Nives and Mortland eight years ago. The relations between the two kingdoms are still fragile. Looks like the prince has further narrowed the chance of a reconciliation of the two kingdoms with his demeanor.

“Navah siren Nives! What in the king’s name did you do!!?” Fyn Nives rubbed his forehead clenching his sword tight.

Fyn is the only person from a non-royal family to call the prince by his first name. He is a middle-aged man, king’s right hand, palace affairs manager, security head, guardian, many things to prince Navah especially after her mother Queen Aren left the palace.

Navah Siren Nives is the secondborn of Queen Aren Xia and King Esah siren Nives. Following their separation, Queen Aren went to her father’s, kingdom of Xia. She took Nieah siren Nives, their firstborn while Esah Nive held on to Navah. After the death of her father, king of Xia, Aren claimed the throne of Xia.

“Fyn! Let me tell you, the Mortland carriages are very dull and dark unlike our colorful carriages in Nives here. They resemble their owners quite well I guess” Navah plumped on the wooden bench with a soft mattress and took a bite into the piece of meat from the plating in front of him.

“Be serious Navah, you’re underestimating the consequences of your actions” Fyn hissed.

“See, how many times I’ve told Lian not to put those green things in my food” Navah expressed his distaste for the vegetables along with the meat in the plating in front of him.

“Navah, if you’re like this Erci will claim the throne!” Fyn’s voice escalated with concern.

“Let him” Navah shrugged.

Tensions are rising in Nives as of now as it’s time to decide the next king after Esah. It shall be easy if Navah is the only heir but Esah’s elder brother Erah has a son named Erci siren Nives. If it’s not for that tragic accident, Erah would have been the king, and Erci the next king. But still, Erci is the rightful heir being full-blooded Nive while Navah is half Nive and half Xian.

According to the rumors, prince Erci might claim his right as the first heir at the Nives throne. Of course, King Esah doesn’t want this. He wants Navah to be the next one to sit on his throne. But given Navah’s mischievous, reckless, and carefree image, it looks like a long way to King Esah’s dream. This is a great opportunity for the Fangs as Nives is being crushed under the internal power struggle.

“My Prince, his majesty wants to speak with you” Lian Nives came and informed the duo with utmost reverence.

“Lian, How many times have I told you not to call me my prince, my lord, my ass! just call me Navah” Navah rolled his eyes.

“He has to respect the royalty Navah, it’s his job” Fyn cut in with a serious voice. Navah rolled his eyes again.

Fyn left a deep sigh while Navah followed Lian playfully.

After a few minutes, Navah appeared in the same room as Fyn with a visible reddish handprint on one of his milky cheeks.

“What did his majesty say?” Fyn asked with his nerves almost wrecking with anxiety.

“Faraway estate it is” Navah shrugged playfully with a grin on his face.

Fyn rubbed his forehead in despair thinking of the severe punishment that fell upon the prince again. The prince whom he has raised as his own. The prince whom he loved may be more than his own son Lian.


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