The Angel of Death

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Jimin and myself were dating for only 1 month when something came up. We had to break up due to that and a string of weird events took place after that. I thought I have some dark secrets hidden from Jimin but little did I know Jimin had darker secrets hidden from me. Will our secret be out? Will love stay strong for each other even after knowing each other's secrets?

Fantasy / Thriller
Ava Elizabeth
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Part 1-The Break-up

Jimin walked towards me and have me a surprise hug from behind.

When I turned around and saw him he asked me, “Hi smootchie baby! I missed you after the concert today. Where did you go?“.

I smiled and waved at him cutely and I said, “I had some work to finish. So I had to leave right after the concert”.

“More important work work than seeing me? Just kidding baby. I really wanted to see you today. Wanna eat somewhere? I’m so hungry now baby”, he asked me innocently.

He did not notice me hiding my tears from him. I looked down on the street and held his hands.

“Babe, I need to tell you something but promise me that you would not get mad at me for saying this”, I said as I looked up at him slowly.

Jimin looked at me into my eyes and placed his warm hands onto my chilly face.

“Your face is so cold baby. Come let me hug you”, he said ignoring my statement I just made.

He held out his hand to hug me and I pushed his hands away.

“Please Jimin-ah, don’t make this even harder for me. Just listen to me”, I begged him to listen to me.

Jimin looked taken a back with my actions but he managed to smile at me.

“Okay baby, what it is? I won’t get mad. Did you hit the car somewhere this time?“, he asked me casually not knowing what’s going to happen next.

“I think it is better for us to end things between us. I can’t do this anymore. Secretly coming out with you and getting caught by your fans every time”, I said as I moved a little back from him.

He looked so shocked when I said that. He came closer to me and helps my hands.

“What is wrong baby? We were going fine. I wanted to confirm our relationship with the boys and public. Why would you do this to me?“, he covered his face with his hands as he spoke.

His voice was breaking and he had tears in his eyes. “I can’t do this anymore Jimin. I need a break now”, I said as I turned my back and walked away.

“Baby...wait...“, before he can finish his sentences I was very far away.

As I was running, I cried so hard and felt that my heart was ripping off so badly. I wanted to just end my life there as I couldn’t take the pain of leaving him like that. I know that I have to watch him grow and be a successful K-pop star without me. I did not want him to know the real reason why I asked for a break up. He doesn’t need to know the reason. He must move on without me and be someone big in his life. So in order for him to be successful in life, I have to go away from him as far as possible. I don’t want him to be distracted by me and hurt him by any chance.

Meanwhile in Jimin’s room, Jimin’s POV

“Why does she have to do this to me? Doesn’t she know how how much I love her? Did I do something wrong this time? I was going to propose to her this time...“.


I took out my luggage from my car and went upstairs to my unit. I took out the keys to my door when my phone rang.

“Hello”, I said as I turned the keys into the doorknob of my apartment door.

“Hey, Tae here. Did you tell him yet?“, Taehyung asked me over the phone.

“Yeah, I just did. Did he call you or something?“, I asked him back.

I walked into my hall and placed my luggage on my sofa as I sat down.

“I’m really sorry it has to end between you guys like this. You made him happy and everyone here likes you very much. I’m very sorry smootchie”, he sounded sorry.

Only baby Tae and Jimin calls me “smootchie” as I love smoothies and I love to smooch off their drinks playfully without them noticing. Sometimes Taehyung and Jungkook also calls me “noona” as they see me as their bigger sister in the group.

“Nah, it’s fine. It is for his good future that I did that. He will be fine with you guys without me. Don’t worry Tae!“, I replied him with tears in my eyes.

“Don’t stop coming over for the concerts noona. We are looking forward to seeing you and spending time with you though”, Taehyung said as he laughed nervously.

I wiped my tears and got up from the sofa.

“I will try Tae Tae. Good night! I have a big day tomorrow. See yar!“, I said as I hung up the phone.

That night I couldn’t sleep as my eyes were swollen from the crying. I missed him so bad that I was pacing myself up and down my room while biting my nails. I just wanted to run back to him and say “I’m really sorry Jimin baby. I won’t leave you again!” but I know I can’t as I promise someone that I would not interfere in his life again.

After a few days...

As I was folding my clothes that I just dropped under the sun, I got a phone call from Jungkook.

“Hi noona, have you called Jimin recently yet?“, He asked me.

“What? No, I have spoken to him ever since the break up. Wait, wait, did something happen to him?“, I stopped my folding and concentrate on the call.

Jungkook laughed a little and said, ” No, no relax. Nothing serious though but I think he is not himself anymore. He had not been coming back home every time we have dance practice. He stays back to practice the whole night I think and sleeps in the studio”.

I was shocked to hear that from Jungkook.

“He isn’t coming back home to you guys? What is the leader of the group doing? Doesn’t he know his situation?“, I asked him out of curiosity.

“He knows, but Jimin did not want to come back. He said he needed to practice in the morning. I think you should speak to Jimin and see noona”, Jungkook explained to me.

“Who me? Why me?“, I asked him back.

“Because he doesn’t want to listen to any of us. I know he listens to you. So please noona, do it for us?“, Jungkook begged me.

“I... Okay then! I’ll talk to him and update his condition Jungkook. Don’t worry too much”, I felt guilty as I hanged up the phone.

I quickly dialed Jimin’s number.

“Why bother calling?“, Jimin answered the call.

“Hi, I was wondering if you are okay. Are you sleeping in the studio after the practice? Why Jimin? The boys are worrying about you”, I said as I got up from the sofa to the kitchen.

“Jungkook called you didn’t he? Look smootch-look here, I’m fine. Don’t be worried so much”, he said in his morning sexy and husky voice.

I know that is his husky morning voice my weakness. I did not realize that I was wondering off a little as I heard his voice. “Do you hear me? Hello, you there? I said not to worry about me”, he repeated himself again as I regained my consciousness.

“Yeah...yeah.. I’m here! I’m listening Jimin. Firstly why pick up my call if you think I’m bothering you?“, I told him off as he annoyed me a little.

Jimin paused a while and said, “That is because... because...I...I... It is a habit that I have to change. I know I have to get use to this pain but I really feel like seeing you. I know I can’t but I really do!“, He sounded like he was going to cry.

His voice was shaking badly as he sniffed his nose a little. I bit my lips hard trying not to cry and placed back my phone to my ear.

“Jimin-ah...“, I said as I wiped off my tears.

“It’s okay, I totally understand but can you tell me one thing truthfully?“, He asked me.

I paused for a while and said, “Yes, what is it?“.

“Why would you ask for a break up when everything was going smoothly?“, He was curiously asking me.

I was so rooted to the ground as I thought it’s I wanted to tell him the truth or stuck to what I have told him earlier.

“I told you Jimin, I cannot live secretly with you. No matter what, you are an idol and I’m just an ordinary girl. We are living in two different world Jimin”, I said as I waited for his reply hoping that he won’t catch my lie.

“I...I’m actually shocked and speechless right now. I know something is up with you. I don’t want to force you to tell me what is the real reason but I hope you are not regretting this because I’m totally hurting now”, He said.

“Jimin, I’m pretty sure I’m not regretting anything. I am happy that I did that. You should move on. You should concentrate on your career as an idol. Do it for the boys Jimin”, I explained to him although I know it’s a lie.

“Really? You are not regretting it? Okay fine then, as you wish, I will do it for the boys no matter what happens. I know I can’t let them down now. They are my family”, he said.

“Good to hear that Jimin. I hope you will be happy and successful in life. I want to see that”, I replied trying to let him hear my tears.

“I will if that’s what you want. I need to go now. Have a nice day!“, He said as he hung up the phone.

I placed my phone down and cried so hard again as I felt whatever had happened it it’s for the good and it is fine for him to hate me rather than to learn and regret his whole life.

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