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He was once upon a time known as the legendary leader of his K-pop boy band, BTS(The Bulletproof Boys). Since his band has finished their contract 7 years ago, he have been trying so hard to be a successful CEO of his late uncle's company. He is now seen as an excellent leader and a awesome CEO since he possesses some super powers in him that made his company to strive and be one of the top first class company in the global world. Ever since he hired a new P.A for himself, he finds himself attracted to her but afraid to pursue his feelings for her because dating is not allowed in the company which brought his memories back during his K-pop time. He faces some problems and risk when he tries to confess his love for her. Is he willing to face that continuously or give up on her? He has a half brother who can see spirits and ghost easily. Problems arises in his family with his brother in the house too because they have different opinion about everything including about his brother's visions on spirits. Will he survive this problems and come up in life? Will he be able to tell her how much he loves her? Will he able to be a good CEO of his company and to protect his uncle's name?

Fantasy / Mystery
Ava Elizabeth
Age Rating:

Part 1- My Boss, Kim Namjoon

I watched my boss, Mr. Joonie as he tousled through his wavy black hair as he spoke over to his mom over the phone.

“No mom, I can’t attend the marriage meeting tomorrow as I will be busy”, he argued with his mom.

I hid a smile as I watched him. A stern CEO is being controlled by his sweet, soft spoken and ever loving mom. He listened to his mom over the phone quietly and suddenly looked at me with his huge eyes signalling me to check if anyone is at the office door.

“Mom! What-What do you mean that you are here?“, Mr. Joonie asked.

I opened the door and was rooted the ground. It was Mr. Joonie’s mom. She had her most charming smile on her face while she entered the office. I rushed into the kitchen to make them hot drink as Mr. Joonie mouthed, “she is not going to leave anytime soon” to me. I placed the steaming hot coffee in front of them and smiled. She gave her dazzling smile and thanked me for the coffee. Then I saw Mr. Joonie got up from his seat and wrapped his arms around my waist. He looked down at me and said to go along with him.

“The true reason why I can’t attend the marriage meeting is because I’m seeing someone. Meet my girlfriend, and meet my mom!“, Mr. Joonie said.

I shot him a startled look and brushed away my flustered thoughts away quickly.

“Yes ma’am, it is true. We have been seeing each other quite a while”, I said shyly as Mr. Joonie purposely pushed my fringe back.

She straightened her back and she beamed at both of us.

“Why didn’t you say so Joon? Well then the marriage meeting is cancelled and I want to meet both of you for brunch tomorrow. Don’t be late love birds!“, She said as she walked out of the office.

We sighed a relief as soon as we saw her got onto the elevator. Mr. Joonie’s arm left my waist and I took a step back from him awkwardly. He looked at me and smiled sheepishly.

“Sorry about that...“, Mr. Joonie apologized.

I gave him a reassuring smile and went back to my desk. I pretended to tidy up my desk as I wanted to organize my scrambled thoughts. He coughed out loudly hoping that I would turn to look at him. I turned and Mr. Joonie called me into his office.

“About tomorrow...“, Mr. Joonie stammered.

“Sure but only this one time”, I said as I smiled.

He smiled and I walked to my desk again trying to focus away from his attractive dimples. I’m sure that he is not single because he is one fine handsome looking man with dark brown eyes and dimples that could kill someone. His mixture of dark and light brown hair was the highlight of his features. Mr. Joonie, better known as Kim Nam Joon was a leader for a Korean boy band called BTS, The Bulletproof Boys. The group consist of seven boys and Mr. Joonie was their leader. As soon as BTS’s contact was over 7 years ago, Kim Nam Joon which is now Mr. Joonie became an excellent CEO of his late uncle’s company. The rest of the boys are also very successful in their life which makes me proud of myself for trusting them more than my life. I was madly in love with Kim Nam Joon when BTS was still under the contract and even till now. I even bought a chain with his name on it and wore it like a precious chain around my neck till now. When I entered the company as his P.A, I was thrilled and excited to work with and for him. The thought that I would be beside him and seeing him everyday, gave me butterflies in my stomach. All of a sudden, my desk phone rang snapping me out from my flashbacks. I answered the call and started to make arrangements for a client meeting with Mr. Joonie. I looked at the time on the wall and looked at Mr. Joonie’s office. He was talking to someone over the phone as he was walking around the office. I packed my bag and my laptop as I kept looking into his office so that I could indicate him that I’m leaving first. I walked towards his office and waved at him telling him that I will be leaving and he waved back at me. I always imagined what if Kim Nam Joon waved back at me and I thought that I wouldn’t be alive if he did that but now he does that every single day without fail and I am proud of myself for keeping myself alive. I walked out of the office and into the elevator while pushing the “close” button. As soon as the doors closed halfway, a hand flies to stop the doors from closing.

“I will call you tomorrow. Wait for my call”, Mr. Joonie said as he walked back into his office.

I always knew that he doesn’t really explain himself when he gives instructions to his staffs but instead gives them blunt instructions like this and expect us to understand. I always remembered when he was the leader of BTS, he would always explain himself to his group members so that they would follow his instructions correctly but now I just feel he is just being a typical CEO boss to all of us. I rushed out of the elevator and fastened my pace towards the subway as I did not want to miss the train. I felt my phone vibrating and I looked at the screen excitedly hoping it was Mr. Joonie but no, it was my brother, Lee Minhyuk.

“Yo Noona, coming home tonight?“, Minhyuk asked me in his own style.

“Home? Why-Oh, it is mom and dad’s anniversary right?“, I realized that I forgot about it.

“Nee, staying over tonight or what?“, He asked me.

“Since when I stayed over in that house? I have plans tomorrow plus that house gives me the creeps. I don’t know how you can live in that house”, I said as I waited for the train.

“I’m used to it noona plus the creeps doesn’t bother me because I don’t really bother them. Well I do see them here and there but I don’t really bother”, Minhyuk said.

“I don’t know Hyuk, it’s still creepy for me so I wouldn’t dare stay there”, I said.

“So can I call my girlfriend to stay over this time?“, He asked me with a chuckle.

“Who? Your girlfriend, Jo? Yah!!! How old are you that you are still afraid to stay alone? Come over to my place later then!“, I teased him.

“I’m not afraid but just in case if anything happens to me”, he continued.

“Don’t say that! Do whatever you want Hyuk! I’ll be there in an hour. Lock the doors and stay in till Jo comes. Love you!“, I said as I entered the train.

“Love you too noona! Make it fast!“, Minhyuk said and he hung up.

I leaned against the train door as I scrolled through my WhatsApp. No messages! I felt I was alone and would die alone looking at my WhatsApp. How come my two besties did not text me the whole day? As I walked out of the train, I caught a taxi and told the driver to drive me to the address I gave him. As soon as I reached my destination, I took a deep breath and walked through the garden hoping that the day will end well with everyone. I knocked on the door and waited.

“Hey hi! Baby! Your sister is here!“, Jo smiled as she welcomed me in.

“Just reached?“, I asked her.

“About 10 minutes ago? How’s work by the way?“, she asked me.

“Good and I’m going for brunch tomorrow with my boss and his mom”, I said as I placed my bag on the table.

“Brunch with his mom? Woah, wait, you guys are together now?“, She teased me.

“No, not that plus I wish! He wanted to escape the marriage meeting his mom set him up so he kinda lied that we were dating”, I explained.

“And his mom bought it? Wa! Lucky you! Get to be with your favorite idol!“, She said as she tickled me.

“Don’t do that. It’s just for an act. I’m his fake girlfriend so no worries”, I said.

“Fake or not it is not important. The thing is you got to be with him. I’m happy for you!“, Jo said as she hugged me.

I chuckled and sat on the sofa in front of the television. I saw Minhyuk walking into the living room with a bowl of popcorns.

" You still in love with RM? Oh, I ordered pizza and it is on the way now”, he said as he sat beside me.

“I still love him as am idol who have successfully become a CEO, not more than that plus we do this everytime so can we change the movie at least?’, I asked them.

“No!! You can’t change anything noona. I won’t let you”, he said as he pulled the remote from me.

“Really baby? Pity her. Please change the movie. It’s kinda boring though”, Jo complaint with me.

Minhyuk did not listened to us because he feels it would be insulting mom and dad if we change the movie. It was mom and dad’s favorite movie and it was already 5 years that mom and dad died in this very house. Mom was able to see spirits and was able to communicate with them and dad use to hate it when she did that. Minhyuk inherited mom’s abilities and he did not know this till he was 5 years old. Dad use to beat up Minhyuk for this and told him that he was hallucinating and even sent him to see a psychiatrist. Minhyuk hated dad for this and often shut himself in his room. He was bullied most of the time in his school by his schoolmates for being weird. I call that special and he is very special to me. Minhyuk knew that I love him more than anything in this world and would do anything for him. Mom embraced Minhyuk’s abilities and told him to control it. Dad was stressed out about this and he started drinking. He then shot himself in his study area due to over stress. Mom fell ill after a year dad shot himself and died a year after that. Thus this house was rumoured to be on the haunted list and that is why we couldn’t sell this property. Minhyuk decided to repaint the house and rebuild the house even with my disapproval and I felt that Minhyuk became very stressed up during college because there were no buyers and that is when Jo came into his life. She was the light in his life that shone so brightly because she helped him with the interior design of the house and repainted the rooms and kitchen. She trusted him even though she knew that there would not be any buyers even if they redo the house. I was glad that she came into his life at the right moment giving him hope to live. She was my hope too when I was so down with no job and I had to pay my rent, food and electric bills. Jo asked me if I wanted to come back to live with Minhyuk but I did not want as I had some bad memories in this house. She respected that which I felt most people would fail to do. As we were watching the movie halfway, I felt like peeing so I got up and walked towards the bathroom. I went in the bathroom and switched on the lights. I opened the tap and washed my hands as it was sticky. Suddenly, the light went off and switched on back. It was like as if someone was playing with the switch. I rolled my eyes thinking that it was one of the kids outside and came out.

“Why play with the switch like kids?“, I asked them.

“Who noona? We did not do anything”, Minhyuk said.

“We are right here. We did not move at all”, Jo said as she looked at me confused.

“Okay, okay. Forget it. I’m leaving. I have work tomorrow”, I said as I took my bag.

“Noona but the pizza hadn’t arrived yet. Wait a while noona. Eat and go”, Minhyuk said as Jo shook her head agreeing to what he had said.

“You kids enjoy. I really have to go. I don’t want to miss anything tomorrow though. He will kill me”, I said as I searched for my phone.

“Tell me how it goes tomorrow!“, Jo said as she wanted me goodbye.

I shook my head as I smiled at them. I opened the door and called a taxi. As I got in the taxi, I felt something or someone was watching me from the balcony. I did not dare to turn and look. I quickly went in the taxi and closed my eyes. I let out a huge sigh as we passed the house far away from my sight. Little did I know that I left my purse in that house but luckily I had some cash with me in my pocket. Suddenly I had a call from my boss and I quickly answered it.

“Mr. Joonie?“, I answered.

I couldn’t really hear to what he was saying. It was like a bad signal and the sound was more like from a bad old television signal. Then slowly it came clearer and all I heard was “You are not alone!“.

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