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Fantasy Fullfiled

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Part 2-The Brunch

My phone rang and I jolted awake, almost flinging myself out of bed.

“Hello”, I answered trying my best to sound wide awake which was nearly impossible.

I sat up on my bed and I heard a familiar voice.

“Good morning pretzy. We have a lot to do today”, I stifled a yawn as I hear to Mr. Joonie’s voice.

I was shocked at how he casually called me pretzy and not my name. How the hell Mr. Joonie knows I love pretzels? Did I tell him or did I make it obvious last week when we were on a work trip in L.A? Then I heard a knock on the door.

“By the way pretzy, I wasn’t kidding when I said I was waiting for you outside your door”, Mr. Joonie said with amusement.

I widened my eyes in shock and my heart started to flutter as I got out my bed. I was still in my pajamas and I haven’t even made my bed yet. Why did Sarah and Ashley let Mr. Joonie in just like that when they knew that I was still sleeping. I made my bed and opened the door to my room. I was greeted with a huge charming smile which came with those killer dimples on his cheeks.

“Good morning Mr. Joonie”, I said as I closed my room door.

I realized that Mr. Joonie’s eyes trailed down my body which made my cheeks flush even more.

“Didn’t you get my packaging last night? I called you last night to confirm if you have received it”, Mr. Joonie asked me while he was still looking at my attire.

“Packaging? When-“, I stopped when Ashley stepped in to save me.

“Oh, this? I saw it last night at the door so I took it in and forgot to remind you that it was here”, Ashley said as she handed me the huge box.

“Wear this and come. I will wait for you in the hall”, Mr. Joonie said as he walked over to the hall.

“Why didn’t you call me yesterday Ash?“, I said as she followed me from the back to my room.

“Call you? You called me and you scared the shit out of us! Don’t you remember what happened last night?“, Ashley asked me curiously.

“Last night? I came back home using a taxi and then I can’t really remember what happen”, I froze my actions and looked at her in confusion.

“You fainted as soon as you got out from the taxi and the driver had to call Sarah to help you. You even called us and said someone was following you and you were scared to die alone!“, Ashely said as she took out the dress from the box.

“Die alone? What do you mean that I called and said someone was following me?“, I asked her back.

“I don’t know about that but as you know, everyone would be alone when they die but why say those words last night?“, Ashley was still admiring the dress.

“I got a call from Mr. Joonie but the signal was so bad that I barely heard his voice. Then I heard someone say “You are not alone” and they hung up and that is when I got out from the taxi and fainted?“, I wanted to confirm.

“Yes love. That is what exactly happened! By the way, why would Mr. Joonie say that you are not alone? Oh maybe what he meant “you are not alone” was you would not be having brunch alone with his mom but his family and others?“, Ashley tried to be reasonable.

“I can’t think straight right now as I want this brunch to go well. I don’t want to disappoint Mr. Joonie and his mom”, I said as I asked Ashley for help with that dress.

Surprisingly, as I am on my chubby side, Mr. Joonie bought the right size for me. It wasn’t lose or fitting but it had the right amount of space for me to breath and be comfortable in.

“Your Mr. Joonie is Kim Nam Joon from BTS and do you see him like that even now?“, Ashely asked me as she zipped me up from the back.

“Yes and that is the reason why I don’t want to disappoint him in any way. He would be the last person on Earth that I would disappoint because I cannot live with myself if he hates me”, I said as I looked at the huge poster of him on my wall in my room.

“Well, all the best and make sure you behave properly so that his mom likes you very well. I heard that he likes it when you are good to his mom and if his mom like you, he would too!“, Ashley chuckled as she said this.

“I am just his pretend girlfriend so I don’t think that will happen”, I said.

I took out my foundation and applied on my face. I used my eyeliner and my favorite lipstick color, hot red. I looked in the mirror and got up. Ashley stopped me and handed me her lucky earrings for me to wear.

“Thank you Ash! Love you!“, I said as I fixed the earrings.

“Love you more! Fighting!“, Ash told me as I walked out from the room.

I realized that Sarah has gone to work and Ashley was about to get ready for her work. I walked out to the hall and meet Mr. Joonie’s eyes. He looked at me and got up slowly.

“Gorgeous!“, he said as he gave me the approving look.

My heart fluttered once again with his almost flirtatious tone.

“Thank you Mr. Joonie”, I said as I shyly looked down.

“Joonie...call me Joonie”, Mr. Joonie reminded me that I was suppose to pretend to be his girlfriend.

I was slightly hesitant about this as I know that if people and his fans knew that a chubby and a average looking girl like me was with him even as his pretend girlfriend, I would be a dead meat by their hands. He could have searched for a super model or a pretty army for himself so that is why I was feeling really low about this. I quickly shook my thoughts away because it was only a brunch. I gave him a smile and he offered his arm to me so I took it and he helped me get into the car he brought. He drove in a rush to this huge manor house which looked like in those high society movies. The garden was huge and filled with beautiful flowers. I looked up and I saw a huge balcony just like in the “Maleficent” movie. Mr. Joonie watched me with a smile as I looked shocked at how huge his country house was. I quickly closed my gapping mouth and smiled at him awkwardly.

“Ready?“, Mr. Joonie asked me.

I nodded and linked my arm with his and walked gracefully into the house. I was greeted by someone who looked like him. He was cheerful, energetic and most importantly down to Earth just like Mr. Joonie.

“You are pretzy right?“, he said as he hugged me.

“Kai!“, Mr. Joonie was shocked at this but he smiled quickly looking at how I embraced him.

“Hi, nice to meet you! I am his...girlfriend”, I bit my lips to stop me from introducing myself as his P.A.

“I always doubted my brother’s taste when it came to girls of his choice but this girl is fantastic hyung!“, he said as he went on to hug his brother.

I blushed at his comments. Hyung? Ah I see now! That is his little brother, Kai. He talked about Kai once a way to me as I use to talk about Minhyuk to Mr. Joonie but what does he mean by “girls of his choice”? Did he bring back girls or he hooked up with girls before? I quickly brushed my thoughts away as I came to his mom who was already giving her best dazzling smile to me.

“Where is dad?“, Mr. Joonie asked his mom.

“He will be down in a moment. Take your seats now”, his mom smiled and took her seat.

I sat beside Mr. Joonie as he took my hand and planted a kiss on it. I smiled at him and patted his shoulder slowly. His mom watched us as she smiled satisfyingly at us. Mr. Joonie’s dad came down and took his seat without even looking at Mr. Joonie or me. Mr. Joonie introduced me as his girlfriend and held my hand under the table. Mr. Joonie thought I was nervous at this and that is why he held my hand so tightly. His dad looked at up at us and nodded. I couldn’t say if he was pleased or displeased with me but all I know was my fingers were hurting. He held my hand so tightly that I thought he was going to dislocate my fingers.

“Joonie...“, I whispered as I looked at my fingers.

“Oh I am sorry!“, he said as he cleared his throat.

“So how did you guys meet?“, his mom started the conversation.

Mr. Joonie looked at me like a lost wet puppy because he did not expected this.

“Why don’t you tell them how we met sweetheart? You love to story right?“, he threw me under the bus again.

Mr. Joonie smiled at me and I felt my heartbeat fastened. I swallowed my saliva hard and began to think of a cute love story. Movies! Novels! Korean dramas! Quick! I thought I was going to faint again. I hid the fact that I wanted to run and hid or even had the thought to bury myself deep in the ground.

“We actually started dating when I was hired as his P.A which was 2 years ago. I have seen him as a wonderful leader and even now he is one of the top most great and successful leader in the company. We fell in love just like that by helping each other out but we knew our limits and rules of the office. So during work hours, we would not be so obvious”, I narrated my most simple love scene as I did not want him to look bad in front of his mom and dad.

“Well as for me, she loves pretzels and that is why I call her pretzy. I just wanted to appreciate her for being a wonderful and supportive P.A to me by buying her favorite pretzels and little did I know I was falling for her and her ideal type of character”, Mr. Joonie said as he gave his sworn worthy eyes to me.

My heart fluttered in his warm gaze as I touched his arm gently. He bents down to kiss my cheeks slowly. Seriously, my boss could win an Oscar award for being such a natural. He had my tongue tied and I was speechless. Totally dumfounded at his acting skills! The brunch went on smoothly and we managed it well. Mr. Joonie’s hand were on my thighs as he kept giving me the reassuring and approval look at me. I started to like the Kim family as they were really down to Earth, sweet and loving to each other. I wondered why his dad was so quiet that afternoon as we talked so much about our relationship and the company. I also felt that this was a family event and they were suppose to welcome Mr. Joonie’s fiancée and not some fake girlfriend. I felt like an intruder when I felt that I always imagined to have a family like this, so loving and sweet! How could Mr. Joonie lie straight to his family when his family is so accepting and casual. So overall, I felt that we were horrible people! Mr. Joonie leaned towards me and came closer to my face which made my heart want to explode.

“My dad isn’t buying this but I have a plan”, Mr. Joonie said as he tangled his fingers into mine.

He brought our hands up in the air and said, “We are getting engaged now”.

I widened my eyes and chuckled awkwardly at his statement. I looked at him for assurance and nope, he wasn’t kidding. He got down on his knees and handed me a a tiny box which actually looked like a ring box.

“I can’t imagine growing old with anyone else, nor do I want to. I know you’re the only one I want to share the rest of my life with. The story of our love is only beginning. There are many ways to be happy in this life, but all I really need is you. So will you marry me pretzy?“, I realized that Mr. Joonie did not want to do this at all as he closed his eyes tightly and bit his lips.

He was doing this just to convince his dad who wasn’t buying it from us. I froze and I did not know what to do next. I know that I shouldn’t feel like my whole world was going to explode because I have always imagine this scene and played it in my mind again and again when I was truly and madly in love with the BTS leader, Kim Nam Joon. I realized that Kim Nam Joon was actually proposing to me! I have to pinch myself now! I have to-

“Sweetheart?“, Mr. Joonie burst my bubble of excitement.

“Ah, well, yes! I would Kim Nam Joon!“, I said as I took the ring in my hands.

Mr. Joonie looked at me in surprise that I called out his full name but quickly turned over to his mom and brother. They were so thrilled that his mom hugged me to congratulate me. His dad was not astonished by this but he just got up from his seat and left the scene. Mr. Joonie and Kai was stunned at his dad’s reaction but Kai assured us that he would be happy to see us together. As we were talking to each other in the hall, one of the house servant came to Mr. Joonie and whispered something in his ears. Mr. Joonie got up and sighed long.

“I will be back sweetheart”, Mr. Joonie said as he kissed my cheeks.

I smiled at him and pushed my hair back shyly behind my ears. As soon as I saw him disappearing from my sight, I looked at his mom and smiled.

“I need to use the bathroom. Can I know where is it ma’am?“, I asked her politely.

“Call me mom and it is down the hall”, she said as she pointed to the hallway.

As I got up and walked down the hall, my thoughts were totally scrambled like eggs and I couldn’t really think straight. I had to get myself together for Mr. Joonie so that he doesn’t get upset with me or get into trouble with anyone because of this act. I was walking to a room and got confused if that was leading to the bathroom when I heard Mr. Joonie’s dad yelling at Mr. Joonie. His dad wasn’t too happy about Mr. Joonie bringing back an average looking girl and he said that he have done research on me that very moment. So that is why he so quiet at the table because he did a background check on me as soon as he left the scene. But how did he get my name? I saw Mr. Joonie quietly standing there in front of his dad as he puts his head down. His dad kept saying that he was disappointed in him and he did not like me or my background. I saw Mr. Joonie clenched his inner cheeks in anger and he made a fist trying to control his anger towards his dad or me maybe. I was wondering what else his dad found out about me as Mr. Joonie did not even defend me even as his P.A. I hid myself behind the door as soon as I saw Mr. Joonie rushed out from the room while his dad was just pacing back and forth in that room. I waited for Mr. Joonie to reach the hall where his mom and Kai was there and I quickly got out from the room and rushed to the hall. I looked at Mr. Joonie and I knew he was not that happy as before and that made me nervous and upset. I was just too afraid to make my Kim Nam Joon angry and upset and I would rather kill myself if I did that. I started to wonder if it was because of me or his dad yelling at him?

“Shall we leave honey?“, Mr. Joonie asked me when I came up to him.

“Leaving so soon hyung?“, Kai asked his brother.

“Nee, she must be tired and I have some work in the office. I have to get that done before I sent to dad”, Mr. Joonie said as he took my bag.

“Okay then. Make sure to bring her often Joon. I like her very much”, Mr. Joonie’s mom said as she waved us goodbye.

So the whole thing today was a success but why don’t I feel satisfied? Looking at how Mr. Joonie was pouting his way to my house, I know I should just kill myself by now for hurting him like this with my background information that his dad gave him just a while ago in that room. The problem is, I don’t even know what I did to hurt him this bad because for all I knew, his dad was talking about me to him and clearly his dad was not happy with me or my background. Maybe that had made Mr. Joonie upset. What was his plans after this? We are partners in crime. What is he not telling me? I couldn’t really brush off the lingering thoughts of worry for now but at the same time I wouldn’t dare ask him.

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