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Sunshine and Winter

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A love story between the two opposites that attract each other strongly no matter what happens

Fantasy / Mystery
Ava Elizabeth
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J-Hope's POV

-Jhope’s POV-

She is so beautiful against the morning sun. Laying beside me on the bed half naked under the sheets with her hair on her beautiful face. It just started with a elevator break down two days back. I was just after my concert, so tired and sleepy when someone I know very well came in the elevator. My university crush! My old university crush! She was so cold towards me when she met me in the elevator because she did not even smile at me. When I asked her if she recognized me, she said she did not recognize me and I thought it was because of my make-up and clip on. So I thought I should just leave her alone and not force her to know me since she was not interested to even look at me when she replied me. I was a little upset that she said that and I did not understand why she said such things to me but clearly she showed signs of knowing me the moment she entered the elevator. That is when the elevator have to stop working! She looked at me and I knew that I had to do something fast. I pressed the “Help” button and started speaking into the intercom. Nobody replied on the other side so I took out my handphone. No signal. I told her to calm down as she was panicking too much in the elevator. That is when I realize that her great weakness was being stuck in the elevator. She sat at one corner of the elevator and started to bite her nails. I just wanted her to stop panicking and to stop biting her nails so I took out my jacket and went closer to her. I sat beside her and placed my jacket on her and that is when she looked up at me. Her face was too close to mine and I swallowed my saliva hard and I think she heard it. She looked at me and stared into my eyes while she tried gasping for air all of a sudden. She was having a panic attack! I told her to take a deep breath but she kept panicking and tears started flowing down her chubby checks. I just wanted her to stop crying so I thought of a way. All of a sudden she got up and bent over the elevator railing while holding her chest as she looked at the ground in an unstable state. She was panting and gasping for more air. I panicked looking at this so I kept pressing the intercom button multiple times. No reply this time too! I started to tell for help and I realized that she was looking at me with her eyes squinted because my voice can go to a little shrill with high notes sometimes when I am scared of something. I saw her smile a little and even though I knew that she was teasing me with that smile, I was a little relax to see her standing upright and more relaxed.

She adjusted her hair and put it behind her ears carefully. I loved the way she wiped her lips and swallowed her saliva. She then opened her bag and took out her lip balm and applied to her plump and addictive lips. I admired everything she did in front of me and that was the last look she gave me as the elevator started working miraculously. She got up and I got up too and I adjusted my hair as the boys would be waiting for me just outside the elevator so I don’t want anyone to be suspicious of what happen. It was like she had the same floor of the hotel room as we both got out from the elevator. I saw her walk fast to her room as I looked back to see if she looked at me. Nope! The boys started teasing me with her as she might be an army and I could have been shy and weird at the same time with her. I told them she does not know me or anyone but they were still not stopping the tease with her.

The next day when the boys and myself wanted to have breakfast, I saw her again. She was with a guy and that guy was firing her left and right. So I went to her and stopped him from raising his voice on her. She told me to just go away but her eyes said something else. She was asking for help! Seok Jin nudged me indicating her scars on her arms and her lips were swollen. I warned him to stop the fight with her as he started to be abusive not only with words but with his hands too. I pushed him hard and Seok Jin pulled her to the boys side for protection. Jungkook told him if he wanted to fight, he did not mind that but Namjoon stopped him from doing such things as cameras were all over the place and we might get into trouble so he warned that guy that he would call the police if he continued to behave in such manner. That guy left and I turned to her and she was not there anymore. I asked the boys where was she but no one answered me properly. How could 6 boys lose her just like that? I told them to go ahead with the plan but I would not be following them. They understood me and went ahead with their plans for the day.

I ran to the elevator and up to our floor where our rooms were. I stepped out from the elevator and looked for her. There she was! Standing outside her room door, crying! I went to her and picked her up. I know that she is the most rational and logical person during our university times and believed that she would choose her life partner wisely. I did not know how she could have ended up with that guy who bruised her to almost death. I pushed her face up to my level and looked into her eyes. She just wanted someone to be with her at that time. I took her in her room and made her sit on the bed comfortably. I walked to the kitchen area as she pulled me and kissed me hard. I was shocked that she did that but surprisingly I did not resist it at all. I know that it was not just a kiss that she was giving me but more than that. I did not know how to explain what I felt when I did it with her maybe because she whispered to me that it was her first time! I did not mind it at all as long as she is comfortable that I am the one who is going to take her V card. I am not that type who would take the initiative to kiss a girl or do this kind of stuffs because I may portray myself as a non shy person on the stage but in reality, I am an introvert when it comes to feelings and romantic stuffs.

This is not a fling or some one night stand which is so much like it seems to be like. I have and had feelings for her and my feelings was deep. I could not tell if it was love or not but what I felt was I need to protect and make her happy all the time. This is because I had feelings for her for a very long time and I did not know how to prove it to her as she always escapes me in university whenever I come across her and her friends. I hadn’t had the chance to tell her how I felt at that time because one of her friends told me that she wasn’t interested in me at all-which was a total lie eventually! We graduated and lived our life apart for 3 years. I was still in love with her and I use to tell the boys about her when I get the chance to. I was always super eager to see her for maybe at least once for my concerts but I always have my heart broken. I was determined to find her and see if she was doing okay but with my time schedule and practices, I did not have the time to do it. The boys always tell me that I get excited and always hype about her and they told me to believe in coincidence. And yeah, coincidence happened that night with her in that elevator!

Even when we were done doing each other, she was again cold towards me. She was too focused on doing it instead of focusing on me. She rolled up in her fetus position bearing the pain down there all by herself as she went under the covers. I laid beside her panting heavily as I looked at her. I pulled her closer to me but she resisted it hard. I forcefully pulled her towards me and whispered that everything is going to fine soon and it is okay to let out the anger and it is fine to share feelings with each other. She complied to this and slept peacefully as I held her towards my chest. So that is how she ended up in with me in the bed half naked and was still sleeping peacefully. I stroked her hair gently and kissed her forehead. I just wanted to be with her no matter what was her condition or in what kind of situation that she was in. I do not care much about what her past might be or who she was with all this while. I just wanted to be with her and share each and every single moments with her for my rest of my life. This is a love story where a guy who fell in love with a girl just by bringing back his buried feelings which he had for her in the past.

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