Hiding A Life

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18 yo+ adult themes, sex, foul language! I jump in the driver seat and head back to the cabin as fast as I can. When I arrive I quickly unload my baby and get in the house locking it and closing all the curtains. After about an hour I see two suv's pull up and start to panic as I see large men in suits empty out. He is already here to take my baby. While I slowly panic thinking of running my phone rings scaring the shit out of me. Hernandez "Corrin the security team is outside in 2 suv's." "Ok, thank you." I quickly hang up and open the door slowly which gets their attention. One says "Hey it's the girl from earlier. Jack the one boss almost took your head off over." I see the largest man ever walk around and stare at me holding my baby. I watch with my eyes glued to him as he smells the air and grins. I freeze in my spot when he walks up to me placing his hand on my cheek. I instantly melt against it not understanding why. When I hear a low voice whisper to me. "I finally found you, my mate!"

Fantasy / Romance
Melanie Gomez
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Ch 1

Corrin pov

I sit here at my doctors appointment. I had to lie to Damien that when I had the big appointment they said it was a girl. I have seen the last two girls he had gotten pregnant. When they had girls they just disappeared. He brought the babies home and handed them over to nannies. I wondered where they went but never did I want to know. I could only imagine. I have overheard him talking with his dad about having a boy, gotta have a boy to take over.

I am the last girl here pregnant at the moment that I know of. I know there is a section I am not allowed in and know what I hear coming from there but what am I going to do. Who knows how many others there are. Just starting their journey. I am dead if I have a girl, or dead if I have a boy. I just pray that I can get out of here today. I have made a plan. Regardless I am ditching these guards. I gotta get out of here and run. What I have seen and heard happen in that house will get me killed. I have to survive especially to protect the baby.

I see the nurse call me back and as the guards go to come also she stops them. Little do they know she is in on this escape. She has seen me come in with bruises and black eyes. Her cousin is a detective and they have made a plan to move me out of the state and hide me. They have built a case against Damian and need to hide witnesses.

The nurse Kelly makes them stay in the waiting room, and by some kind of miracle they comply. We quickly go back like any other appointment and they watch me walk by. We quickly go in and confirm again by the ultrasound... it's a boy. God I cannot allow him to have him and corrupt him with this lifestyle.

He was the perfect boyfriend in the beginning, hid everything. We dated for a year and then I got knocked up. So he moved me in and I see others knocked up. To say I was devastated was an understatement. There was no way out with the guards everywhere. I look at her as tears fall.

Kelly "Corrin, we got this girl! Let me let the doctor know we are leaving. I know you couldn't bring stuff with you so I let my cousin know your sizes. He will have everything ready for you at the cabin. He will fly with you and get you all set up. Ok, I will be right back."

I wait patiently as I see her again saying her cousin is downstairs. We quickly make and exit as I get in his sedan buckle up and lay down under a blanket. Kelly takes her car and heads out in a different direction. After about an hour drive we are at the airport. He grabs a suitcase out of the back of his sedan and we jump on the trolly to head to the terminal.

He looks at his phone and sees his cousin has made it to her moms an hour away. Then is continuing on for a new job also. I know if they find her they will kill her. I cannot thank Kelly enough for putting her life on the line to help me. She didn't have to but did. Detective Hernandez taps me and we get up so we can go meet the plane. By the time we walk up we make it just in time and quickly take our seats.

Within a few minutes we are taxiing down the runway, and off the ground. We get comfortable because we are going to be in the air for a while. We are moving me from Jersey way out west to the middle of nowhere. He has a cabin that only he knows of so it's perfect. It's up in the mountains in the forest and is very secluded. I cannot have any electronics so I will have to try and keep myself entertained.

He has a food service that will be delivered, and he has already stressed that I am to just grab and bring in without looking at the delivery driver. There will be a car and once he knows it's safe I can go into the town for basics but that is it. It should be only for about six months tops. I'm 8 months now and should be due within the next month or two. He has it set up for me to have the child there at the cabin. When I get there I am meeting with the delivery team from the local hospital.

After about 8 hours of flying we slowly start descending and I start getting anxious again. Detective Hernandez grabs my hand squeezing it to reassure me we are good. We slowly get out of the terminal and go straight to the rental truck. We get buckled in and we make our way out of the airport heading out to the forest. We drive for about 3 hours to the middle of literally nowhere. At least the town is at the bottom of the mountain. We pull up a driveway and go up to the top of the hill to a small cabin.

It reminds me of Lincoln logs. Brown logs made into a cabin with windows and a green door. We walk in and its a small cabin. There is two rooms both with king size beds. One bathroom to share and an open kitchen that leads to the front room. In the center is a wood stove. That is going to be a learning curve! As we enter and close the doors he shows me around. In the master room there is a crib and clothes for both me and the baby.

In the front room is a swing next to couch and recliner. He shows me a closet with cards, puzzles, books, basically anything to keep me entertained. He says I can sit out on the back deck but not the front just in case someone comes. We sit waiting and before long we hear a car come up. He quickly grabs his gun looking out and sees its the delivery team from the local hospital. He quickly puts his gun away and lets them in.

They walk in smiling as they start bringing in everything they will need for me. They run in a tub, equipment and god knows what else all this stuff is. Once we get everything inside we will decide where everything will go so it doesnt get in the way for now. When I get further along one of the midwives will come and live here with me around the clock. I do have hot water and a washer and dryer so at least I'm not completely little house on the prairie.

Once they check up on me and ask me a bazillion questions they finally leave giving me their numbers. Like I have a phone. Apparently I am getting one as Hernandez hands me a burner phone.

Hernandez "Do not use it for any other reason than an emergency to call the nurses. I will not be in contact as it's too risky. I am going to go get groceries for you and will bring them back. Then I will have to leave. There is a television but only local channels."

I nod as I turn on the tv and get only a few channels so I watch it for the first hour and get bored so shut it off. I see that the sun is starting to set so grab a blanket and go sit on the back porch. I snuggle and just cry. I let the tears fall as I can't believe this will be my life. I hear some branches snap in the distance and see a couple bears walking by. They look at me then go back to what they are doing except one. He just continues to stare as I panic running inside and slamming the door shut locking it.

I know all about shifters as we have mainly wolves in Jersey, but I haven't dealt with bears. I am at least hoping they were shifters and not wild bears. I slowly make my way towards the kitchen as Hernandez comes walking back in with arms full of groceries. He brings in about ten bags and we quickly put it all away. He gives me a hug and starts to leave.

"Um Hernandez are there shifters out this way?"

Hernandez "Yeah, there are some wolf packs but more bears and mountain lion ones up this high. They pretty much keep to themselves though."

I nod as he smiles and leaves. I quickly lock the door behind him, and start making myself a light dinner as my stomach just isn't in it today. After eating a light salad and cleaning up my dishes I walk back to the room grab some clothes and go to take a shower. It has a window that I can see out back and that damn bear is still there with his friend. He is just looking at me.

"What the hell is your issue? Go find some honey to snort or something!"

All I got back was a huff as he walked away. well fuck you too then asshole.
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