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The Midnight Sun

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An ancient celestial being travels the universe destroying everything in its way. It feeds off the many planets scattered throughout every galaxy. Everything changes when it stumbles upon planet Earth.

Fantasy / Horror
David Barrios
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Chapter I

In the vastness of space lived one of the greatest terrors known to mankind. It traveled through different galaxies consuming any planet that crossed its path. Upon reaching the Milky Way galaxy, it swallowed Pluto whole. During this time there was no technology to detect this destructive force of nature. It showed no mercy, and its only purpose was to feed. This massive monster did not stop at Pluto. It annihilated the two ice giants, Neptune, and Uranus. Each time it fed it grew bigger and stronger. Every galaxy he destroyed was not enough to suffice his hunger. This celestial being craved more. It craved the rocky surface of a planet. It craved the cool crisp of the oceans it drank.

Thus, this giant continued its search for food. It was not pleased with Saturn and Jupiter for they were only made up of gas. It needed to taste the salt from the seas and the dirt from the ground. When it came within proximity of Mars, the celestial giant saw that it had many lakes. As it always had done, it used its gravitational force to pull the water away from the planet. When the water reached the atmosphere of Mars, the giant absorbed it. This is how the celestial giant fed. It used its gravitational force to obtain the planet’s valuable sources, and when it came close to the giant’s surface, it converted the material into pure energy.

Before the giant was going to consume Mars, it saw a planet in the distance. The giant saw that it was royal blue with spots of green. It sensed that the planet had a great source of water from how blue it was. When it saw the green, it was captivated by it. This giant who left Mars without water, moved away from the red planet so that it could head to the strange blue planet. It had been the first time the giant had let something interrupt his time of feeding. Its curiosity led it to leave Mars barely alive, so that it may kill the blue planet.

As the celestial being approached the planet, its appetite increased. The oceans of this planet were tempting enough that the giant did not notice Mercury and Venus which were closer to the Sun. This planet that the giant was so eager to consume, was the planet known as Earth. It started its feeding process by coming near the North Atlantic Ocean. With its strong gravitational force, the giant pulled the ocean away from Earth. Something was different about this ocean. The giant had absorbed more than just water. It had ended the life of many marine creatures. It had swallowed whales, and sharks, and dolphins, and mackerels. For the first time in the billion of years of its existence, the giant had consumed something that was alive. Now his appetite changed. He hungered for the flesh of all living things, and to destroy their habitats. After quenching its thirst, the giant figured that it would save the water for later, so that it may see the wonderful spots of green it had seen from Mars.

Once again, the giant’s curiosity led it to move east towards the continent of Europe. There it saw the country of Hibernia, now known as Ireland. Then the giant saw what gave Earth its green color. It saw acres and acres of trees. The greens were made up of alder, arbutus, ash, aspen, birch, blackthorn, and many more kinds of trees. The giant saw this and tore the trees’ roots straight from the dirt. As it absorbed the plants, it realized that these trees had life as well. It could almost taste the life coming from these plants. The giant marveled at the abundance of life on Earth. Its fear of Earth surpassed its fascination of it. It feared that if it destroyed Earth completely, it would have to feed on other planets that did not contain life. This could not happen. The giant had already savored the great taste of life. Nothing would ever be enough to satisfy his hunger, except life itself.

This celestial giant decided to stop feeding for a while. It needed to learn more about this strange planet. It needed to find out how there was life on this Earth, and what kept these living creatures alive. Only when the giant knows the secrets of life, will it begin to feed again. It cannot destroy life before it understands life. Therefore, the giant continued its journey around the Earth. It headed north of Ireland so that it may find more life. The giant had discovered animals that walk the green of the Earth. It saw deer that ate from the plants, hares that hopped through the forests, and foxes that preyed on the smaller critters.

The giant stopped its rotation around the Earth when it came upon something peculiar. It saw animals that stood on two feet. It saw animals that had built complex villages around the forests of Ireland. It saw animals that had dominion over every other creature of the Earth. These intelligent beings truly caught the eye of the giant. Its hunger increased as it thought about destroying those insignificant villages and taking the lives of those who lived in them. The giant had grown an appetite for a different species of the Earth. The giant had grown an appetite for humans.

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