The wolf

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Will she find out the truth and run away screaming or will she fall madly in love

Fantasy / Romance
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Gripping my blue starry bag I dragged my feet and pulled the strands of golden brown curls behind my ear. As the cold wind blows, a sudden chill rolled down my spine. My heart thudded in my chest. My palms started to sweat and my body began to tremble. Somebody was watching me. My body stiffened, and I stopped dead on the dark sidewalk at midnight and the moon at its highest. My eyes searched every corner that the faint streetlights shone on. I I hated this feeling. The feeling of being insecure and the feeling of no safety and especially being a short, petite black girl. I knew a sixteen year old girl shouldn't be walking down these streets at midnight. Especially after coming back from a party I was forced to attend because my best friend thought I was too innocent but I didn't even stay that long. My feet half asleep with an aching headache but I had to get home before the dorm guardian noticed I left the house. I hated that street, that sidewalk. I wanted to run but I stayed calm and continued to walk at normal pace reassuring myself nobody was following me. Praying that nothing goes wrong tonight I got to my dorm safe. It felt like eyes were constantly on me but as my head spun with my thoughts I did realize I had finally reached the school hostel and I was in my tiny square bedroom. My bed all the way to the left corner of the room and my study desk a few inches away from it. Opposite on the right next to a wall sat my favourite plush couch next to a wall full of my aesthetic winter and wolf themed artwork is and right next to it my white wood carven wardrobe. My room looked as if the colour blue was hurled onto it. I flung my bag to the desk grabbed an old t shirt my late grandpa would wear that reached mid thigh and wore my Pokémon pikachu slippers. And slid into the mobile blue chair at my desk with a heavy sigh from the fear of just walking down a sidewalk and the constant fear of eyes on me. Paranoia from being mugged and bullied at a young age. I shrugged it off and flipped my laptop open and typed the name 'Jack Falcon'. No online pages or accounts came up about him. It was like he didn't exist. I knew something was wrong and I knew he hid a secret and I was determined to find the truth.
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