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BOYxBOY “OPEN THE DAMN DOOR RIGHT NOW!” He growled. All the courage I had left, went straight out the widow next to me. ‘N..O - -, I wo..n’t. G..o away” I said, trying to sound confident, really, vocal cords now you decide give up ? “FINE, have it your way boy” he said. Ohhh God. Fuck. I took a step back. He broke the door down and came dangerously close “YOU WILL DO AS I SAY BITCH!” “Or what?” He smirked “OH you think you can take on Aplha ?” He put his hands on the wall behind me on both side of my head and leaned closer. His cologne hit my nose and my knees went weak. Sweet Jesus help me. “ time to teach you a lesson. STRIP BITCH...” ✨ I HOPE YOU ENJOY THIS BOOK BUT I JUST WANT TO LET YOU KNOW ENGLISH ISN’T MY FIRST LANGUAGE. THEREFORE, YOU MIGHT FIND GRAMMATICAL ERRORS. ✨✨

Fantasy / Romance
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Dealing with the goons

"Did you hear about the animal attack?" she asked, and I instantly twitched in irritation. Of course, I heard, the entire town has been talking about that damn animal attack for the last two day. I glanced her way. She is the famous girl of our high school, Bella Brown, AKA Bells, at least that's what her bitches call her. Every guy in the high school wants to fuck her and why not with that Gigi Hadid's body, silky brown long hair and those deep-set chocolate eyes. She thinks she's next Kim Kardashian. Well, just like her, she had her fair share of fail boyfriends and now is with her loser Kanye2.0 AKA Charlie. But right now, even if it's the queen of England, I don't give a fuck. I need to prepare for the test.

"Am I deaf? No, so yes, of course, I've heard." I said, focusing on my textbook.

"Jeez, Archie can you relax?" she almost yelled, pointing the finger at me. Relax?? Bitch I was until you opened your mouth.

"Whatever", I said, still keeping eyes focused on my textbook. Even though I'm not looking at her, I know she has her bitch face on, which gives me another level of satisfaction. Here, don't get me wrong. Do I find her attractive? Yes. Would I want to date her? Hell no. Do you think I'm a bitch to her? Let me tell you about my life story. Just bear with me.

My mom and dad were high school sweethearts. At her sweet 16 she found out, she was pregnant, so her sweet 16 wasn't sweet anymore. You get it. My whole existence was a mistake. It already starts pretty horrendously for me. They got married, and soon after that, my dad cheated on my mom not with one woman but several. When my mom found out, she was ready to forgive him but on a condition that he wouldn't do it again. He agreed but only after six months to find out that he is all ready to marry his hoe who is pregnant with his child.

My mom decided to leave him but guess what? I wasn't the part of the great escape plan. Great right? You are wondering why? Cause her new boyfriend didn't want to have the burden of a child, especially when it's not even his. So, my mom ran away with her lover, and my dad married his hoe with whom I'm currently living. Wait, there's more.

When I turned 12, my dad lost his job. He would come home drunk. After a few drinks, he becomes a total package; sad, drunk and sporting anger issues. I have been getting assaulted for as long as I can remember by not only him but his hoe too. The cherry on the cake, right? The only person who hasn't ever seen me as a burden is my little step-sister, Zoe. When I thought my life's cosmos couldn't align wrong in any more possible way than they already are, I realized I'm bisexual. Please don't get me, wrong people. I love being who I'm, but it's the fucking situation that doesn't allow me to. If my dad finds even gets the suspicion of it, well I'm as good as gone.

Suddenly I see her standing right Infront of me along with two bitches. Jeez!! Don't they get tired of following her everywhere? It's like Scott Disick following Kourtney. Bitch get your own identity.

"What's your problem?" I asked, raising my one eyebrow and voice.

"YOU are my problem. She said while running her hand in a seductive manner through her perfect hair. What is she trying to do?

"And how's that?"

"Why don't you meet me in the boy's locker room after class and I tell you exactly how." She leaned into a point where her nose tip was at the crook of my neck and mouth next to my ear. Jesus, we are in a class.

"I think I will pass," I said while adjusting in my chair. She's instantly put her hands on the desk and leaned in closer you think you can say no to me?"

"No I don't think, I JUST DID. Now fuck off. I need to study." She starred at me for 12 seconds and backed off.

"You think you are too cool, huh? I was just nice to you. After all, no one cares about you faggot. And oh I wonder why?? She looked at her friends, who were just laughing at this point. I know where she is going with this. Don't go there, girl. You will regret it. I indicate by my looks.

"Oh, I remember why cause your mom ran away with another man while she was married, isn't that right Lula? Fucking hoe. She said with a smirk on her face. How dare she? Yes, my mom ran away with another man, but she doesn't know the reason behind it. I'm fuming at this point. I was ready to rip her apart just then Mr James; our literature, teacher asked her to sit down.

I am no longer in the state to concentrate. I instantly get up and walk out of the class without thinking. I can hear Mr James calling out my name, but I don't give a fuck. I am running as fast as I can, but suddenly I'm on the ground holding my forehead. OUCH!!! What the fuck did I run into? Wow! What the fuck have I done so wrong to the cosmos that my life's horrendous events never end? I slowly try to get up and realize, and it's not something that I ran into, its someone—a guy.

What the fuck is he built of, steel? He practically knocked the life out of me. Now he is just standing there looking at me as if I just ran a car over him. Great. Like hello? I'm the hurt party here. I slowly get up, still rubbing my temples.

"Watch where you are going." He yelled. I didn't realize how tall he was until I gained my senses back. He's about 6'4 and oddly muscular.

"Well, even you have a pair of functioning globular organs of sight in your head, right?" I backfired. He looks shocked for a second. Didn't expect that, huh? Not the day to mess with me boy. I am standing there waiting for his comeback, which feels like an eternity. Finally, he smirks and starts walking.

He's walking towards a group of 3 guys who are chuckling in the corner of the corridor. Guys, I'm not even exaggerating all of them are very oddly tall and well built. As I watch him go, all the chuckling suddenly stopped, and they bow to him? Wait. What just happened? Great, Kim Kardashian male version cause that's the golden lining that had been missing in my life. Could this year get any better? Suddenly I was pulled out of my thoughts when I heard the bell ring—time for the next class.

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