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Dark Aura !

I stopped myself from jumping when I saw him. For some reason, it felt like his hair grew a bit longer because it would fall into his eyes and he'd brush it back. Did he always do that? I don't know, but he looked hotter now.

"Archie, why are you late?" I turn my head slowing towards Professor breaking my eye contact with Alex.

"I'm sorry, actu…" I was cut off in the middle by Professor. He simply waves his hand to let me in. Okay, maybe taking one step won't hurt and no one will notice. As I start walking, the pain jolted through my back like a rumble of thunder. Fuck.

Instantly I can see Alex's eyebrows getting narrow like studying my every move.

My anxiety is at its peak!!

I quickly make my way to my seat and sit next to Alex. As soon as my bum comes in contact with hard plastic, another jolt of pain runs through my pain, and a low sound escapes my lips. He was quick to notice. He narrowed his eyebrows further but in confusion.

His scent hits my nostrils, and I know it's weird guys, but the moment I inhale his amazing scent, my anxiety is gone, and I feel much calmer and safer. Wow.

I thought he could only add to my anxiety. This is new.

"Hello, Archie!"

It's so weird. He didn't acknowledge me aside from "Hello, Archie!" Usually, by now, he'd have initiated a random conversation about something stupid. Is he mad?

"Hey." I am looking at him reorganizing the lab tools, and mister Brown snaps me out of my contemplating state by handing me our assignment sheets. I put the papers on the table, and Alex reaches to grab one and read it over while I stare at him.

"so…." he states, my eyes falsely plastered on the paper, "where were you from the last three days?"

And that's where I brace myself, I can hear a voice inside my head telling me to tell him the truth but I can't.

The truth is I can't get help from anyone. If the incidents get reported Zoe and I both will be given up in foster care and 99% of the time siblings are separated. We had each other’s back since childhood, I can’t bear the thought of her getting separated from me.

I think of some excuse, but as soon as I open my mouth to say something, his intimidating aura overpowers me, and I shut my mouth right back.

Why the fuck is he so intimidating, it's like I'm so nervous around him. All of the emotions are heightened.

"I had some work." he took a formula bottle and turned towards me completely unbothered.

"What do you mean?" he asked, and I suddenly felt so awkward.

"What?" I questioned back while mimicking him and taking a bottle myself, and he shrugged.

"What work?" why does he care what work. Did he miss me? Was he bothered that I didn't show up straight for three days?

"That is none of your business." I shrugged. When I didn't hear a comeback, I try to look at him from the corner of my eye, and he is shooting daggers at me. If we weren't in a class full of people, I would be running for my life.

Even though he can be very dominating and overpowering at times, I never felt uncomfortable or scared like I do at home. He has the art of being dominant and intimidating, yet making me feel safe. Wow. I'm losing my mind.

"Archie, that's the wrong equation for the equilibrium dissociation constant." Alex points out, and I tighten my grip on the pen.

You thought dumb Alex was bad? Smart Alex is fucking nightmare. He is staring at me like an authority figure, noticing every mistake I make, and I've been making them so much today. It is getting so stressful.

And every time he says my name, my heart races so fucking fast. He suddenly grabs a pencil and leans forward to write on my paper. I just keep looking at his huge forearms, to be honest.

He said something and then scratched what I wrote. Okay Jesus! I can't focus with him this close. I keeping looking at his jaw while he was focused on writing. His neck. His ear. His jaw.

I want to run my hand through his hair.

OH MY GOD, I need to snap out of it!

I have officially entered hell.

NO, I was wrong. I hadn't entered hell yet. At the moment, I was just standing at the gates, and I didn't know, but at lunch break, the gates opened and then I walked inside.

I was sitting in the corner bench at the cafeteria, right across from me was Alex, Malus and two other guys in another table a few feet from me.

Some girl came up to Alex and is drooling over him, and he was bathing in the attention. As the girl puts her hand over his shoulder and says something stupid, he smirks at her and then says something probably stupid in return before taking her hand in his. For a brief moment he glances my way while smiling at her and I dropp my head at my plate.

I couldn't hear, I could only assume they were having a dumb conversation, and I didn't enjoy it. My insides were flaming. It made my stomach turn. I spent two hours with him, and he didn't smile at me once. He was so serious and focused.

A week ago, I would have loved him like this. But right now, it just made me annoyed.

The next day wasn't any better. He loosened up a bit and joked here and there but was still cold and professional with me. I walked into class with a bruise on my arm. It was Mama Devil's handy work. And when I say "handy", I mean it in a literal way.

As usual, I wore a long sleeve to cover it. However, I forgot I had cuts and bruises in the first place during science class.

I had made a bad pun about the elements and Alex was smiling his usual gorgeous smirk, but then as I neared the sink to wash a tray, I rolled up my selves so I wouldn't wet them and he noticed instantly. It's like he had me on his radar at all times, and before I could do anything, in a quick movement, he grabbed my wrist and pulled it to him, so my cuts and bruises were on full display. His smile was gone in an instant, replaced with a murderous glare. Then something weird happened.

I felt it.

… and I would've said I imagined it, had the whole classroom not turn our way at the same moment.

I felt an overwhelming and extremely dark, dominant surge of power fill the room like a thick haze. I felt my stomach spasm, and my eardrums ring, I tried to swallow, but it was as if my throat walls were sandpaper and the shades of the classroom windows were drawn even though they weren't.

I try to gather the remaining of my muscle strength in all of the confusion to yank my arm of him, I hear a low growl escape his lips, and I shudder. The entire classroom felt it. I feel like a demon was going to emerge from the abyss at any moment. Alex stands there, his body facing me but his eyes looking down at my arm.

"who did this to you?" He growled, containing fury in his voice, his eyes getting dark, and I feel myself starting to shake slightly. Students in our area take a few steps back and stare in silence.

"…. what….." I mumble, then back away confused and startled.
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