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Steamy library !

Suddenly a hand lands on Alex's shoulder, and Malus speaks from behind him.

"let him go!" he said calmly, and Alex's hand that is grabbing me starts to shake before he reluctantly let go and breathes out, "walk it out!" Malus asks, and Alex nods while keeping his eyes on my bruises.

Then suddenly, he was gone out the door. The menacing aura still lingering in the room. The students started whispering, and I exhaled a shaky breath and looked at my arm while covering it up quickly.

Oh My God, was that what angry Alex looked like?

I'm not sure if Malus saw my arm. Truthfully, at that moment, I can only feel the warm sensation lingering where he touched me.

Yes. The bruises hurt a lot, but it hurts much more to realize that this was the first time someone gave a shit that I was hurt.

After classes, Alex and I had decided to meet up in the library for the project. It's Thursday today, and we have a submission on Saturday. Fuck.

I have to arrange for the money too. How!?? How??! I want to scream. AHHHHH.

Suddenly I hear footsteps approaching, and I turn around to see Alex. He looks much calmer yet nerve-wracking. His icy blue eyes fixed on mine.

God. He's so freaking hot.

"Let's go inside," he says while walking towards the door. Is he mad?

All I COULD THINK OF WERE THE FOLLOWING EXISTENTIAL CRISIS QUESTIONS: when did Alex become a hunk? Why is every girl in school falling under his feet and convulsing on the ground? Why does it bother me that he saw the bruises? Why did it bother him that I have bruises?

After settling down, here's how it went on:

"Alex, that's stage three of cell..."
"I know the stages, thanks." he interrupted me harshly while writing in his paper and I frowned.

What's up with him. Why the fuck does he have mood swings like a girl on her periods? His mood literally changes in 0.003 seconds.

"Alright, Jeez!!" I answered in equally harsh voice.

We have divided the work so we can complete it on time. I have a good idea how I'm going to proceed with my portion, but by the looks on his face, he doesn't know shit and if he doesn't want my help then Fuck him.

I didn't see him at all after he freaked out about my bruises and walked out in the middle of class, and now, he came in looking pissed and growling at everybody, I included. He has created unwanted drama three times already with the guys sitting behind us. They literally had to leave.

Oh, Jesus blesses my soul.

He takes a deep breath, runs a hand through his messy hair like he was frustrated by me and then his blue eyes found their way to mine.

I raise my one eyebrow in question, and he immediately opens his mouth and closes it right back. Like he is afraid he might say something that he is going to regret.

"Can we do it later?" he asks in an irritated tone.

Later? Bitch we don't have time at all. Now I run my hand through the hair; I don't want to piss him more than he already is. I slowly lean back in my chair, pinching my nose bridge. Breathe.

"Alex, we don't have time," I say as calmly as possible.

"And who's fault is that?"

OMG, Bitch too far. Who the fuck he thinks he is? I don't care that whole schools worship him like a Greek god; I won't take his shit. Okay. I know its kind of my fault, but I didn't have a choice, okay? My fucking back was broken!!!!! JERKKKKKK.

"You know what fine. Let's not do it. Anyways we have split the work. You complete yours, and I will finish mine. Later we can combine both" I spat back and start packing.

He immediately holds my wrist but gently. His touch was smooth and gentle, nothing like other times like he was scared to hurt me.

"You know you can be nicer to people." he groaned while leaning towards me.

"I don't need people, therefore; I don't need to be nice to them" I shrugged while yanking the arm out of his grip but he only tightens his grips.

"Everyone needs a shoulder to cry on."

"I'm not everyone. I don't. Now move your stupid ass out of my way.." I continued.

I'm so annoyed but not at what he said earlier, I am annoyed at him inching closer to me, and I'm getting a little nervous.

Dumb Archie, Dumb Archie, DUMBBBB. Come on, chill!

I told him to stop quoting random songs, but he won't listen. So now every time he does it, and I catch on, I cut him off.

Suddenly he inched even closer and I tensed. He suddenly runs his hand through my messy hair, moving them away from my eyes.

"Back off" I said which only made him smirk.

He leans even closer. My God Jesus, is he trying to kill me by giving me a cardiac arrest?

"I'm going to strangle you.." I elbow him in the arm, and he yanks it right away.

"I'd love that" he tightens his grip but sexually and my face turned red Again!!!

I tried to shove my face back into the book, but I felt him run his hand softly from my wrist to my elbow and tingles sparked everywhere he touched, then I realized what he was doing;

He was sneakily pushing back my long sleeves to take another look at my bruises.

I quickly push back his hand back again and put my sleeves back down, a sudden feeling of shame creeps up on me to the point where I couldn't even look at him anymore.

The poor and abused little scholarship student who comes from a broken family has bruises on him.


I don't like people poking in my private life, and I think he felt it because he looked like he would say something, but he simply broke eye contact to turn towards his paper. Neither of us spoke again until it was time to go.

God, it was awful.

Next day Alex invited me to his house to complete the remaining project, and I said yes. Don't ask why people.
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