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Dealing with the goons 2!

Next class biology.

I have always liked biology so getting through the last class, for today, shouldn't be tough. I took my seat at the second bench. Yes, I'm a nerd, studies and grades are really important cause they are my great escape plan but unlike my mother I'm going to take my sister along with me.

I'm revising the concepts that Ms. Jonas taught yesterday. See we have a rule to have a 5 min revision class where she asks questions from what she has taught yesterday and like I said I'm a nerd so I need to flex in my field. Plus helps me get couple of extra marks in the assignments

"yes?" – Ms. Jonas spoke.

As I look up the mysterious well-built goon along with his friends or should I say pets walk in. What are they doing here? As I look in their direction my eyes are locked with the mysterious guy. He is staring at me for solid 10 seconds with a grin on his face and I felt mildly uncomfortable.

"We are new here; I believe principal Mr. Beck had a word with you?" – said the main guy, it came out more like a statement than a question.

"oh yes, he did but didn't he mention the school starts 9am? Next time if you are late for my class don't bother to show up at all. Am I clear?" said Ms. Jonas. She's savage. One of the many reasons why I like biology. I slowly turn my head to look at those goons. Well, I don't think they heard even a single word that came out of her mouth. Like no fucks given. At least other 3 bother to say yes, which I'm sure they don't know what are they saying yes to. But the main guy doesn't even bother to look at her. He simply walks up to my desk sits next to me.
Wait. Why. This is biology class. It's supposed to be easy.

"Okay, everyone settle down. As you know next week is your assignment week, you 'll be working in groups. Each group will consist of 2 people. Each group will have to give presentation on the assigned topic. Easy? – Ms. joans said with a smirk. Well, here's the thing nothing comes easy with her. There's always a twist. Everyone knows it.

"but here's a twist" here it comes!!!

"As you know in a group activity each individuals activity affects the another like contribution of work, resources etc. so why not marks?" Wait. What?

"each partner will be graded individually but the final result will be of an average marks that both has scored." Okay what happened? Have you lost your mind? I don't give a fuck if my partner fails, that's not my headache. Right now, my head is spinning so fast.

"The person sitting next to you is your partner. That's all regarding the assignment. Let's begin with the lecture." Begin with the lecture? I don't think so. I need justice. I clear my throat hoping she would get the hint. I'm shooting daggers from my eyes right now.

"OH this 'll be fun" said the goon sitting next to me. Now I'm shotting daggers at him. Fun? He thinks playing with my future is fun? No pretty face its not!!!
"fuck off" I said. My eyes piercing holes in his head.
“N.O O.N.E T.A.L.K.S T.O M.E L.I.K.E T.H.AT, watch that little mouth of yours. I don’t want to hurt you” he said with a pause between every word making sure I understand what he said. The look in his eyes is enough to send shiver down my spine.

"Is there a problem here, archie?" Ms. Jonas asked. Making me shift my focus from him to her. Yes, lady there is. Both your beautiful brain and system to choose partners is fucked. I want justice.

"Ms. Don’t you think the partner choosing should be on some other criteria ?"

“And what criteria are you suggesting? She raised her eyebrow while crossing her arm over her chest.

“On the basis of grades? It came out more like a question than a statement. Now her turn to shoot daggers at me.

She came next to my desk "are you saying my plan is flawed?" She asked while pursuing her lips. I kept my mouth shut for a second.Well, that's exactly what I'm saying but ahhhhh fuckk. Change of strategy.

"Obviously not Ms. I’m sayi.."

"Well great so we don't have a problem here?" what? You old homosapien I'm trying my best to cooperate, please make the last functioning brain cell of yours work here!!!!! I can see him gloat from the corner of my eye. C'mon This is was supposed to be easy.
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