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Dealing with the trauma !

Bell rings*****

Okay. Breathe in breathe out, Archie. It's just one freaking project. Everyone had almost left the classroom except the goon gang and me. I stop him before he can take any more destructive steps towards my career.

"Listen up. " I said, and he raises his eyebrow in surprise, "since we would be sharing our grades for this project, you are not going to fuck this up. I'm not staking my future on a goon cause Ms Jonas last functioning brain cells aren't functioning anymore."

At this point, he is just staring at me and then his lips twitch in a smile. He slowly leans towards my neck and breathes in. Almost like he’s trying to take in my scent. "you're cute, and my name's Alex". He says slowly while inhaling my scent.Wait. What? Am I? AHH, WHY AM I EVEN THINKING ABOUT IT.

"Cat got your tongue?" I was in denial for a second, but I quickly recover.

"Oh, I know I'm, but way out of your league" honestly even I'm not convinced with the words coming out of my mouth let alone him believing it, "so better get your ass to work, and if you try something like this again the next thing coming out of your mouth will be your teeth."

My reaction amused him more, which sucked cause that wasn't my goal. "you're not strong enough for that pretty boy!" he replied while backing away. His goons are all laughing hard at this point which only made me angrier. What's their deal?

"sure, I can" I rolled my eyes while walking away from him. "we will start the project tomorrow after school, meet at the library and don't be fucking late," I ordered. I turned my back and started walking to the door.

I'm walking towards my house, can’t say home cause it never was, which is the last place I want to go to. I take a glance at my watch, fuck its 4:45 pm, and my class ends at 4:00 pm. I hope dad isn't back home yet or I'm dead. I start running as fast as I can, but I ain't Usain Bolt, by the time I reach its 5:10. I am hungry, but by looking at the time, the only thing I will be getting is punches and curses so I slowly and quietly, just like Kanye's career, make my way to my room, lock the door and finally breathe out.

I lie down on my bed, thinking, I need to get the fuck out of this life. Soon o doze off!

"you think, you are smarter than us, huh?" * SLAP, I wake up from all the screaming and shouting. What the fuck up is going on? I just sit there rubbing my eyes. Can't a Homosapien like me have two minutes of peace in the world where as a normal Homosapien gets 8 hours of sleep and lifetime peace. "where the fuck is Archie?"

Okay here comes the trouble—Breath in Breath out. When you have been going through lifetime trauma this mantra," Breath in Breath out" helps with the anxiety. Why don't I get therapy? Simple, I can't. I don't have the money.

"Hey Arch, you awake?" Zoe asked I can't see my little sister cause the room is super dark, but I can sense that she's crying from her voice, "Hey Zoe, I'm. Why are you crying? come here." I physically feel common sense leave my brains at this point if that mother fucker would have laid a finger on her. It's over for him.

She comes in and sits next to me. "Zoe, what's wrong?" she doesn't reply but hugs me and starts crying. I just hug her back tightly without saying a word. When you have gone through life time assaults and trauma the last thing you want someone, you're pouring your heart out to, to tell you to stop crying or how worse it could have been. I sit there holding her in my arms. After some time she stops and slowly looks at me, "Arch, do you think will it get better for us like ever?".

"Yes, Zoe it will, I promise you," I say to her but more likely to myself. "So, what happened?"

"Bitch slapped me!" she said while burying her face in my chest. Bitch aka dad.

"why?" I almost yelled, not even sure if I want to know. All I want to do is go down and rip his heart out with my bare hands. "Today, mom saw you come back late, so she was complaining to dad, how you have been coming home late this entire week because you are fucking hoes on the street. I told him she was lying and he raised his eyebrow asking me what proof I have she's lying, so I said something" she replied while sobbing, but at the last part of the sentence she was almost smiling. Like she's proud of what she'd said.

"what did you say?" I asked while smirking, knowing my sister. She's a competition to Kourtney Kardashian. She doesn't take anyone's shit which I'm very proud of but not at the cost of her getting slapped.

"I know she's lying cause; A. fucking hoes is your area of expertise and not his and B. how would she know he's coming late when most of the time she's out at the streets getting her pussy fucked."

'Geez, Zoe, you are 14 how do you even know these words?" I asked, knowing the answer already. When you grow up with junkies, what else would you expect? She just raised her eyebrow, making me feel dumb for asking this question.

"Okay, fine, but you are not allowed to talk like that, okay?"

"I don't want to talk at all; I want to punch them, can we? Omg arch, think about it. We can take them down in one go." She said with so much energy like someone has passed 440-volt current through her body.

"Okay calm down, wonder woman. Listen to me Zoe, I love you a lot and am thankful for what you did for me but promise me- you'll never like everrrrrrr defend me again. It would be best if you didn't get hurt. Promise me?" I commanded.

"I will take that into consideration" she giggled.

"ZOE!!" I said using my big brother commanding voice.

"Okay, I promise" she replied while pouting.

"C'mon let's go have dinner, its 11:30. I'm pretty sure they both are passed out anyway."



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