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I wake early to get ready and leave before the Devil wakes up. I go for a quick hot shower, after 15 long minutes I come out and stand before the mirror, I can see all the scars and the bruises. I slowly trace a long scar which travels from my left upper chest to my navel. This scar will last forever. You might be wondering how I got it; I will tell you but wait for some time. Trust me; it will be worth the wait.

I step back to look at my chest and back, covered with so many bruises and scars that my skin is hardly seen. I have a few on my arms too, but those are self-destruction marks.You know there's a time when everyone thinks dying is more painless than living, well it was that time in my life where death seemed more comfortable than living with the Devil himself. But the one thing that I hate more than my dad and his hoe is the abandoning. I mean, Who abandons their child? I know I am not the only one that it has happened to but ..., you know what I mean, right? It still hurts pretty bad.

I couldn't believe it when the smug face told me that mom ran away with her lover abandoning me. I knew in my heart he was lying until one evening some drunk junkies, his friends, came over for drinks and started showing photos of mom and her new lover sitting on a beach, kissing each other. I was right there in that room serving them drinks, and suddenly I felt a huge pain in my chest like someone had shattered the glass of beer and shoved the broken glass in my ribs.

"dad, do you guys need anything else?" I spoke. I wanted to run away as fast as possible. I had tears on the rim of my waterline, ready to pour but I didn't allow it. Not in front of them! I won't!

"NO, you can go" I signed in relief. That is the first time I was happy to hear those words. Those are the exact words I wanted to hear. I quickly walked straight to my room and locked it. I walked up to my bed, hugged myself and cried. I remember I cried so hard that my eyes were bloodshot red and lips swollen from all the biting. I couldn’t stop crying thinking She loved me so much. How could she just leave me with him and go away to start a new life? Didn’t I matter? Am I so bad that she decided not to take me? It felt like my heart was in my head and all those thoughts were giving it a heart attack. I kept biting my lips hard to avoid making any sound, I didn’t want anyone to hear me cry especially mama devil. A homo sapien couldn't even cry in peace.

I quickly glanced at the clock. Shit. Need to stop with the time travelling to the disaster land. Quickly put on a black jean with a long white t-shirt and a grey hoodie. I always wear full-sleeved t-shirt or hoodies, even in summers, to cover all cuts and bruises on my arms. Pair it with my white sneakers. I quickly run my hand through my golden-brown hair, leaving them messy. Suddenly my room door opens. I see Zoe standing there with her morning bitch face on. Did I mention how beautiful my sister is? That's why my big brother guard is always on about which she isn't happy. But she is the only homo sapien I love and care about so.

She's 5'8. She has the same hair colour as mine and very sharp features. But unlike my green eye colour, she has blue, just like mama devil.
"what’s taking you so long? Waiting for morning kiss from mama devil?" she said while crossing her arms over her chest.

I just roll my eyes and pick up my bag.

"let's go; we will grab something on our way," she said. Grab something? The only thing we need to grab is a new full-functioning brain for you, sis. We never have enough money to afford a full plate food. Dad doesn’t make much money and whatever money he makes it ends up with him buying drinks and Marijuana. So you see, even such small things are such a big deal for us.

"Sure, on our way in Range rover or Mercedes little sis," I said clearly in my full sarcastic voice.

"JEZZ. , I have the money big brother. So Calm down."

"You have money?" I said suddenly coming to a halt, "how, from where " I asked in a shocking but eagerly voice.

"Yes, I have it, and I stole $220 from mama devil. she winked. Did you know she has so much money? No wonder she's on the streets every day getting fucked." She said while rolling her eyes. "Now, let's go!". Damn. I'm proud of her but I won't admit. Stealing from mama devil is a big deal. When it comes to money she's the famous Sherlock Holmes. She loves it more than herself.
" okay. And what when she notices her precious life line is missing?" I asked trying hard not sound impressed, "well she can't do anything about it, can she? Dad doesn't make this much amount of money so she can't tell him, cause then she would have to answer where the fuck did she get it from and she can't say she is fucking his own very best junkie friends for money! So not out problem!" Damn right she can't tell the devil.

We stopped at McDonald's on our way to school. You might be thinking why MacDonald's? Well, trust me, it's a luxury for us. I can't remember the last time we had burgers. There are times when we had no food at all cause the Devil thinks having drinks is more important than feeding his children and mama devil, well all she cares about is sex. Well, sex does things for her what mitochondria does for us.

Finally, I reached school. As I was entering the classroom, I saw a guy from the goon gang staring at me. There's something very intimidating about this guy. I'm not even exaggerating people; As I turned away and started walking, I could feel a hole burning in my skull cause of the stare. Jesus, save your child.

As I reached near my desk, I felt something cold touch my neck, and I jumped so hard, nearly hitting my head on the edge of the desk if Alex wouldn't have caught me. Okay, Jesus fucking flying balls. What the hell. I can feel my heart race so fast.

"What the hell are you doing?" I impatiently spit.
"saving your life pretty boy," he said while winking. Oh, my sweet fucking Jesus. Does he think this is funny? And this is the second time he called me pretty. Well first time he said handsome. Ahhh not the time to think about this Archie...

"saved my life how? By knocking the life out of me?" I said while yanking my arm away from his grip.
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