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I sat down on my desk before this idiot comes up with another extraordinary plan to kill me. I slowly looked up to him, GOD, his eyes. This is the first time I am paying attention to his features so carefully, I’m moving my eyes from his eyes to lips almost like I’m tracing them with my eyes—those icy blue eyes. Despite the colour, icy blue, I could feel warmth in them almost like a summer breeze in December. His dark chocolate brown hair is messy, falling down his forehead, long enough to cover his eyes a little and those pink lips. Is it even possible for a guy to have that pink lips? I’m not able to take my eyes off his pink lips and suddenly His lips twitch in a smirk and I realise he has been observing me all this time. Shit. I cheeks turn red immediately and he saw that. I look away but I realise he has this weird kind of aura around him, but it makes me feel safe. Like some of the ocean breeze, love like a fire, no fears, no denial. But Why? He is always doing something to knock the life out of me, but still, I have never felt so safe like I do with him. When I was with him, I could feel electricity running through my entire body. And the most dangerous part I fear that I like it.

Slowly he came dangerously close to my face, and it felt like time has stopped. I no longer care we are in a class full of dumb homo sapiens or that the Professor might walk in any minute. All I want right now is to feel those pink lips against mine. He slowly tilted his face. I can feel his breath on my face. Our nose tips our touching, and my breathing is so heavy. Ohh sweet Jesus. He just gazed at me unbothered, and that hit me right in the chest. His eyes seemed a bit darker than usual. He leaned in to inhale my scent "Honey."

Okay, stop please, I'm about to pass out. My hands were starting to tighten, my head was beginning to spin, and my vision was getting fuzzy. He was so overpowering. I couldn't even look at him without feeling hot in the face and a pang in my abdomen. It's like he was hovering over me.

He ran his hand through my messy hair. "kiss me" his voice was demanding and husky. My body was moving involuntarily. I slowly move closer to his lips; at this point, my heart is about to explode, I can feel his breathing getting heavier with each move of mine. My eyes keeps shifting focus from his lips to eyes. As soon as our lips touched, I felt something that I've never felt before: a sudden rush, high volt current, entire zoo jumping in my abdomen, leaving it in pain. My cheeks were on fire. He will be the death of me.

Suddenly he moved back & turned away. "Fuck" he yelled. What? This is the first time I saw him react in any way that didn't include him smirking and saying something inappropriate. He suddenly turned towards me and a low growl escaped his lips. Okay, my heads definitely spinning. Did he growl? Like actually growl? I turn around; everyone is looking at us. Okay. Can this get any more humiliating?

He suddenly turned towards me "it shouldn't have happened" he spat. I cringed, and a hurt expression crossed my face that he noticed instantly. Those words, felt like someone took my little heart in their cold bare hands and squeezed the life out of it. My whole life has nothing but rejection. First from my mother than dad and than from the entire homo sapiens species at school and now him.

"I'm sorry" he signed and walked out of the class. I looked at his two goons, pleading for an explanation but they were as confused as me. They ran out behind him, leaving me alone with my self-respect shredding incident to think about. After 2 min of our Professor walked in and right behind him was the 3rd goon.

He came to a halt right in front of my desk, "Are you okay?"

"Umm yes", I spoke. What's up with this weird aura around these people. Around him it's more like a dark aura. I feel sad, pain, depressed like someone has opened the gates of hell, and I'm feeling each dark soul's misery. Either I'm losing my mind, or something is wrong with them.

"you sure?" he asked with a concerning look.
That one look, concerned, is something I have always carved for in my life—someone to give a shit about me. I didn't realize how I was looking at him dumb folded until he rubbed his hands against my arm. Umm. Y..e.. s..." I stammered.

"Malus, take your seat, we don't have the whole day", Professor said. He turned around and nodded. OH, his name is Malus. He was sitting at the last desk. The whole time I couldn't stop thinking about the incident more like an accident. Yes, it was an accident. It will never happen again. But Malus. Why did he care? Maybe he feels pity for what happened but wait he wasn't in the class when it happened. I slowly turned around to look at him when I noticed he was already starring at me. I quickly turned away and looked right in my book.
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