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Greek God !

Lunch Time*

Getting through the school part of the day is usually easy, but today thanks to the bipolar maniac it wasn't. I could feel a thousand stares burring holes in my body. I was this close to having an anxiety attack.

I take my plate and sit alone on a table next to a big window. There is something you should know; I'm a summer person. I hate winter. I take out my phone, plug earphones and play music on high volume. Slowly close my eyes which feels tons heavy. I can feel the warmth on my face from the sunlight. What's evening happening in my life. Why did he say it should have never happened? Was it bad? Am I a bad kisser? I think not, I have kissed many girls and they all have come back for more. Okay, no judging people, a guy has needs, and I have never forced myself upon anyone. It was mutual.

UGGHHHHH, oh my God, why am I even thinking about it. He said "never should have happened!", NOTED, you bipolar pimp.

Let's eat. I open my eyes and take a look at my plate, Yaayyy strawberries. I love strawberries, I think that's the only good thing about winter's, but Zoe and I never get to eat many; because of our financial condition, so the only time I get to have is when the school provides which is very rare. I look up to open the wrap to take out a knife and fork when suddenly I see malus walking towards me.

It's like Greek God himself walking towards me. Have I mentioned that he's incredibly tall and lean? He has black hair with blue highlights covering his eyes a little, which are deep green. He's wearing black jeans, a white t-shirt and black leather jacket but the jacket doesn't stop me from imaging those abs underneath them. But I still don't feel the rush and sparks that I feel when I lay my eyes on that selfish maniac, ALEX

He comes around the table and stops right in front of me. He is saying something, but I can't make out what. It's like he's saying something, but I can't hear it. All I can see is his lips mumbling. Slowly he comes towards me and pulls the earphones out. OH, that's why I couldn't hear, makes sense.

"Sorry, I was just.. umm. thinking abo.. umm. wait.. you were saying something?". not sure if he understood anything. Why am I so nervous around them? He just chuckled.

"Yeah, can I sit here?" he spoke while pointing the finger at the chair right opposite to me.

"sit here? Like right here? With me?" I asked, see what I meant to say was- yes, Greek God you can. Whenever I'm around these new people, the smart Archie soul leaves my body and dumb Archie soul kicks in. So technically I don't believe that it's my fault. So, before you ask "am I trying to get out of it based on a technicality" so the answer is "Yes, honey."

"yes, do you have a problem? If yes, I can sit somewhere else." sit somewhere else? I think not. I didn't have any company in so long. when I was young parents would ask their kids to stay away from me because of my dad's bad temper and my mom's reputation. When your mom runs away, leaving her child behind with a man who has a history of bad temper and sleeping with hoes doesn't help much—okay, no more time travelling to disaster land. Anyways little company won't hurt.

"No, sit," I spoke while removing my earphones and keeping it back in the bag. I put a piece of strawberry in my mouth. OH, mother marry. It's' so good. When you get to have the most favourite food item once/twice a year, it automatically tastes equivalent to heaven.

"Btw I'm Archie."

"I know who you are." I looked up in surprise.

"You do?" I asked, raising my one eyebrow.

"yes, you made quite an entry when we first met." for one second, I was confused, but suddenly I realized on the first day I bumped into his maniac friend.

"Lol, yeah, I remember." I shrugged, and a laugh escaped his lips, and it was like music to my ears.

I put took another piece of strawberry and put it right in my mouth. I'm glad I'm eating actually. However, I couldn't help but notice the stares from the girls around us. He noticed me noticing, and he smirked.

"Do you want to go somewhere else?" he asked, and I shook my head.

"It's fine. I'm used to all the stares, but surprisingly this time, homo sapiens are staring cause of jealously and not despitefulness. So, it's all good." I shrugged, and he laughed amused by the term I used.

"and why would they be jealous?"

"cause the Greek god himself is having lunch with me and not them," I said and instantly regretted it. Why?????????????????????????
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