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Come on !!!

Oh, Fucking God, why??? like why?????? Did I leave my brains in the classroom? I'm usually not like this. What's wrong with me?

"You think I'm attractive?" he smirked, and I shrunk and died like a dry leaf during fall. Come on. He's fucking hot.

"NO!! I mean yes, no not hot hot, but desirable. Jesus!!!!! I didn't mean it to come out like that, I mean. Ummm. Like you're hot but not like that... you getting what I mean? I rambled and then wanted to die somewhere. fuck.

He seems amused, and I'm not sure if he's laughing at me or with me.

"So, tell me something about you." he moved on, and I'm so grateful. Umm okay, he wants to know about me but which part should I start with? should I start with my family's horrible history or how poor I am or I’m a lonely soul cause no one wants to be friends with me and the credit goes to - my parents, again !!!! No matter where I start from, it all comes back to square 1, that is my parents' famous history. I don't want to scare him away. Come on this is the first time in so long I had anyone who shared the lunchtime with me.

"there's nothing much to tell," I answer, avoiding his eye contact and focusing on my food.

"still, anything." god, let it go.

"So, I live with my dad and his new wife. I have a sister." I say still avoiding his eye contact.

"what about your mom? If you don't mind me asking?" and here comes the famous question. Okay. That is the very reason I was trying to avoid this conversation. I roll my eyes in the back of my head. "she married another man, so she had to move away." trying to provide as little info as possible.

"what are your plans after graduation?"

"I'm hoping I can get into brown" I answered hesitantly, and he looked at me with sudden interest, "that's on the other side of the town." he indicated while pointing his finger randomly.

"yes, it is." I smiled.

"it almost sounds like you're running away from the town" he added, and my feet went cold. Is it that obvious? Can't someone just wish to get out of this town? I wonder.

"So, I'm right." he continued after seeing the look on my face, and I blinked.

"NO!! It's just that it's a prestigious university and I have never been out of this town, so it's just a dream to get in there, but Alex is making this so hard."

"he can be quite hard to deal with" he looked pissed while talking about him but why? Isn’t he part of his gang? By the look on his face, I guess not. Okay, next time I won't mention his name. Jazz. Relax!

"what about you?"

"that's for the next time, and we should go. It's almost time for the next class." I glance at my watch. I didn't realize the time. We put our plates in the bin and starts walking towards the class.

I quickly search for Alex, but he isn't here. Wow. I'm the one who was humiliated in the class, and he's missing the whole day. Great.

Last class is just about the doubts regarding the assignment and I am sitting here doing nothing because we haven't even discussed our assignment's construction, let alone the material. I'm going to stab that gorilla right in the chest if he doesn't show up in the library.

"Archie, I see you don't have any doubts. I take that as a good start. See pairing you up with Alex wasn't a bad idea, Afterall." she says proudly. No bitch it wasn't bad, it was the stupidest idea to ever pop out from your nonfunctional brain!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As soon as the bell rings, I run towards the library, hoping to catch Alex there. I search the entire library, but he isn't here. After waiting for 1 hour and 12 minutes, I decided to give up and walk to his home.

I got his home address from the academic support department and started walking. As I enter into 9-D block of Eastwell side, it hits me. I'm in the most lavish gated community ever. I make my way through the fancy yet empty neighbourhood. Big houses left and right. one day; even I will end up owning a similar one. I'm finally at my destination. The sight of the luxurious house offers itself at me, and for the first time about Alex starts to make sense. He's carefree nature. not giving fuck about anyone. He's so rich that he can buy Kim, I'm sure XD.

I stand right in front of a huge glass door. Should I just walk right in? I look around to see anyone but feels like I'm the only soul here. I hesitantly walk inside. The lobby was absolutely breathtaking. White marble flooring and huge paintings hanging on the walls. There was a huge black piano on the side of the stairs. I was looking around until I heard footsteps from the stairs coming down.
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