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Deal !

Alex locks eyes with me, and then I see a smile form as he quickly comes down.
“to what do I owe the honour?” he asked, pulling me out of my thoughts.

“you owe it to undeniably irresponsible act you did by not showing up” I declared!
“Aww, miss me?” he pouted. I rolled my eyes on his comment but couldn’t ignore how cute he looked while frowning.


“have you ever thought of yourself as uptight?” he asked, turning away from me and heading off somewhere. I follow him.

“why weren’t you at school?” Not that I care.
“Had some urgent matters to attend?” he said, getting a soda can out of the fridge, “would you like something to drink?” he asked so politely the world around me shook for a second.

“you mean to say you ditched an entire day to stay at home?” I questioned.

“you can put it that way.” he smiled, and I breathed out trying to calm myself and not jump at him to bite his windpipe off.

“what the fuck is wrong with you, you self-fish pimp? I told you how important this is for me. Do you not care at all about anyone else?” I spat

“see I’m well aware you are more than capable of completing this by yourself and at least get us B+ and I’m alright with that grade.”

Well, I’m not!

“This isn’t about you” I announced while rolling my eyes.

“It kind of is, else you wouldn’t be here,” he answered.

Okay. “let’s make a deal. you will help me with OUR assignment, and in exchange, I will help you with whatever you want.” I seem to have piqued his interest as he raised an eyebrow at me and kept on listening.

I was expecting him to tell me to get off his back, be nicer or be less uptight and I was okay with that. But I watched the corner of his lips stretch into a mischievous smile as he leaned towards me until only inches separated his lips from mine.

“you sure about this? You will ‘ve to do whatever I say,” he stated while observing my lips.

“if I agree you will help me without any drama?” I asked slowly as my breathing got heavier. Whenever he is near me, I get this submissive feeling like why?

“Yes,” he replied, waiting for my answer. I can’t think about anything else other than those lips inches away from mine. But suddenly it hits me what he did in the class today. I won’t let him humiliate me again.

With a sudden move, I take a step back, turn around and leave. While approaching the door, I shout “we have a deal.”

I am standing at the front door.
“Archie!”, someone called behind me, and I quickly turn around and see Alex coming out of the house.


He glanced towards the woods, and then his blue eyes fell back on me. “I’m taking you home, its dark out” he answered.

Before I could tell him to go fuck himself with a 12-inch pole, I heard someone’s car approach. I turn around as a black Bugatti parked. The door opened, and none other than Malus walks out.

He looked at Alex in silence than down at me before frowning. I don’t know what it was; I just felt some happiness and shame combined, does that even make sense?

“Hey, Archie.” he calmly said while shutting the door of his car, and I tensed. That’s the first time he said my name out loud. His voice is husky and deep.

“hey,” I answered, my voice cracked. Really?

Malus glare got so heavy on Alex I almost ducked away from his eyesight. But again, the idiot remained unimpressed.

“Are you leaving?”

“Yeah, I’m” I responded while trying to brush past him. Before I could move, he took a step to the side and blocked my way. I raise my head at him, confused, and he motions his head towards his car.

“I’ll drive you home, get in” he ordered, and I felt a strong urge to jump into the passenger’s seat. Umm.. No. I can’t. I can’t show them where I live and also, I can’t risk of mama devil watching me come home in Bugatti.

Before I could answer, I felt someone firmly grab my elbow and Alex was shoving me behind him.

“He’s coming with me.” he interrupted and stood between us. Uh. I think the fuck not.

“I’m not going anywhere with you” I instantly replied behind him as if it was a reflex then yanked my arm away from his grip.

He doesn’t care and starts dragging me towards the driveway where four high-end sports cars were parked—leaving Malus behind.

By now, the sun had set down, and it was almost dark out. I finally wizen up and get into black land rover with him. its 7:47 pm. I’m fucked.

“where do you live?” he asked his eyes on the road. We were now out of his gated community.

“just go to Dc city, and I’ll tell you where to stop,” I said in a pissed tone.

The entire ride we didn’t talk much. I instructed him to stop Infront of a random building and then grabbed my bag to get ready to get out. He turned off the car and stared at me.

Is this where you live?” he asked.

“No, nearby” I answered honestly. He turned the engine on and was gone in a split second.

** As I enter the house, I could feel the negative energy hitting me like a truck.
I slowly take steps towards the living area and suddenly come to halt. Zoe is down on the floor, holding her right cheek and crying so hard. Dad is standing right beside her holding belt in his right hand, almost like hovering over her and mama devil standing near the kitchen counter, holding a drink in her hand.

What the fuck.

I quickly run towards Zoe and hug her, shielding her from dad. “what the fuck is going on? I yelled.

“She stole money.” dad yelled and raised his hand to strike again. I quickly grab his hand and yank it away. He shoots a death glare at me.

“How dare you?” he said while moving closer to me.

“how much money did she steal, and how do you know it was her?” I spat and quickly moved to Zoe side again. Helping her get up. Mama Devil suddenly straightens her back and marches towards us.

“She stole $50 from me. And I know for sure that it was her who did it cause no one else knows where I keep the money. I have been trying so hard to save the money so we all can live a decent life, but you children don’t seem to care. We need to teach a lesson.”

My God lady, save the drama. You don’t have the balls to say how you‘ve been earning money.

I look at Zoe. She has several marks on her arms from belting. Her cheeks are tomato red; I’m guessing those are from the hits. I hold Zoe close to my chest and help her walk towards my room. Suddenly I felt a hand holding my t-shirt from the back and pulling us back. I almost fell back on my ass.

“where the fuck do you think you’re going, boy? I’m not done punishing her,” he yelled. Zoe buried her face harder in my chest, and I can hear her sobs getting louder.

“she didn’t take the money, I did,” I announced knowing the consequences of my action. From the corner of my eye, I could see a smirk forming on mama devil’s face. Zoe looked at me with begging eyes not to do what I’m about to.

“So, let her go. I take full responsibility for my actions, and you can punish me but let me take her to the room first.” I can see my dad’s eye getting more expansive with each second. filled with pure rage. I’m dead today, but I can’t let anyone touch my little sister. I swiftly move towards the staircase holding Zoe in my arms. I unlock my room door. I make Zoe sit on the bed and hug her tightly.

“I.. a m. So sorry … Arch” she said, trying to control her sobs and breathing. I take her face in my hands and look here in the eye. They are so swollen from all the crying. There are so many marks on her face.

“Hey, don’t worry. It’s going to be okay. I won’t let them touch you, okay?”

“No, Arch. Please don’t take the fall for my mistake. He will skin you.” she says while crying harder.

“don’t worry, I will be fine.” I kiss her on the forehead and get up to leave.
“you take rest for a while; I will be back” I pick up a blanket from the end of the bed and put on her and get out of the room while locking it from outside. I know whatever is about to happen will involve lots of screaming, and I don’t want Zoe to come down.

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