Not All Rogues Are Evil

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Riley Brooks never had the easy life like a werewolf should have why? it's because she was born and raised as a rogue but, she wasn't like the ones that you typically read about in the books or that you hear about from the pack's Alpha and Luna. Riley was a different case because her mother had no choice but to raise her in the wilderness after her old pack was killed by evil rogues including her father who was the Alpha. Until she reached the age of 18, her mother died of Tuberculosis and she was left to fend for herself. It wasn't easy, avoiding packs and evil rogues especially no man's land but, Riley had to do what was necessary to survive but, what will happen when she meets Roman, the Alpha of the Dawnguard Pack who not only hates rogues but, who is also her mate? Can Riley get him to change his mind about all rogues being evil or will he continue to think bad about her and reject her?

Fantasy / Romance
Kiera Morrison
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Chapter 1


I ran and ran through the woods while the pack patrols chased me after I...stole from one of their shops.

"The rogue is getting away! the Alpha wants her alive!"

"Don't lose sight of her!"

I heard the pack patrols yell before I reached into my pocket and I sprayed myself with some scent concealer that also stole from the pack hospital. I hid behind some bushes while the pack patrol came to a halt. They looked confused when they lost my scent and then their leader asked them.

"Where'd she go?"

"I don't know, her scent has just vanished."

"Let's take a look around, she can't have gone far."

I watched the patrols leave the area before I made a run for it. I got back to the streets and I got to the little area that I like to call home.

Oh, sorry I didn't introduce myself. My name is Riley Brooks and I'm 17 years old. I have long brown hair, green eyes, peachy skin and I wear some hand-me-down clothes that I got from other homeless people and charity places since my mother couldn't afford to buy me new ones.

You're probably wondering, what's a 17-year-old she-wolf doing out on the streets who has no home, no family, and no pack instead of going to school and studying for a college or university placement? well, that should be obvious from my little stunt earlier, I'm a rogue wolf.

No, I am not evil and no I do not work for an evil Alpha or a rogue Alpha. I'm nothing like those wolves who betrayed their pack and their Alpha and Luna. I was born as a rogue and yes, I have my moments here and there but, you gotta whatever it takes to survive right?

Anyway, if you want to know the full story let me start from the beginning. My parents were the Alpha and Luna of the Winterpaw pack and that would have made me the heir to Alpha or Luna position but, that never happened. When my mother was pregnant with me, we were attacked by an evil pack and half of our pack managed to survive the other half, they weren't so lucky including my father.

After I was born, my mother couldn't trust another pack again and she cared about protecting me and she made sure that I lived a happy life even if that meant living the rest of our lives as rogues. When I was little, our pack members stayed with our Luna until they found their mates or the others decided to look for another pack to join, even if that meant abandoning their old Luna.

My mother didn't care what anybody did as long as she knew that I was safe and healthy. Eventually, it was just me and her for a while. We had a special bond, it was like your average mother and daughter bond more like a best friend bond. We travelled around the country together, she taught me how to hunt in my wolf form when I shifted for the first time and we also met a few other rogues who taught me a thing or two when it comes to stealing and sneaking in and out of the pack grounds for essentials and food.

Life was great for a while until my mother got sick...

A few months earlier...

My mother and I were walking through the streets and then my stomach started to growl. Mom chuckled and she said to me.

"Hungry sweetie?"

"Yeah, so what will it be today? bin food as usual or should I grab some food from the shop?"

"If you mean shoplifting again...the answer is...*cough! cough!*" Mom started coughing badly before she could answer me.

"Mom? are you all right? you look a bit pale."

"I'm...ahem...I'm fine..." Mom wheezed.

"I don't believe you, you've been like this since yesterday."

"I'm fine's just a...*cough! cough!*"

Suddenly, mom gasped and coughed until she spat out blood. I was shocked when this happened and then she collapsed onto her knees.


I shouted before I grabbed her in time before she passed out.

"Mom? Mom!!" I called out to her but, she wasn't responding.

I had no choice but to take her to a pack hospital. I know it was risky but, Mom needed help. I got to the pack hospital with my Mom's arm over my shoulder and I shouted.

"Help! I need help!!" I shouted and then one of the nurses came over.

"What happened?"

"I don't know, one minute she was coughing and then she started vomiting blood. She blacked not too long ago."

"What's her name?" The nurse asked me as they wheeled her to one of the rooms.

"Claire and she's my mother, please do something!"

I shouted as I followed after her and then they stopped me from entering one of the rooms.

"I'm sorry but, you can't come in here."

"But, that's my mother!"

"I know, but, you need to wait out here until we let you know how she is."

I nodded my head and I sat down on one of the chairs to wait for her. It had been a few hours since I brought her here and I know that she didn't want the treatment here in the pack hospital since she doesn't trust packs but, what was I supposed to do? she was sick and there's something wrong with her.

Just then, one of the doctors came out of the room and then I stood up from the chair.

"How is she?! is she okay?!"

"The good news is she's stable for now but, the bad news is..."


"She's TB also known as Tuberculosis."

I was shocked when he told me this. I sat down on the chair in shock and then I asked him.

" did she get it? she's been perfectly healthy since we became rogues."

"I know but, sometimes, we catch diseases out in the wilderness or on the streets until it's too late."

"...So, what are her options? is she gonna make it?"

"That's another thing, we took a scan of her lungs and it's bad but, we can cure her. However, your mother doesn't want the treatment."

"What...?" I asked in a shocked tone.

"I'm sorry, your mother doesn't want it. She told us that she lost her mate when she was pregnant with you. I think she's ready to be with him."

"No...she can't leave me..."

"It's her choice, go and talk to her."

I nodded my head and then I went into the room where my mother was hooked up to the machines. She opened her eyes and she said to me.

"Hey, Riley..."

"Mom, the doctors told me that you're not getting the treatment. Is it because I brought you here? to a pack hospital?"

"No, did what you thought...was right..."

"Is it true what he also told've been sick for a while and you didn't say anything?"

Mom held my hand and she nodded her head.

"Yes, Riley...I'm sorry...but...I think my time has join your father..."

"No, please don't leave me. You're all I have..." I cried and then she stroked my hair.

"'s okay Riley...I know I'm your mother and I'm supposed to be there for you...but...I've been feeling like this for a while now..."

"I don't understand."

" you remember when you were 13 and you asked me about how your father and I knew were soulmates?"

I nodded my head before she continued.

"When you meet the man you're destined to be'll always be at their side all of the time...but, if one half of your soul dies...the other will follow shortly afterwards...I thought about joining your father after our pack was attacked...but then I realised...I was carrying something special and it was you...our daughter.."

I smiled when she told me this.

"I told myself that I was going to live for you...even if that means feeling the pain...of not having your father next to that you're can take care of yourself...and I know that someday...someone will come along and accept you..."

"Even though I'm a rogue?"

"Of course..."

Just then one of the nurses came in and she said to me.

"I'm sorry to bother you but, the Alpha has heard that you two came in here without permission. He wants to talk to you so, can you please wait here?"

I nodded my head and then Mom grabbed my wrist and she said to me.

"Riley...I can't escape from here but you can..."

"No, I'm not leaving you."

"And I'm not letting you stay here...and take the risk of those pack members hurting you for being rogue."

I felt tears in the corner of my eyes and then Mom pulled me into a hug.

"I love you, Riley...take care of yourself and be careful..."

"I will, Mom...I love you too..."

We pulled away from each other before Mom kissed my forehead.

"Go and don't stop running until you're far away from the pack grounds."

I nodded my head before I grabbed my rucksack and then I placed a chair in front of the door before I walked over to the window. I looked at my mother and I smiled at her.

"Goodbye mother and say Hi to my father when you see him."

"I will...farewell, Riley..."

I opened the window and then I escaped through the window and I landed onto the ground. I got up and I made a run for it.

Shortly after I left the pack hospital, I felt our connection break. I didn't know if my mother had somehow killed herself or if that Alpha came to see us and he finished the job. It didn't matter me as long as she's living in peace now. Ever since that day, I've been a lone wolf and I followed my mother's advice to stay away from pack grounds even that means avoiding my mate at all costs.

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