Not All Rogues Are Evil

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Chapter 13


Awhile had passed since my conversation with Lucy. I know what she said was true but, I don't think it's worth it besides, what if the traitor of the Winterpaw pack, is still there and he or she knows about me and if I reveal myself they will try to kill me. On the other hand, it would be entertaining to see my mate get on his hands and knees begging for my forgiveness but then I remembered; he already has a mate.

I don't know why I feel the need be near him but, I blame it on the mate bond. I don't care what he does or who he's with, he's made up his mind about me and who he wants his Luna to be. Why should I even care now? I'm a wild wolf for goodness sake.

"Miss Brooks," The maths teacher called out to me. I snapped out of my thoughts and then I looked at her and she pointed at the blackboard.

"Solve this problem."

I looked at the formula carefully before hearing Lindsay snicker.

"You can't even solve it because you had your head in the clouds."

The other students snickered along with her but, I proved her wrong with I answered it in a confident tone which shut her up along with her buddies. The maths smiled at me and she said to me.

"Excellent, well done, Miss Brooks."

I smirked at Lindsay and I asked her, "Who has their head in the clouds?"

Lindsay scoffed at me before turning her attention back to the blackboard. I chuckled quietly before concentrated on the rest of the class. After maths class was over, I headed to the art room for my next class. After grabbing my sketchbook, I caught Roman and Lindsay in the hallway and they were making out.

Auroa growled angrily but, I ignored her as I walked passed them.

"Guys, if you're going to do that in the hallway at least keep it behind close doors or in the janitor's closet," I told Roman and Lindsay as I continued to head to my class.

I could feel Roman's glare on my back and he told me.

"Mind your own business, Rogue!"

"Sorry, I don't understand Alphas," I spoke with a smirk.


I growled in annoyance when that rouge interrupted us but, Apollo whined sadly when she didn't look our way. I swear his pining for that rogue is getting worse every day. However, all of that will change once Lindsay becomes my Luna.

"Ugh, why do you even keep her around, Roman? I thought you would have kicked her out by now."

"I would have but, I kept my word to Matthew that I would let her stay for a while until graduation and then she'll leave. Besides, rogues like her can never be accepted into the packs including mine. Who knows what kind of trouble she got herself into."


I frowned a little when I heard that comment but, I ignored it as I walked into the art room. I sat down on the stool with my canvas at the ready on my easel and then I got my acrylic paints at the ready.

Our assignment was to create a landscape and I knew which one I was going to create. I created a night time snowy landscape with a mother wolf lying in the snow with her wolf pup. In a way, it reminded me and my mother when I was a baby. She would hold me close to keep me warm in her wolf form.

Thinking about it made me a little sad after I lost her that day. I only wished there was something that I could have done to help her or maybe convinced her to get the treatment she needed and maybe she would still be alive.

"Everything okay, Riley?" The art teacher asked me.

I shook my head to snap out of my thoughts and then I told her with a smile.

"I'm fine. I just had my head in the clouds," I chuckled before she looked at my painting.

"Wow, that's amazing."

"Thank you. It's a little something from experience. When my mother and I were living in the wilderness during the winters, she would hold me close like that to keep me warm when I was little."

"Motherly love is an amazing thing. She must be proud of you."

"Yeah...she would have been proud of me..." I mumbled a little.

The art teacher went back to checking on the other students before the bell rang which announced the next class or should I say torture. It was PE time and that also meant training with the other wolves but, I had a feeling that this was not going to end well.

Some of the pack members and I headed to the training ring where we saw our instructor. He is tall and has a well built body. I noticed that he gave off that army stance which tells me we've got ourselves a crazy army instructor, werewolf or not.

"Today's lesson will test your combat skills in human form. It's true you're strong in wolf form but, you're also part human as well so that's why you'll be paired with another wolf."

'Oh great, I guess that means I'll get 'beaten to death'.'

I thought in a sarcastic tone. The teacher paired us up. Unfortunately, I got paired up with Lindsay and my wolf didn't like her, not one bit. Lindsay smirked at me and she said to me.

"Looks like it's time for everyone's soon-to-be-Luna to finally teach this rouge's place."

The other wolves snickered at her comment but I yawned a little in boredom.

"Anything else that you would like to add?" I asked as used my pinky finger to scratch my inner ear.

Lindsay and the others looked at me with shocked expressions before she frowned at me.

"What is wrong with you?! why aren't you getting mad or taunting me?! isn't that what every other rogue is like?!"

"Evil ones yes but me? I don't care. I already told you before your little taunts and insults are old news to me. I've heard it all before."

Lindsay growled angrily and then the teacher spoke up.

"Miss Lindsay! Miss Riley! you're up!"

Lindsay smirked at me and then we entered the arena.

"I'm going to enjoy this."

"Not the first time I've heard a wolf say that to me," I told her with a shrug before she growled at me again.

"That's it!! take this!"

Lindsay charged at me and then I stepped to the side to avoid her punch. She stumbled a little and then she charged at me again while throwing every punch at me. I dodged every single one of them by side stepping, ducking and when she tried to kick me, I either bent backwards or leapt into the air to dodge them.

After a while, Lindsay panted in exhaustion while I stood there with my arms folded and I haven't broken a sweat.

"Are you quite finished? I'm sick and tired of reading your movements. You're leaving yourself wide open and to make matters worse, your movements are too easy to read."

"Shut up! what would you know?! you're rogue and rogues can't fight with their brains! they're savage murdering beasts!"

"Oh really? then care to explain to me why I haven't attacked you in a 'savage' way like you claim or why I'm able to read your movements with this thing in my head called a brain?" I asked with a smirk.

Lindsay growled angrily and then one of her classmates spoke up.

"I'm not taking sides Lindsay but, she does have a good point."

"Miss Riley is correct. I wasn't expecting her to dodge all of your attacks but, she still hasn't attack you. Find an opening and show this rogue no mercy."

I sighed when the teacher told her this and then that got her pumped up. I watched her charge at me and then I mumbled.


I caught her fist in time followed by the sound of bones snapping. Lindsay screamed in pain and then I released her fist and then she clutches her wrist. Lindsay looked at me with a shocked look and I don't blame her. No ordinary wolf can possess inhuman strength like I can.

"You'll regret that."

"Lindsay, I don't want to hurt you," I told her but she wouldn't listen before charging at me.

I dodge her attacks again and I knew she wasn't going to listen to reason so I fought back. I raised my arm and blocked her high kick before threw a punch at me. I bent backwards in time before I back flipped and kicking her in the face. Lindsay stumbled while I crouched down and then I charged at her before tackling her onto the ground.

Lindsay and I fought on the ground which sent dust flying everywhere. She managed to get on top of me before wrapping both hands around my throat. She squeezes tightly making me struggle for air.

"Heh, I told you. You rogues are savages and murderers! You don't belong in a pack and you're weak and pathetic!!" Lindsay taunted me and that crossed the line.

My eyes glowed a golden colour before I glared at her. Lindsay's eyes widen before I raised my legs and then I shoved her off of me. I got up from the ground and then Lindsay tried to attack me again but, I was much stronger than her.

I grabbed her by the face and I slammed her onto the ground causing a hole and several cracks underneath her. Everyone around us were shocked when this happened and then I released Lindsay's face. She coughed for air and then I stomped my foot on her chest while glaring at her.

"I am not weak or pathetic but you are right about one thing, I don't belong in a pack and do you know something else. I will never join one not until I get my revenge on the one person who caused my mother so much pain and misery and who also murdered my father."

Lindsay looked at me with fear in her eyes and she whimpered.


"Don't what? kill you? funny, I thought you said rogues were murdering savages?" I asked with a smirk before I clenched my fist tightly and then I threw it at Lindsay.

"NO!!!" A familiar voice shouted before my fist landed next to her head. Lindsay screamed in fear and then she looked to the side before looking back at me.

"Calm yourself, I wasn't planning on killing you. Because unlike the rogues you encountered, I don't kill other wolves unless it's in self-defence. Consider this a warning if you ever try to fight me again, got it Luna?" I asked in a disgusted tone before she nodded her head.

"I understand..." She whispered before I stood up and walking away from her.

Roman, who called out to her earlier, stood there with a shocked look and then I walked past him.

"Good luck with your chosen mate, Alpha. She will make a 'fine' Luna."

"What is that supposed to mean?" Roman asked with a frown.

"Here's some advice from one wolf to another. If you're going to pick her over your true mate, try making her stronger and make sure she doesn't leave herself wide open because one way or another, an evil rogue will come along and kill her if she's not careful."

"Is that a threat?"

"No, it's just some friendly advice that's all." I spoke with a smirk before I walked away from him.

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