Not All Rogues Are Evil

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Chapter 15


Matthew sat there with his mouth opened after I revealed my identity to him. No one but Lucy and the ex-members of the Winterpaw pack knows that my mother and I were the last of the royal Lycans. But after my mother died, I'm the last one now.

"I don't believe. You're the heir to the Winterpaw pack?! but I thought they were wiped out."

"That's where you're wrong. My uncle he got rid of us but he's wrong. My mother and some of the members managed to escape while she was pregnant with me. I don't know what happened to the other members but from what my mother told me, they went in search of other packs to join or they stayed with my mother until they found their mates. It used to be me and her for a while."

"It all make sense. No wonder your wolf looked bigger than mine. I thought it was because that you were a higher rank but a royal..."

"I know it's a shocker but now you know why I never revealed my wolf to Roman or the others. I couldn't take the risk letting them see her or else my Uncle would have heard that not only the last Lycan still lives but there also some ex-members of the Winterpaw pack."

"I guess that makes sense but, what I still don't understand is why did everyone say it was rogues?" Matthew asked me after snapping out of his shock.

"It's because he'll do anything for power. From what I've heard from the other members, he was able to gather a large number of rogues and he somehow made them stronger which is why my father fell in battle."

"But, he doesn't know that you're here right?" Matthew asked me.

"No, at least I thought he wasn't going to find out but thanks to that idiot Alpha's paranoia, he's on his way here."

"Wait, wait, your uncle is the Alpha King Maxwell? I thought he didn't have a brother?"

"He used to but he killed him," I spoke with a frown.

Matthew's eyes widen when he finally realised something.

"Oh no...he's on his way here. If he sees you-"

"He'll sense that I'm a lycan and he'll kill me on the spot. That's why I need to get out of here before he arrives," I cut Matthew off.

"You can't leave, Roman needs to know about this."

"He can't know about this. He doesn't deserve to know that his mate is a lycan or the reason why she became a rogue in the first place," I spoke with a frown.

"Then tell him."

"It's not that simple. Did you forget he's known for being the world's most rogue hater or that he picked Lindsay over me? He's made his choice and I know for a fact that he won't change his mind about me. I'm not going to stick around like a love sick she-wolf who's pining for a mate that doesn't want her," I spoke with a frown.

Matthew sighed in defeat because he knew that I was right about Roman.

"Does anyone else know about you?"

"No, well, except for Lucy. My mother and I were the ones who looked after her for a while before she joined this pack. She's in the middle of helping me out as we speak."

"Then, let me help you too," Matthew spoke with a determined look on his face which took me by surprise.

"You're going to stop me or tell Roman?"

"After what that prick said about you and choosing that wannabe Luna? he's lost my respect a long time ago," Matthew spoke with a smirk. "Besides, you've been like a little sister to me."

My wolf howled in happiness when Matthew told us this because I've always wanted a sibling when I was little and despite my current situation, Matthew sees us as family. I hugged Matthew with a grin on my face.

"Thank you Matthew."

"No problem, now go and get your stuff packed. I'll check the patrolling schedule for tonight."

"Tonight?" I asked in a confused tone.

"You said you didn't want to wait around right? might as well escape while you still can right?"

I nodded my head and then I rushed upstairs into my room before grabbing my rucksack and then I started pack away some of my belongings.


While Riley was busy packing, I got to my office and I checked the patrolling schedule and I knew we had to time this correctly if we were going to get Riley of here. I made a copy of the schedule so I can discuss this with Riley and Lucy and then I left the office. I headed to the pack hospital and I went into Lucy's room. She was making some scent concealers and smoke bombs that contain wolfsbane.

"Hello Lucy."

Lucy jumped in fright and then she turned around to look at me and she said to me," Beta Matthew! I didn't hear you come in!"

"*chuckle* There's no need to be so spooked. Riley told me everything."

"Everything?" Lucy asked me with a surprised look.

"She told about who she is and why she became rogue and why she didn't tell anyone until now," I spoke with a smirk.

Lucy smiled with a relived look on her face and then she said to me.

"Thank goodness. I thought I was the only one who was going to help Riley."

"You don't have to worry now. Here, I've got the patrolling schedule for tonight. We need to plan this carefully if we want to help Riley."

"Good work, Beta. But, why are you helping us? I thought you were supposed to be loyal to the Alpha?" Lucy asked me.

"I was but after he chose Lindsay over his true mate, I don't care anymore. I've told him over and over again to accept her but he's a stubborn idiot that won't listen to reason. Riley's right, he hates Rogues as much as the next person and he doesn't care if she's one of them or that she his mate as well. He lost my respect for him a long time ago."

Lucy smirked at me and gave me a pat on the back which made me chuckle.

"Okay, enough fooling around, we need to get this lot ready for tonight," Lucy pointed out the smoke bombs and the scent concealers.

"Need some help? you might be able to work faster with four hands instead of two."

"Sounds good to me."

We got the ingredients to make the scent concealers and the smoke bombs and we began to make them for Riley.


By the time night came, I zipped up my rucksack and I got changed into something that was durable for travelling in. I picked a dark grey trench jacket, a cameo T-shirt with a dark green jumper on top of it. Black jeans and combat boots. Finger less gloves and I put on my favourite grey beanie.

I looked at myself in the mirror to fix my hair and then I thought back to the day I arrived here. I was scruffy and dirty but when I came here, I changed. But now it's back to this.

"This is what we have to do. We have to keep running before our uncle arrives," Aurora spoke sadly and I knew why. In the end, Roman didn't pick us to be his mate and now she's heartbroken over it and don't blame her but, we didn't need a mate and we don't need one now.

Matthew came into my room and asked me, "Are you ready? you got everything you need?"


"Before you go, there's something I want to give you," Matthew told me as he gave me a phone.

"But, I don't need this."

"It's okay, it's a burner phone. No can track the number and Roman won't even know that you're calling me."

"Thanks Matthew."

"You're welcome, now come on. Let's get out of here before Roman finds out what's going on."

I nodded my head before I grabbed my rucksack and then we left the house. We got to the pack boarder where Lucy was waiting for us.

"What took you so long?" Lucy asked us.

"Sorry, we had to stick to the allys if we were sneaking over here. Did you see the patrollers?" Matthew asked me as he looked around.

"Don't worry, they've been taken care of. I set off a fire not too far from here. It should buy us some time."

"Good work Lucy and thanks again," I spoke with a smile.

"You're welcome. Here take this with you."

Lucy gave me a passport and a bag of cash. I looked at the passport and it has my picture but with a different name and place of birth.

"I knew you needed a new identity so I asked a friend of mine to make you. Don't worry, he's an ex-rogue as well. I also withdrew some money from my bank account. You can use it to buy a one-way ticket to whatever country you want and buy yourself a place of your own."

"This is too much, Lucy. I can't take all of this," I tried to give her the money back to her but, she shoved it back to me.

"Nonsense. You need it more than I do," Lucy told me.

"Thanks Lucy. You too, Matthew. I'm sorry for making you two go behind his back."

"Don't worry about it, now get going before someone shows up."

"Okay, but before I go. Would you give this to Roman for me?" I asked Matthew as I handed over an envelope that contains a letter for him.

"I'll make sure he gets this. Good luck out there and be careful."

I nodded my head before I sprayed the scent concealer all over me. I hugged Matthew and Lucy one more time before I turned around and ran. I crossed the pack boarder and then I heard Roman's wolf howling in sorrow. I felt tears in the corner of my eyes as I ran through the forest. Aurora was also howling back through the connection of the mate bond.

"Auroa! Riley! come back!!" I heard Apollo calling out to us.

"I'm sorry Apollo, we can't stay there anymore. Maybe some day, we'll see each other again. Goodbye, my love!" Aurora called back.

I could feel my heart shattering into pieces after I heard my wolf and Apollo saying goodbye.

'Curse this mate bond! I wished I never laid my eyes on that Rogue hater! I wished the Moon Goddess never paired me with that monster!'

I shouted in my head as tears spilled out of my eyes as I continued to run through the dark woods. Once again, I b Riley the wanderer.

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