Not All Rogues Are Evil

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Chapter 17


After Grandfather told me that the Winterpaw pack is going to take back our home, I was willing to give it a shot but, I was also worried that my uncle will find out.

"Grandfather that sounds great and all but aren't you forgetting something? my crazy uncle Maxwell was able to give those rogues a boost back then and also, how are we going to prove that he was responsible for the invasion?" I asked him which made him chuckle.

"I knew you were going to ask me that. Follow me, there's something that I need to show you."

I followed Grandfather and the other pack members to a clearing where Johnathan, the Beta, was standing near an underground entrance. He smiled at me and he said to me.

"Is that you Riley? you've grown up a lot."

"It's good to see you again, Johnathan. Last time I heard about you, you found your mate."

"I did and Grace is beautiful and amazing. We even have a pup now."

I smiled at him and then Grandfather cut in, "Okay, you guys can have another chat once I've shown Riley the history of our ancestors."

"Our ancestors?" I asked in a confused tone as we walked into the underground hideout.

Johnathan closed the door behind us and then we walked through the hallways. I looked around and there were wall carvings on the walls that have a full moon and one that looks like the lunar eclipse and there were two women standing underneath them.

"Those two are goddesses."

"I can see that but, who are they?" I asked him before we walked into a room that contains tapestries of the two goddesses. I recognised one of them is Selene because she has surrounding her and they were howling at the full moon but the other one is something I didn't recognise.

"You already know one of them is Selene, our Moon Goddess who blesses us with wolves and mates but the other goddess is someone that we don't usually tell other werewolves. That's the Dark Moon Goddess Sora. She's the evil goddess."

"Sora...? wait a minute, I remember Mother telling me about her. She's supposed to be the evil Moon Goddess who deals with evil rogues and evil packs. She also uses black magic."

"That's right but what she didn't tell you was that she also placed a curse on one of the royal packs."

I looked at Grandfather with a surprised look because this was the first that I've heard of this story.

"Your uncle is my other son. I didn't know that he existed until he was left on the doorstep of the castle. I found a note from the woman who was someone that I had a one night stand with and she told me that he's a descendant of the evil Moon Goddess, Sora. You're well aware of the fact that we lycan are the first royals to roam the earth right?"


"Well, when our race was born, Sora placed a curse on a few of them as well. According to the legend, the evil that we see today was because of her. It's an eternal curse that Sora placed on us."

"Like Pandora's box?" I asked him and he nodded his head. "But wait, what does any of this have to do with my uncle and the invasion?"

"It's as I mentioned before, he's Sora's descendant. I don't know how it was possible but, he was able to use his powers to make the rogues stronger which explains why your father and some of our pack warriors lost that battle."

I was shocked when he told this and it all explains everything.

"There's one thing I still don't get. Why did my uncle kill my father? what could he possibly gain from killing him and the other lycans?"

"It's because of the prophecy," a new voice spoke up which made me jump in fright.

I turned around and I saw a woman with fiery red hair, brown eyes, pale skin and she was wearing a black dress and a dark brown cloak.

"Who are you? I've never seen you before."

"Oh that's right, you didn't get to meet her because you weren't born yet. Riley this is Rosalie, she's our healer, a seer and of course, your godmother."

I smiled at her when Grandfather told me that she's my Godmother.

"It's nice to finally meet you at last Riley," Rosalie told me before she hugs me.

"You look so much like your mother."

I smiled when she said this and then she pulled away from me.

"You even got that fiery look in your eyes, that same look your father gave me when we first met."

"You knew my father?"

"Of course, he was King and it was an honour to serve him but, I also saw his demise as well."

"You knew what would happen that day?"

"I'm seer, honey. It's my job to let the guy know what was happening in the near future. I tried to warn your father about your uncle but he refused to listen. He thought that he was this kind and caring brother that he grew up with but he's a descendant of the Dark Moon Goddess. The evil lycan runs through his veins."

"Not all of us are evil you," Grandfather pointed out which made her chuckle.

"True but, you've got to be careful who trust right?"

"I guess so," Grandfather shrugged before Rosalie got serious.

"Back to the subject at hand, the prophecy that I spoke of; is about your uncle getting defeated in battle by a descendant of the moon goddess or the goddess of light. I don't know how he came across this information but what I do know is that he decided to prevent this from happening by getting rid of the Winterpaw pack including the descendants of the Moon Goddess."

"So that's why he killed my father and the other members of my pack!" I shouted in a furious tone.

"I'm afraid so. I'm so sorry Riley. I wished I could have done something to help him," Rosalie told me.

"Then the only way we can stop my Uncle is to find the descendant of the Moon Goddess and put a stop to his power hungry ways," I spoke in a determined tone until Grandfather chuckled.

"We already found her."

I looked at him with a confused look before he continued.

"Riley, the Moon goddess' descendants were you and your mother. You're the only one who can stop him."

I was shocked when he told me this and then Rosalie spoke up.

"He's right. The Moon Goddess knew that her sister was going to place evil into this world so she placed a blessing on each of the lycans so that one day, someone will come along and destroy Sora's bloodline once and for all."

"Do you have proof?"

"Simple, you're a white wolf. There used to be more of your kind back in the day but, they're getting closer to being extinct. As far as anyone in this pack knows, you're the only white wolf who's a descendant of the Moon Goddess' bloodline," Rosalie spoke with a smirk which took me by surprise.

'Then it all make sense. No wonder my mother is always telling me to never reveal my wolf to anyone and why I'm stronger and faster than them. She knew that we were descendants of the Moon Goddess.'

I heard Aurora chuckling and then I frowned a little before asking her, "You already knew about this, didn't you?"

"Of course. Selene knew that your uncle was going to do this so she sent me to stop him and his wolf, Shumani, from spreading more evil into this world."

"Why didn't you tell me this before?"

"Because I knew you had to find out for yourself but the pack was destroyed things got harder and ever since then you lived your life as a rogue. Sure there are evil ones out there and some packs think they're bad but not all of them are evil and you're living proof that."

I smiled when Aurora told me this before Grandfather spoke up, "Judging from that smile on your face, I'm guessing your wolf told you something good?"

"She sure did. I still can't believe that I'm one of the Moon Goddess' descendants. But, how was my uncle able to destroy an entire pack other than manipulating a rogue's mind?" I asked Grandfather and Rosalie.

"That should be obvious, like you, he also contains special powers. But there's still a huge difference between the two of you. Sora and Selene are known as the Moon and dark Moon goddesses but we seers or Witches like to call them the Light and Shadow Goddesses because they have the powers to control light and darkness in this world. As their descendants, you two have that same ability," Rosalie explained to me.

I smiled when she told me this and then Grandfather told me.

"Since we're going to take back our land, you need to start your training as of right now. I don't take no for an answer," Grandfather spoke in a strict tone.

"Hehe, don't worry, I wasn't planning to. Besides, I've wanted to get my revenge on him for what he did to me and our family," I spoke with a smirk as I cracked my knuckles.

"Now that's the attitude I want to hear. All right, you'll rest for tonight and then tomorrow, Johnathon and Dana will help you with your physical training and Rosalie will help with your powers."

"Yes sir," I spoke with a grin before saluting him.

Finally, the time for revenge on that traitor has come at last. Plus, I'm going to use my new abilities and powers to put an end to his evil schemes once and for all.

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