Not All Rogues Are Evil

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Chapter 2


After my little run-in with a neighbouring pack, I made it back to my little home which was an abandoned cabin in the woods. I came across this place after I ran from the pack hospital and since then it's become my new home. I opened the door and it creaked opened loudly and then I closed the door behind me before I placed my bag on the floor.

I walked over to the fireplace and I got the fire going since it was gonna rain out there. The ceiling was leaking but, I didn't mind as long as it's called home. I rubbed my hands together to get them warm and then I searched through my bag to get a can of beans. I grabbed my can opener and I poured it into the small pot before hanging it over the fire to cook. I curled up into a ball while hugging my legs while waiting for my dinner to cook until my wolf, Aurora spoke up.

"We don't have to keep living like this, hasn't it occurred to you that we can't keep living like this?"

"No it has not and besides, there's no way I can see myself living in a pack."

"And why not?"

"Hello! we're rogues! who wants to have a mate who is a rogue?"

Aurora went silent after that and then I check to see if my baked beans were ready and they are. I grabbed one of the bowls and I placed my cooked beans into it before tucking into it. Normally, I would go hunting but, after escaping from the pack patrols I have to keep my head down until the dust settles.

Once I finished eating my small dinner, I put down the bowl before I stood up from the ground and then I looked out of the window to make sure no pack wolf or evil rogue was around before I headed back to my rucksack and I got my sleeping bag. I unrolled it and I placed it on the worn out couch before I tucked myself in.

The next day, I checked my supplies to see if there was anything that I needed to restock on. I also checked my wallet to see how much money I have leftover and it wasn't looking good.

"Damn...I'm almost broke. I better start getting more money."

I mumbled to myself before I packed some necessary items into my rucksack before I left the cabin. I moved some shrubs out of the way and I spotted another pack. I smirked and then I sprayed myself with the scent concealler before I snuck into the pack grounds.

I walked through town to see the pickings today. I spotted someone on their phone and then I 'accidently' bumped into him, which gave me the opportunity to steal his wallet.

"Hey! watch you're going!"


I spoke with a fake smile. I quickly opened his wallet with my back turned towards him before I stole a couple of money notes and I hid them in my pocket before I called over to him.

"Excue me, sir?! you dropped this."

"Oh thank you."

The man told me before he went on his way. I smirked when he walked away and then I made a run for it before he realises that I stole from him. I sighed in relief before I added the money notes to my wallet and then I continued on my way. The money I stole wasn't going to be enough to buy some the supplies that I needed so, I continued to do what I do best. I pickpocked people and I scammed them for money.

Eventually, I got enough to buy some supplies. I was feeling a little hungry so I stopped by a fast food place which was KFC. I got a bonless banquet and then I left the building before heading over to a park to eat in peace. As I ate my chicken strips, I spotted a homeless woman with a little girl with her.

"Mommy, I'm hungry."

"Me too, honey, just be patient. We need to make more money and then we can get something to eat."

I felt bad when I saw them because I was sitting here with a decent meal while they were struggling. I stood up from my seat and I walked over to them.

"Here, hungry?"

The mother and child looked at me and then she nodded her head.

"Thank you so much!"

"You're welcome. Enjoy."

I spoke with a smile before I left the park.

"That was nice fo you."

I jumped in fright when I saw a man with brown hair, hzel eyes and tanned skin. He wore a leather jacket, a grey tartan shirt, denim jeans and canvas shoes.

"Yeah well...I'm a kind person so..."

"I can see that except you missed out the part that you might have...taken something that doesn't belong to you."

"I have no idea what you're talking about," I spoke with an innocent look on my face.

'Shoot!! he's one of the guys who I pickpoecketed earlier!'

"I tried to warn you there was something off about that guy when you stole from him! from what I can sense from him, he might be a Beta or a gamma!" Aurora shouted in a panicked tone.

"Look kid, I'm not stupid and I don't have memory loss. Come on, hand it over."

I rolled my eyes before I gave him back his wallet and then he checked his money.

"And my money."

"Ugh, fine. Let me just reach into my pocket and..."

Suddenly, I punched him right where the-sun-don't-shine and then I made a run for it.

"You little brat! get back here!!"

The brown haired man shouted before he chased after me. Thanks to my werewolf speed and training with the rogues, I was able to get away from him easily. One of the rogues from the streets that Mom and I were in, taught me parkour. I used my tic-tac move on the wall and then I leapt over the fence. I shoulder rolled onto the ground and then I looked over my shoulder to see the man panted in exahustion.

"Hahahah!! catch later, sucker!" I shouted with a grin before running away from him.


I panted in exhaustion when that little girl gave me the slip. I coldn't believe how fast she was and what's also weird is that I couldn't smell her scent. My wolf, Jacob, spoke up.

"Something is off with that girl."

"Yeah I know, I can't smell her scent."

"No, it's just that. I can sense something off about her wolf."

"What do you mean?"

"I don't know, it feels familiar somehow but, I'm not so sure."

If we can't smell her scent that could mean she might be a rogue or an enemy spy. Either way, the Alpha needs to know about this and fast.


I got to an abandoned warehouse and I panted in exhaustion and I mumbled.

"Oh boy...that was close..."

"Not close enough, Riley. We better get out of here before he tells on someone or in worse case, the Alpha."

"Yeah I know, I don't need reminding."

I told Aurora and I was about to leave the warehouse until I heard some people talking.

"Hey did you get the mind link from the Alpha?"

"Yeah, Beta Matthew just told us we're looking for a brown haired girl wearing a beanie and apparently, she has no scent."

"Do you think she's a rogue?"

"I hope not, disgusting filthy creatures. They always love causing trouble."

"Yeah, not to mention that they pick a fight with us with every chance they get."

Now those comments make me mad, what do those morons know? Some of us didn't asked to be born rogue or become one in the first place. Honestly, sometimes I wish I could strangle and punch them.

I stuck to the shadows as they entered the warehouse.

"Where do we even start looking? she could be anywhere by now."

"I don't know, but, let's just start here."

"Hey, when the Alpha does find her, I can already imagine the torture he's gonna put her through."

"Me too, the Dawnguard pack's Alpha isn't known as the Rogue Hater for nothing."

I gulped a little when they said that and then I remembered one of the rogues telling me about the Dawnguard pack's Alpha.

'This is bad, I didn't realise I ended up on the Dawnguard pack's territory. I better get out of here before the scent concealer wears off.'

I thought to myself before I snuck out of the warehouse and I made a run for it. By the time the sun started setting, some of the warriors were patrolling the streets. I hid in an ally and I peaked around the corner and I watched another patrol walk passed me. It was getting harder and harder to sneak out of the city since my little stunt with the Beta.

'The patrols are everywhere. Sheesh, all for one rogue who has no scent. This Alpha must really hate rogues.'

I thought to myself as I continued to sneak through town. I managed to make it to the pack boarder and then someone shouted.

"Halt! don't move!"

"Dammit..." I grumbled.

"Going somewhere, rogue?"

I frowned a little when I realised that my scent concealler must have worn off. I slowly turned around and I said to them.

"I apoligse for tresspassing but, in my defence, I took a wrong turn."

"Wrong turn my butt! we know you're the one who stole from the Beta."

"You're coming with us."

The two pack patrollers told me before they walked towards me. I smirked at them and I told them.

"Oki-doki but, just to let you know, there's another rogue right over there!"

They turned their heads for a moment and then I bolted.

"Hey! come back here!!"

I chuckled and then I got my scent spray and I quickly sprayed it on me and then I climbed the nearest tree after losing them. The patrollers looked around and then they spoke up.

"She's gone!"

"Dammit, where the hell did she go?"

"I don't know, come on, let's head back and tell the Beta and Alpha. I think this little rogue is using something to hide her scent."

Once they were gone, I climbed down the tree and I did a little victory dance before I made my way back to the cabin.

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