Not All Rogues Are Evil

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Chapter 5


I got back to the cabin after I stole another first aid kit from another pack along with some food. I placed my rucksack on the couch and I checked my wallet to see how much money I’ve got and I’ve saved quite a lot.

“Just a few more dollars and we’ll be on our way to sunny Florida.”

“Sounds great. No more horrible weather here in D.C and hello warm summers and a tan as well.”

“You’re a wolf, how can you get a tan?”

“I wasn’t talking about me, I was talking about you. Florida’s sunshine might do your skin some good.”

I chuckled when she told me this while I put away the money back in a rucksack. Just then, my hearing picked up the sound of paw prints and growling nearby. I crouched down and I approached the window before taking a peak out of it. I focused my wolf’s eyesight and I saw pack wolves from the Dawnguard pack heading in my direction.

‘Crap, Millie must’ve spilt the beans about me. I guess she couldn’t lie to the Alpha.’

I thought to myself before I grabbed whatever I needed and I placed them into my bag before I put out the fire.

“Rogue! we know you’re in there! come on out!” The beta shouted.

I headed to the back door but, that was a mistake because I spotted a few wolves surrounding the back door too. I frowned a little and then I remembered my emergency escape route which was the roof. I smirked and then I rushed up the stairs while being careful the creaky wood and then I climbed up the makeshift ladders before I kicked them and then the ladders fell and landed on the floor.


"All right, she's not coming out. Bust the door down."

"Yes sir!"

I told the other warriors before one of them kicked the door down. We went inside and we looked around. I spotted a few empty cans of baked beans along with some other empty food packets.

"This rogue has been living here for quite some time. I'd say she must have been here for months," I mumbled.

One of the warriors approached the fireplace and he held his hand above the ash and he said to me.

"Boss, it still feels warm and it's still smoking. She couldn't have gotten far."

"Which means she's still hiding somewhere in the building. Start searching but, be careful. This place has been abandoned for so long the structure might start falling apart."

"Yes sir!"

We looked around and we couldn't smell or see anything out of the ordinary until I spotted something in the ceiling. I placed my hand on one of the warriors' shoulder and I whispered.

"Up there."

The warrior nodded his head before he grabbed a branch and then he poked the ceiling until a panel opened. I frowned when I saw this and I shouted.

"She escaped onto the roof!!"

I looked out of the window and then I saw her shoulder roll onto the ground before making a run for it.

"She's getting away! after her!"

A few of my warriors shifted into the wolf forms and they chased after her.


I quickly got behind a tree and I took off my clothes before placing them into my bag. I shifted into my wolf form which has white fur and sharp blue eyes. I picked up the bag with my mouth and I made a run for it. For some reason, my wolf was different compared to the others since she's larger than your average Alpha wolf.

I ran and ran through the woods in my wolf form while the warriors chased after me. I was able to lose them easily until the Beta came out of nowhere and he stood in front of me. He snarled and growled at me. I could tell that he wasn't going to let me escape that easily until he tried to attack me.

I dodge his attack in time after dropping my bag. I growled and then I charged at him. We bit and clawed at each other until I bit the Beta's neck and I shoved him onto the ground. The Beta struggled to get out of my grip but, I held him down. The Beta's wolf whimpered and then he stopped struggling before I released him. I grabbed my bag with my mouth before making a run for it.


I didn't know what happened but, when I fought with that rogue, she made my wolf submit. I've never seen a wolf that size before and I wasn't backing down until we fought. My wolf whimpered as I slowly stood up from the ground.

"What the hell just happened?! how did we let a rogue get the better of us?!"

"I have no idea looks like you were right to be suspicious about her and her wolf...the way she fought against almost felt like we were fighting our Alpha."

"You mean there's a chance she might Alpha ranked?"


I was shocked when my wolf told me this. I mind linked Roman and I told him what happened.

"What?! are you sure?!"


"I'm on my way, do not lose sight of her."

Alpha Roman told me before he stopped talking to me. I stood up from the ground and once I recovered from the fight, I chased after the rogue.


I leapt over a log and I could smell the other warriors chasing after me but, there was no way that I was gonna get caught. I got to a cave and I quickly shifted back into my human form and I got changed into my clothes. I checked my bag to see if I have any scent concealer left.

"Damn...I'm out."

"Where is she?!"

One of the warriors shouted and then I frowned a little.

"This is bad, Riley. The time limit is almost over on the scent concealer. What are you gonna do?" Aurora asked me.

"I guess I'll just have to keep running until they give up the search."

I told her before I escaped from the cave and then I made a run for it. Suddenly, a dark brown wolf appeared and he has golden eyes. Judging from his height and size, he must be an Alpha. I have Alpha blood within me too so it shouldn't be a problem but, I didn't want to risk revealing my wolf, not yet at least.

I was ready to fight him until I strong smell struck my nose and it wasn't horrible but, it was nice and sweet. It smells like cinnamon mixed with honey.

"Mate! it's our mate!"

'Oh, crap. That's all I'm needing.'

Our mate continued to glare and growl at us as he circled me. It looks like he doesn't know that we're mates, which was a good thing but, before I could try and escape him, the warriors that chased me from before along with the Beta showed up. They had me surrounded and there was no way I could I get away now. The Beta, who I stole from before, came out from behind the trees with shorts and a T-shirt on.

"I gotta admit, kid. You're good, but, you can't outrun trained pack members."

I glared at him when he said this and then we heard the Alpha shift. I turned to look at him and after he was decent. I heard my wolf purring over him and I can see why. He has black hair, hazel eyes and tanned skin. Our mate is handsome, I'll give him that much but, that won't be enough to make me fall for him.

"Do you surrender rogue?" He spoke in a harsh tone making my wolf whimper.

I stood upright and I told him.

"You got me surrounded, what do you think?"

"Don't get smart with us, rogue!" The Alpha shouted.

"What? I was just stating the obvious. What's so bad about that?" I spoke with a smirk until someone punched me in the stomach.

I gritted my teeth in pain and I held back a yelp as I collapsed onto my knees. I coughed a little and then I looked at my so-called mate and he smirked at me.

"Our mate punched us! how could he do that to us?!"

"Shut up! I knew something like this was going to happen anyway."

Our mate glared at us and then he told his Beta.

"Matthew, chain her and take her bag from her so we can find out who she works for."

"Yes, Alpha."

Matthew was about to take my bag from me but, I told him.

"Dude, I don't know what your Alpha's problem is but, I can tell you right now, I'm a lone wolf and I don't work with an evil rogue pack."

"Sorry, kid. Alpha's orders."

I sighed in defeat and I gave him my bag anyway. I got back on my feet and I raised my wrists to one of the warriors and I told him.

"Well? get on with it."

The warriors and the Beta looked surprised when I told him this.

"What's with the looks? you've never seen a rogue give herself up willingly before? honestly..." I grumbled that last part before one of the warriors chained my wrists in silver cuffs.

I didn't let the pain bother me while Matthew searched through my bag.

"Well? what did you find? is there anything that can tell us if she's working for someone?"

"No Alpha."


I smirked when I saw our mate's face, he probably thought I was another one of your typical rogues causing trouble like always.

"There's nothing that tells us that she's working for someone. All I can find is some food and some old clothes. Judging from how old they are, she must be living in the streets and in that cabin for a long time. Explains why she stole from me in the first place."

"Well, can you blame me? I have no home, no money and no folks to turn to. What was I supposed to do? starve to death instead of trying to live out here or on the streets?"

Matthew gave me that sympathetic look except my mate wasn't buying it.

"I don't buy it. If you're some rogue who's living rough then why can't we smell your scent?"

"Take a look at the bottle and you'll see why."

Matthew looked at the empty bottle and then he noticed the label on it.

"Scent concealer...? of course, so that's how you were able to sneak in and out of the pack."

"Heh, makes stealing a hella of a lot easier for me," I spoke with a proud smirk on my face.

Suddenly, our mate growled at me and then he said to me.

"I'm gonna make sure that won't happen ever again. Lock her up when we get back."

"You sure you want to do that, Alpha?" I spoke in a disgusted tone.

"Of course I do, you're a disgusting rogue. Why shouldn't I lock you up?"

At that right moment, the scent concealer wore off and then I heard the Alpha sniffing the air until he looked at me with a shocked look.

"No're my mate?"

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